Goals, penalty kicks and highlights: Mexico 1-1 Costa Rica in Gold Cup 2019
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5:36 PM2 years ago
You can't miss today's game. Mexico vs Haiti for a spot in the Gold Cup final. Follow it live with us on VAVEL.
11:56 PM2 years ago

VIDEO: Ochoa's superb save

With this save, Guillermo Ochoa puts Mexico in the semifinal of the Gold Cup.
11:53 PM2 years ago


Ochoa saves the penalty kick and becomes the hero of the night! Mexico onto the next round!
11:52 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 5-4 Costa Rica

Showing his experience, Salcedo places the ball away from the goalkeeper.
11:51 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 4-4 Costa Rica

Calvo puts the 4-4 on the board.
11:51 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 4-3 Costa Rica

Moreno calmly scores 4-3.
11:50 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 3-3 Costa Rica

Duarte scores and this is still tied.
11:49 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 3-2 Costa Rica

Gallardo calmly scores the goal.
11:48 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 2-2 Costa Rica

Costa Rica missed it! The shoot out is tied now.
11:47 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 2-2 Costa Rica

Alvarado scores off his left foot for Mexico. Costa Rica leads by one goal.
11:46 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 1-2 Costa Rica

Aguilar did it perfectly. Impeccable.
11:45 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 1-1 Costa Rica

GOAL. Montes does it with personality. To the right side of the goalkeeper.
11:44 PM2 years ago

PK's: Mexico 0-1 Costa Rica

Borgues shoots to the left and scores.
11:44 PM2 years ago

Penalty Kicks: Mexico 0-0 Costa Rica

Jimenez missed it! Unbelievable!
11:41 PM2 years ago
Mexico will be the first one to shoot.
11:38 PM2 years ago

Penalty kicks

Everything will be decided now.
11:37 PM2 years ago

Penalty kicks!

We're going to the penalty shootout. The coaches of Mexico and Costa Rica will have to decide their shooters.
11:35 PM2 years ago


Mexico wastes a counterattack. Montes makes a terrible decision in the final touch.
11:34 PM2 years ago
Duarte goes down to the pitch and medical assistance comes in.
11:32 PM2 years ago


Aguilar's shot correctly captured by Memo Ochoa. The penalties look closer and closer.
11:30 PM2 years ago
Apart from the result, it is important to highlight Mexico's great physical condition. More than 115 minutes and Martino's team looks fresh and strong.
11:29 PM2 years ago
Ochoa's save a few minutes ago was a turning point. Mexico have recovered the ball and attack very offensively.
11:27 PM2 years ago


Pizarro's header deflected by one meter to the left of the Costa Rica goal.
11:24 PM2 years ago


Costa Rica, so close to score! Ochoa saves Mexico at the back of the net.
11:23 PM2 years ago


Dangerous counterattack by Mexico generated by a stolen ball from Costa Rica's defenders.
11:22 PM2 years ago
The second part of the extended time begins.
11:20 PM2 years ago

Onto the 2nd extra time

Mexico and Costa Rica will switch sides and start the second half.
11:18 PM2 years ago


It is very close to the line outside the goal. Free kick for Mexico.
11:15 PM2 years ago


Mexico controls the rhythm of the match. Campbell is substituted by Gamboa.
11:12 PM2 years ago


Pizarro again! Missed definition after a great play with Rodriguez. Mexico is close to scoring.
11:09 PM2 years ago


Mexico's high pressure generates errors for Costa Rica and therefore loses the ball.
11:08 PM2 years ago


Pizarro was close. The former Pachuca and Chivas player received from behind and shot.
11:06 PM2 years ago


Mexico has the ball while Costa Rica hopes to find on a counterattack basis.
11:04 PM2 years ago


The first extra time has started. Mexico wants to make it to the next round!
10:59 PM2 years ago

Extra time

Nothing for anyone. Regular time is up and we'll go to extra time. Half an hour more football we will be having.
10:51 PM2 years ago
10:34 PM2 years ago

2x Yellow Cards

Costa Rica's Óscar Duarte on the 69' and Keysher Fuller on the 61' were booked.
10:22 PM2 years ago


#10 Bryan Ruiz equalizes the game with a great finish.
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9:56 PM2 years ago

VIDEO: Mexico's goal

While it's halftime, have a look at Raul Jimenez's goal.
9:51 PM2 years ago


It had to be him, of course. Raul Jimenez scores for Mexico before the first half is over.
Jimenez's resources to open the scoreboard. Physical and intelligence to solve in front of the arch. Just the right moment for Mexico who was going through a very erratic period.
9:41 PM2 years ago

One more yellow card

Midfielder Jonathan Dos Santos receives the second yellow card for the Mexican National Team. Intense match in the midfield.
9:35 PM2 years ago
9:34 PM2 years ago

Yellow card for Costa Rica

#10 Bryan Ruiz is booked. Both teams have a yellow card already.
9:28 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

Mexico defender Carlos Salcedo receives a yellow card after a harsh foul on Ruiz.
9:24 PM2 years ago


Mexico has the highest possession so far: 52% and 48% of Costa Rica. Although the Ticos have already had a shot to goal.
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9:02 PM2 years ago


And we are underway here at the NRG Stadium!
8:39 PM2 years ago
El Tri riding momentum of 7 straight wins under Tata Martino. Los Ticos have one win in their last 19 matches vs Mexico.
8:39 PM2 years ago
All set for this exciting Gold Cup match to begin in just a few minutes!
8:32 PM2 years ago
This is how the pitch looks like in Houston minutes before the game starts!

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8:24 PM2 years ago
In case you haven't seen Mexico's lineup, here you can check it out.
8:20 PM2 years ago


55th game between the sides and Costa Rica have only beaten Mexico 7 times in their history.

The only time they did so in the Gold Cup (CONCACAF Championships) was 1969 in San Jose when they won 2-0.

8:10 PM2 years ago

A comeback for history

After going two goals down in the game, Haiti took advantage of Canada's mistakes and waits now for the winner of Mexico vs Costa Rica in the semifinals.
7:59 PM2 years ago

Costa Rica Lineup

23 Leonel Moreira

6 Óscar Duarte

19 Kendall Waston

8 Bryan Oviedo

4 Keysher Fuller

5 Celso Borges

2 Randall Leal

13 Allan Cruz

10 Bryan Rui­z C

11 Mayron George

12 Joel Campbell

DT Gustavo Matosas

7:59 PM2 years ago

Mexico Lineup

13 Guillermo Ochoa

21 Luis Rodríguez

2 Néstor Araujo

3 Carlos Salcedo

4 Edson Álvarez

6 Jonathan Dos Santos

18 Andrés Guardado C

23 Jesús Gallardo

20 Rodolfo Pizarro

9 Raúl Jiménez

22 Uriel Antuna

DT Gerardo Martino

7:58 PM2 years ago
The lineups of Mexico and Costa Rica are confirmed. Let's check them out.
7:56 PM2 years ago

Teams that have won the Gold Cup

Mexico: 10
United States: 6
Costa Rica: 3
Canada: 2
Honduras: 1
Guatemala: 1
Haiti: 1
7:44 PM2 years ago
Unbelievable what is happening in this very stadium where Mexico vs Costa Rica will be played.

Canada and Haiti are facing each other in the same stadium. Haiti has just turned it around. From 0-2 to 3-2 to the Maple Leaf team.

7:37 PM2 years ago

Fuerza Jona!

The motivation of Mexico's goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco prior to the duel against Costa Rica.
7:33 PM2 years ago
What an atmosphere there is in Houston right now. The fans of Costa Rica following their "Pura Vida" style.
7:23 PM2 years ago

How to watch Mexico vs Costa Rica LIVE stream

If you want to watch it on TV, your options are: Univision Deportes (US-Español), Univision (US-Español), FOX Sports 1 (US-English), Sky HD(Mexico), Azteca 7 (Mexico), Canal de las Estrellas (Mexico), UnivisionTDN(Mexico), Teletica Canal 7 (Costa Rica).

If you want to watch in on streaming: fuboTV (Free trial + monthly subscription), Univision NOW, Fox Sports GO, CONCACAF GO.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

7:11 PM2 years ago

Ticket scalping

In the ticket resale outside of the stadium, the tickets for Mexico vs. Costa Rica are between $60 and $300.
7:10 PM2 years ago

Potential contender

Canada is beating Haiti 2-0 at half-time. Everything indicates that the winner of this match will face the Canadian nation in semifinals.
7:10 PM2 years ago
Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Mexico vs Costa Rica game.
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7:10 PM2 years ago

El Tri's Head Coach speaks

"I'm not happy with the match because we made distractions that in another instance against higher-ranking rivals could have cost the match."


7:09 PM2 years ago
Mexico advanced to the Quarterfinals with a perfect stride in the group phase, something it hadn't achieved since the 2011 edition when it won the CONCACAF championship. Cuba, Canada and Martinique have been its victims so far in this year' edition.
7:09 PM2 years ago

Costa Rica's Coach speaks

"We are prepared to beat anyone, my players have a lot of class, a lot of hierarchy, Mexico is a great team but it is 11 against 11 and the ball in the middle, there is not much mystery in football."
7:09 PM2 years ago
One opponent who could well make a profit out of Mexico's carelessness is Costa Rica, which was profiled as the 'Tri''s opponent for the semifinals. But the 'Ticos' were surprised 2-1 by Haiti and gave up the first place in Group B to sentence the clash against Mexico.
7:08 PM2 years ago
Welcome to VAVEL USA’s LIVE coverage of the Gold Cup 2019 game: Mexico vs Costa Rica!

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