USA 4 - 1 Mexico: Player Ratings

In a fairly dominant performance, the United States of America finished as 4-1 win over Mexico on Thursday night. The players are rated as follows:

Mallory Pugh celebrates her goal with her teammates | Source: Logan Bowles-Getty Images
Mallory Pugh celebrates her goal with her teammates | Source: Logan Bowles-Getty Images

Starting XI

Alyssa Naeher - 4

With barely anything to do throughout the 90 minutes, when Naeher was called upon, she was found wanting. The first half highlighted the goalkeeper's lack of confidence in her own area and with the ball at her feet and the second half saw her flailing confidence lead to Mexico's only goal. As the USWNT's current starting goalkeeper, Naeher has not impressed and the voices calling for another goalkeeper to take over will only grow louder after tonight.

Emily Sonnett - 6.5

Sonnett did was she was required to do as a center back playing as a full back. Her job was to shut down her side of the field and try to get forward when she could. Sonnett showed her lack of experience at that position whenever she got forward but in the defensive half of the field, she completely shut down Monica Ocampo and did allow anyone past her.

Abby Dahlkemper - 5

Dahlkemper is seen as the future partner to Becky Sauerbrunn in the coming months but her performance tonight did not show that she was able to command the backline alone. Dahlkemper was caught on on Mexico's two best chances of the game; in the first half when she lost Ocampo in the box who should have scored, and in the second half when Katie Johnson raced in between her and Tierna Davidson for Mexico's goal. More has to come from Dahlkemper or she could find herself displaced by the time the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup rolls around.

Tierna Davidson - 7

Off the two center backs, Davidson had the better game. The young defender was poised throughout the game and showed an eye for a pass especially in the first half as she started the attack that lead to the US' first goal. Along with Dahlkemper. she was caught out on Johnson's goal but she made amends for it a minute later when she stopped Johnson from scoring her second.

Crystal Dunn - 6.5

Dunn has played at full back before but like Sonnett, that is not her natural position. It showed in the fist half especially as Mexico managed to get behind the backline due to the space Dunn had left behind when she got forward. However, her attacking instincts were on display throughout the game and she supported the attackers well whenever she went up the field.

Morgan Brian - 7

Brian had a quiet performance but it was a steady one nonetheless. Tasked with connecting the defense, midfield and attack, Brian went about her job well and insured that the flow of the game kept going with simple give and go's every time she received the ball.

Andi Sullivan - 6.5

Sullivan has many admirers and continues to show what a player she could be for the national team with each game. She managed to shield her backline well during her time on the field and was an out ball for the defenders to find whenever the ball was at their feet.

Lindsey Horan challenges Monica Ocampo for the ball | Source: Logan Bowles-Getty Images
Lindsey Horan challenges Monica Ocampo for the ball | Source: Logan Bowles-Getty Images

Lindsey Horan - 7.5

Horan was the pick of the midfielders tonight as she got forward well to support the forwards and also managed to play key passes to set the forwards on their way to goal when required. More performances like this and Horan will have stamped her name on the starting lineup for next year's World Cup.

Mallory Pugh - 8

Although she faded slightly out of the game in the second half, Pugh was in great form tonight. From her goal in the first half, to her runs towards goal, Pugh was an excellent creative force for the USWNT whenever she got the ball. Her final ball is still a little lacking from time to time but at 19, Pugh is well on her way to being a dominant player in the women's game.

Alex Morgan - 9.5

The only reason she doesn't have a hat trick tonight is because she was withdrawn before the game was over. Morgan, who captained the team tonight, was in unbelievable form and led by example from the front. Morgan kicked things off with an excellent ball in the build up to the US' first goal and then kicked the game into high gear in a five minute salvo that saw her win and convert a penalty and finish an unbelievable shot from an extreme angle. Injuries have seen Morgan's overall form dip from what made her a superstar in 2012 but based on tonight's performance, the rest of the world should be on alert as Alex Morgan is well on her way back to being that dominant player once again.

Megan Rapinoe - 7.5

Over the last year or so, Rapinoe was been one of, if not the best player on the USWNT so her performance tonight was a little underwhelming by her very high standards. Rapinoe was as dangerous as ever from the left flank and could've had brought the house down in the second half had she pulled off the 'olimpico'. Overall, Rapinoe provided the perfect foil for Morgan's display and kept Mexico on their toes throughout her time on the field.


Carli Lloyd - 6.5

One touch, one goal. That was all Lloyd needed to introduce herself to the game when she came on. After that, the veteran kept pushing at Mexico's backline with late runs and searching balls forward to try and link up her teammates.

Allie Long - 5

Long had a few good touches and passes during the time she had on the field.

Becky Sauerbrunn - N/A

Ashley Hatch - N/A

Savannah McCaskill - N/A