Patrick Mullins returns from injury, looks to contribute for D.C. United

The MLS’ worst team needs someone who can score. A simple assumption, but it is a critical one when D.C. United have only scored nineteen goals this year. They’ve also played twenty-four matches. With basic math, that’s less than a goal per game.

Couple their offensive struggles with the fact they also have one of the worst defenses in the entire league, their position in the MLS standings seems, well, reasonable. But not all hope is lost for United.

After a knee injury that sidelined him for a few months, D.C. striker Patrick Mullins is set to return to the field in hopes to reinvigorates a dull D.C. attack.

Instant impact since acquired

After heading down the East coast to the Capital City from New York City FC, Mullins made a significant impact on the black and red. He scored eight times in just fourteen appearances last season but has failed to find the back of the net in his limited time this season.

He finally broke back into the D.C. United team as he was subbed on during United’s 4-0 loss to Minnesota United FC. He didn’t score, but he did get three shots off in his short time on the field.

Eager to return

Mullins, now twenty-five-years-old, spoke to about his return to play. He said he had never been sidelined for a long time due to injury, so it was a new experience for him.

“[I’ve had] no injury experience, so it was tough,” Mullins said. “You're not with the team as much as you’re used to, you don’t have that adrenaline every day from training and you’re unable able to play the game that you really enjoy.”

Mullins also took on a positive attitude when injured. “I think an injury is a blessing in disguise,” Mullins noted. “You rededicate yourself to those things and I think they give me a competitive edge on the field.”"

"​I want to score some goals," Mullins stated. "Even beyond that, I want to lead as that front man on the line. I think that's important to set the tone for the rest of the team through a solid work rate and attitude."

The playoff chances for D.C. United are very slim, but the team will not pack it in. Finishing the season strong will set the tone for next season, and with the acquisitions made so far by D.C. United they are headed in the right direction.