1-0. Min. 12: Paul Aguilar. 1-1. Min. 64: Mauro Zarate. 1-2. Min. 72: Mauro Zarate.
Goals and Highlights: America 1-2 Boca Juniors, Colossus Cup 2019 
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Goals and Highlights: America 1-2 Boca Juniors, Colossus Cup 2019 

Follow along for Club America vs Boca Juniors live stream, squads and result updates of the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup game. Kickoff time: 7pm ET.

Club AméricaJimenez, Aguilera, Vargas, Sanchez, Aguilar, Gonzalez, Lopez, Diaz, Cordova, Ibarguen and Martin.
Boca JuniorsDiaz, Weigandt, Lopez, Izquierdoz, Fabra, Capaldo, MarconeVilla, Tevez, Reynoso and Abila.
SCORE1-0. Min. 12: Paul Aguilar. 1-1. Min. 64: Mauro Zarate. 1-2. Min. 72: Mauro Zarate.
My name is Alan Nuñez and I wanna thank everyone for following along the live coverage of the Colossus Cup game between America and Boca Juniors.
Boca Juniors Wins!!!
Min. 90+2: The match comes to an end and Mauro Zarate's goals' give Boca Juniors the win against America in New Jersey. 
Min. 88: Unreal save from Jimenez to avoid the third Boca goal. He's not a starter but is showing his worth.
Min. 88: Poor performance by America. First 20 minutes of the game were really solid and then they just came downhill.
Min. 82: America fans start throwing empty beer cans to the Mexican team bench. Disgusting scenes.
Min. 79: Yellow card for Zarate.
Less than 10 minutes in and Mauro Karate already scored two goals. Boca leads America 2-1.
Min. 72: America falling apart. Mauro Karate scores his second goal of the night and Boca Juniors leads 2-1.
I'm sorry but that is just a joke of a goal by Zarate.
Min. 68: Miguel Herrera send Reyes in for Lopez.
Min. 64: WHAT A BANGER BY MAURO ZARATE. The Argentinian levels the match after a chip over Jimenez. 
Min. 62: Zarate and Mckallister come in for Boca.
Min. 55: Really slow start of the second half. Boca dominates but still can't create a clear chance to score. 
Second half is underway
Min. 45: Goltz comes in and Boca kicks things off in the second half.
Halftime in Harrison
Min. 45+1: The first half is done with America leading Boca Juniors 1-0. 
Min. 42: Weak shot from Villa in a good chance for the Argentinians. That could've been the goal for Boca Juniors.
Min. 37: Capaldo gets the first yellow card of the match.
Min. 36: Things get chippy between Ibarguen and Marcone.
Min. 30: Questionable penalty in favor of America that the referee chooses not to call. Too close.
Typical Paul Aguilar celebration after his goal
Min. 25: Boca gains confidence but is still not enough to make an impact in the scoreboard.
Min. 20: Good defensive play by America that keeps the clean sheet so far. 
Min. 18: Good play by Tevez who shoots but Jimenez makes a good save.
Min. 17: Pure domination by America. On the court and also off it, because a lot of Mexican fans popped up to the Red Bull Arena.
Aguilar's goal
Min. 12: Paul Aguilar makes the first for the Mexican team after a corner kick. 
Min. 11: First corner kick of the game in favor of America.
Min. 10: Ten minutes in and still no clear chances. 
Min. 5: America will keep Martin on the pitch.
Min. 3: Tough foul on Henry Martin and the medical assistance comes in. 
Match is underway
Min. 1: America kicks things off at the Red Bull Arena. 
Both teams jump into the pitch. America is wearing their blue kit while Boca goes all out with the white.
Boca Juniors XI:
Diaz, Weigandt, Lopez, Izquierdoz, Fabra, Capaldo, Marcone, Villa, Tevez, Reynoso and Abila.
America XI:
Jimenez, Aguilera, Vargas, Sanchez, Aguilar, Gonzalez, Lopez, Diaz, Cordova, Ibarguen and Martin.
As soon as both teams reveal their lineups, we will let you know.
Same goes for Boca.
America is in the house!!!
The Mexican team is already at the Red Bull Arena
At tonight's game, with this jersey America will proudly celebrate the differences between human beings regardless of origin, skin color, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs or disability.
Memory Lane
In 1982, Boca Juniors defeated Club America 2-1. Diego Maradona and Ricardo Gareca were the scorers for the Argentinian squad.
This will be Dario Benedetto's first match against Club America since he left the club back in 2016.
Game Day Mood
Paul Aguilar feels ready for tonight's game.

This will be the first of 7 games that America will play this month, including the start of the Apertura 2019
Tonight's match will be played at 7pm Eastern Time, and it'll take place at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.
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America projected squad
In Miguel Herrera's training the following starting eleven has been used:

Óscar Jiménez in the goal, Paul Aguilar, Emanuel Aguilera, Carlos Vargas and Luis Reyes in defence, Sebastián Córdova, Rubén 'el oso' González and Andrés Ibargüen in midfield, while Jeremy Menez would accompany Henry Martín and Alejandro Díaz in attack.

Giovanni Dos Santos?
So far, America has no reinforcements for Apertura 2019. However, the club's board is in negotiations with international Giovanni Dos Santos to become America's new player.
The Club America Aguilas will make their debut tonight in the 2019 edition of the Colossus Cup. Their rival Boca Juniors is considered by many to be the most important team in Argentina.

Without a doubt, today we will have a duel of giants.

The America vs Boca Juniors game will be played at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey, United States. The start of play is scheduled at 7pm ET.
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