2018 NWSL College Draft Live Stream, Updates and Results
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That's from Philadelphia! Thanks for joining me today.

No. 40: NC Courage - Ryan William (Texas Christian University).

No. 39:  NC Courage - Carli Hudson (Yale University).

No. 38: NC Courage - Morgan Reid (Duke University).

No. 37: Chicago Red Stars Alexa Ben (Depaul University)

No. 36: Seattle Reign FC - Celia Jimenez-Delgado (University of Alabama).

No. 35: Sky Blue FC - Kiana Palacios (University of California - Irvine).

No. 34: Utah Royals FC - E.J. Proctor (Duke University).

No. 33: Houston Dash - Sarah Shimer (University of Washington).

No. 32: Boston Breakers - Joanna Boyles (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill).

No. 31: Washington Spirit - Rachel Moore (The College of William and Mary).

Another two minute break.

No. 30: Houston Dash - Abby Elinsky (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)

No. 29:  Portland Thorns - Annabella Geist (Oregon State University).

TRADE ALERT: Portland Thorns FC acquire the 29th pick in exchange for the 3rd round natural pick in 2019 to the Chicago Red Stars.

No. 28: Houston Dash - Veronica Latsko (University of Virginia).

No. 27: Chicago Red Stars - Zoey Goralski (University of California - Los Angeles).

No. 26: Washington Spirit - Maddie Huster (Wake Forest University).

Jonathan Tannenwald has more on the big trade made earlier. The trade involves Carli Lloyd, Sam Kerr and now Christen Press.

No. 25: Seattle Reign FC with their first pick of the day select Allyson Haran (Wake Forest University).

No. 24: Chicago Red Stars - Megan Buckingham (University of North Carolina - Chaple Hill).

No. 23: Orlando Pride - Nadia Gomes (Bringham Young University).

No. 22: Boston Breakers - Ashton Miller (Duke University).

No. 21: Washington Spirit - Brittany Basinger (Penn State University).

Round 2 is in the books | Source: VAVEL USA
Round 2 is in the books | Source: VAVEL USA

Two minute break away from the third round.

No. 20: Rebecca Rassmussen (University of Colorado - Bolder) is the second overall pick for the Courage.

The NC Courage have the last pick of this round.

No. 19: Brianna Visalli (Pepperdine University) joins the Red Stars.

Chicago stays on the clock as they have the next pick.

No. 18: Indigo Gibson (University of California - Berkeley) finally gets picked up, lower than expected.

The Chicago Red Stars take their place as the next team to make a selection.

No. 17: The Breakers select Elizabeth Wenger (Georgetown University).

The Boston Breakers are up next.

No. 16: Mallory Eubanks (Mississipi State University) joins Sullivan, Quinn etc. as another Spirit draftee.

The Spirit, who seemingly have a LOT of picks in this draft, are now back on the clock. A time out has been taken as well.

No. 15: Emily Boyd (University of California - Berkeley) becomes the second goalkeeper to be selected in this draft.

The Red Stars take center stage now.

No. 14: Taylor Isom (Bringham Young University) is now a Utah player.

The Utah Royals are up for their first pick of the draft.

No. 13: Casey Murphy (Rutgers University) becomes the 13th overall pick. Murphy is the first goalkeeper to go in the draft.

Sky Blue are back on the clock.

No. 12: Kimberly Keever (University of Washington) is the next player to be selected.

The Houston Dash are now on the clock as DeBree comes onto the podium. DeBree is the second player on the podium and apparently one of the few players actually in Philadelphia this morning.

No. 11: Schuyler DeBree (Duke University) is the next player drafted by the Spirit.

The Washington Spirit are back on the clock to begin the second round.

Rumours are swirling that Carli Lloyd may be the other player involved in that big trade earlier.

The first ten picks of the 2018 NWSL College Draft | Source: VAVEL USA
The first ten picks of the 2018 NWSL College Draft | Source: VAVEL USA

We will have a ten minute break now so grab something to eat/drink if you have to.

No. 10: Frannie Crouse (Penn State University) is the tenth overall pick, selected by the NC Courage.

No. 9: Gabby Seiler (University of Florida) is the next pick of the 2018 NWSL College Draft.

And....the Thorns take a timeout, which is greeted by boos from the crowd.

The Thorns are back on the clock.

No. 8: Sandra Yu (University of Notre Dame) is the first selection that the Thorns make this year.

The Portland Thorns are now on the clock.

Jonathan Tannenwald is hearing that Sam Kerr is headed to Chicago in that multi-player trade earlier.

Hayley Hanson is Houston's first pick of the day | Source: unl.edu
Hayley Hanson is Houston's first pick of the day | Source: unl.edu

No. 7: Haley Hanson (Nebraska University) is Houston's first pick of the day.

Corey Roepken, who covers the Dash in Houston, states that the trades involving Chicago, Sky Blue and the Dash involve some big name players.

The Houston Dash now have the seventh overall pick.

No. 6: With the sixth overall pick, Sky Blue select Amandine Pierre-Louis (West Virginia University).

The Chicago Red Stars and the Houston Dash have made a trade, and Sky Blue and the Red Stars have also made a trade.

A time out has been taken by the NWSL. Apparently a trade is forthcoming.

So Sky Blue have a third pick in a row. Not sure how that happened but they must have gotten this pick in a trade recently.

Imani Dorsey poses with her Sky Blue scarf | Source: ourgamemag.com
Imani Dorsey poses with her Sky Blue scarf | Source: ourgamemag.com

No. 5: Sky Blue select Imani Dorsey (Duke Univeristy) as the fifth overall pick. She takes to the podium now and makes a small speech.

No. 4: Michaela Abam (West Virginia University) is the first of Sky Blue's picks.

Sky Blue FC are now on the clock with the next two selections.

No. 3: Rebecca Quinn (Duke University) is the third overall pick and she also heads to Washington.

The Spirit are on the clock again.

No. 2: With their pick, the Breakers select Savannah McCaskill from South Carolina.

The Boston Breakers are on the clock.

The Virginia native will be with the Spirit this season | Source: espn.com
The Virginia native will be with the Spirit this season | Source: espn.com

No. 1: With the first overall pick, the Washington Spirit select Andi Sullivan from Stanford.

Amanda Duffy, the NWSL Commissioner, shares a few words with the audience and now the Washington Spirit are on the clock with Miley Cyrus serenading them.

Yael Averbuch has been traded from the Utah Royals to the Seattle Reign along with the 25th overall pick with Diana Matheson going to Utah!

TRADE ALERT: While Leslie Gallimore is speaking, my prediction of a trade between Harvey and Andonovski has happened!

Laura Harvey (Utah Royals) and Vladko Andonovski (Seattle Reign) are having a conversation on the floor right now. Knowing their history, I wouldn't be surprised if they may have talked about a trade.

Our hosts for today on the live inline will be Marisa PillaAly Wagner and Jen Cooper.

We are finally live from Philadelphia. If you're watching the live inline, the draft begins with a themed commercial featuring highlights from the 2017 NWSL season.

The smart bet would be say that the Spirit will select Andi Sullivan as the No. 1 overall pick but maybe the team from Maryland will surprise us right at the beginning of this day.

We're just under 15 minutes away here from the start of the draft. Stay tuned to what should be another big day for the NWSL!

The draft is set to start at 10:00AM ET and will be held at the UnitedSoccer Coaches Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fans can watch the draft on the National Women's Soccer League Facebook page, Youtube channel and on the NWSL website.

Orlando Pride, Seattle Reign FC and the Royals will not be picking until the second round barring any changes during the first round selections.

The first round of the draft will take on the following order: Washington SpiritBoston Breakers, Washington Spirit, Sky Blue FC, Sky Blue FC, Houston DashChicago Red Stars, Portland Thorns FC, Portland Thorns FC and North Carolina Courage

All ten teams will be involved at some point today of the draft, including newly created team, Utah Royals FC. We have plenty to look forward too as the country's best collegiate players look on to see where their professional careers will begin this year.

Good morning everyone to VAVEL USA's LIVE coverage of the 2018 NWSL College Draft. I am your host for the day, Kudzi Musarurwa. Hopefully you'll stay with me as we keep track of all the business being done on the draft floor and beyond once things get started.