Goals and Highlights: Mexico 1-0 Haiti, Semifinals Gold Cup 2019
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With this penalty, Raúl Jiménez gave the classification to Mexico to the great final of the 2019 Gold Cup.

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Mexico vs Haiti Live Preview

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Everything you have to know for Mexico vs Haiti Live

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How to watch Mexico vs Haiti live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: FS1 and Univision Deportes.
If you want to directly stream it: fuboTV (Free trial + monthly subscription), Univision NOW, Fox Sports GO, CONCACAF GO.

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Have you always wondered what the official lineups sheet looks like? Here you can see it and feel like a journalist.
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No more Carlos Vela for Mexico Soccer Team

Without a doubt, it's worth noting that Martino was blunt about Carlos Vela. The 2005 world champion will not return to El Tri, he announced yesterday at a press conference.

Here is the press conference:

9:06 PM2 years ago
Both teams return to the locker room. They will receive the last tactical instructions to return then return to the pitch.
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Mexico vs Haiti: last encounter

Let's not forget that back in 2009, Haiti was not as easy as everyone thought it would be. These are the highlights from that game a decade ago.
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This is how the pitch looks like from up close.
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If you haven't seen Mexico's lineup, you have to check it out.
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Haiti Lineup

Jhony Placide, Jems Geffrard, Andrew Jean Baptiste, Alex Christian, Carlens Arcus, Bryan Alceus, Steeven Saba, Wilde-Donald Guerrier, Hervé Bazile, Frantzdy Pierrot, Duckens Nazon.
8:41 PM2 years ago

Mexico's kit is ready

Mexico's kit for today is ready. El Tri will wear the second jersey which is the white one.
8:40 PM2 years ago

Mexico Lineup!

Ochoa; Chaka, Salcedo, Moreno, Gallardo, Alvarez, Guardado, Jonathan, Pizarro, Alvarado, Jiménez!

Mexico's only change is Moreno for Araujo.

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Mexico is in the house!
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The official line-ups for this match will be announced in minutes.
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This is only the second time Mexico and Haiti will play each other in the Gold Cup. Mexico beat Haiti 4-0 in July 2009. and went on to win the title that year.
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Sold out

Organizers just have announced that tonight's match is officially sold out. More than 65,000 people will pack the stadium.
8:12 PM2 years ago
With less than an hour to go before the Mexico vs Haiti duel, people still have time to look for tickets at the box office.
8:08 PM2 years ago

Why Atlanta?

You have to watch this video to understand the touristict revelance of Atlanta for El Tri.
8:03 PM2 years ago
There are long lines at Gate 1 of State Farm Stadium. It is estimated that there will be approximately 65,000 people attending.
8:02 PM2 years ago
One hour for this semifinal game to begin. Mexico is the great favorite to win this Gold Cup. We start live coverage from Atlanta!
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Follow Mexico vs Haiti Live Blog Updates

There is a great atmosphere moments before the match Mexico vs Haiti live in the Gold Cup 2019.
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Important fact

Like NRG Stadium in Houston, the State Farm Stadium is equipped with retractable roof technology.

The 40° temperature in Phoenix will not affect the performance of both teams.

6:58 PM2 years ago
It has to be taken into account that Gerardo Martino will not be able to be in the Mexican bench tonight. El Tata was sent off during the match against Costa Rica due to strong complaints to the referee.
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Win a free shirt

Are you a Mexico fan? What are you waiting for! @MiSeleccionMX is giving away a jersey signed by el Tri players.
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Doors are closed for Vela

According to Martino, Carlos Vela is the only player that can't come back and play for Mexico.

"Like I've said, aside from the case of Carlos, who made a public statement, there is no other player that the doors are closed for."

5:32 PM2 years ago
Mexico has been public about how much they need their fanbase for tonight's game. For that reason, el Tri is giving out this jersey-based wallpaper for free.
4:08 PM2 years ago
It is a reality that Martino's Tri is by far the superior team tonight. However, Haiti has shown that with organized offensive football anything can happen.
4:07 PM2 years ago

Check out Mexico's best moments in last game:

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The Haitians know they'll have a tough game ahead of them. Unlike the other games, the Central American team will not be able to throw themselves into attack once and for all to avoid suffering on the counter-attacks. On the other hand, the strong attacking power shouldn't be shy. Marc Collat should repeat the good second-half performance against the Canadians in this style.

4:04 PM2 years ago
Needing the penalties to advance, the Méico had a barrier that failed to overcome against Costa Rica: the defense well posted. Against Haiti, the Mexicans have a little more space than the Haitians already have, and they are more offensive than the Costa Ricans. For that, Raúl Jiménez, top scorer of the Tricolor with four goals, is a good card in the sleeve of Tata Martino, who should repeat the team that passed for Costa Rica.
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Tune in here

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Ochoa; Luis Rodriguez, Araujo, Salcedo and Alvarez; Guardado, Gallardo and Jonathan dos Santos; Pizarro, Antuna and Raúl Jiménez.

Coach: Tata Martino.

11:02 AM2 years ago
Needing the penalties to advance, Mexico had a barrier they couldn't overcome against Costa Rica: the defense was well posted.

Against Haiti, Meixco will have a little more space since the Haitians are more offensive than the Costa Ricans.

That said, Raul Jimenez, the Tricolor top scorer with four goals, will be a good card for Tata Martino, who is expected to repeat the team that played for Costa Rica.

11:01 AM2 years ago


Placide; J. Geffrard, Jean-Baptiste, Christian and Arcus; Sabat, Alceus and Guerrier; Bazile, Nazon and Pierrot. Coach: Marc Collat.
11:01 AM2 years ago
Haiti know they'll have a tough game ahead of them. Unlike the other games, the Central American team will not be able to throw themselves into attack once and for all to avoid suffering on the counter-attacks.

On the other hand, the strong attacking power shouldn't be shy. Marc Collat should repeat the good second-half performance against the Canadians.

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However, the quarter-finals gave a great test of fire to the team that, under Tata Martino's command, had scored at least three goals in all the previous seven games. A 1-1 victory over Costa Rica lasted until the penalty shoot-out, where Mexico won 5-4.
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Coached by Argentina's Tata Martino, Mexico made their debut with a 7-0 win over Cuba. Then, 3-1 in Canada and 3-2 in Martinique were enough to take them to the top of the group.
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El Tri has yet to lose. The three victories in the first round of matches have already shown that Mexico are the big favourites.
11:00 AM2 years ago
In the Quarterfinals, Canada went on to open 2-0 in the first game of the knockout rounds, but in the second half, Haiti have turned around and are now making their finest appearance in history in the Gold Cup.
11:00 AM2 years ago
In the first round, the 2-1 comeback win over Costa Rica in the final round was when the blue and red team were sure they wouldn't be a mere extra. Before that, a 2-1 defeat of Bermuda and a 2-0 defeat of Nicaragua had already led to Haiti's qualification.
11:00 AM2 years ago

HAITI 100%

In addition to USA, the Haitians are the only ones to have won every game of the competition so far. Of the four triumphs that have taken Haiti to the semi-finals, three of them were turning points, showing the nation's ability to react.
11:00 AM2 years ago

...IF IT'S A TIE...

In the Gold Cup, if the duel ends in a draw, there is a 30-minute extra time and, if the equality persists, a penalty shootout. Unlike some other competitions, anyone who loses in the semi-final will not have to play the match for third place.
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How to watch Mexico vs Haiti LIVE stream

The Mexico vs Haiti game will be played at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The start of play is scheduled at 17:30pm ET.
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