1-0, min. 37, Brian Lozano 1-1, min. 54, Maximiliano Meza
Goals and Highlights: Santos 1(4)-1(2) Monterrey, Friendly Game 2019 
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Goals and Highlights: Santos 1(4)-1(2) Monterrey, Friendly Game 2019 

Follow along for Santos Laguna vs Rayados de Monterrey live stream, squads and result updates of the 2019 friendly game. Kickoff time: 6:30pm ET.

Jorge Carrete
Santos LagunaAcevedo, Rodríguez, Doria, Arteaga Orrantia, Rivas, Gorriaran, Lozano Castillo y Furch.
Rayados de MonterreyBarovero, Layún, Nico, Johan, Vangioni, Jona, Ponchito, Dorlan, Meza, Avilés y Funes Mori.
SCORE1-0, min. 37, Brian Lozano 1-1, min. 54, Maximiliano Meza
And that's all, Santos has another victory in his pre-season. Thanks everyone for following us during this Santos against Rayados!
DÓRIA!! So easy, so quiet, the brazilian scores for the win
If Santos scores they will win
Urretaviscaya misses the second penalty for Rayados, Acevedo saving again
Abella scores for Santos
Daniel Parra gives to Rayados the second goal 
Adrian Lozano does his homework, now Santos is leading
Acevedo with the save and Joel Banda from Monterrey can't celebrate
All business. Furch gives Santos the equalizer
Monterrey opens the penalties serie. Zaldívar becomes the first goal
FURCH! The striker couldn't sign a goal at the end  of the match when he was ALONE with the goalkeeper. Fulltime, let's go to the penalty kick
We are arriving to the last two minutes and it looks like this will end at the penalties
SO CLOSE! Aguirre cross the ball and he almost finds the back of the net
No one can lead the game in the 82th minute, that means we're gonna have penalties after the game
The last substitution by Rayados
Furch with te header but the ball goes behind
The players have again a little break to drink some water
Santos is making now 4 substitutions
Free kick for Santos near to the box, Furch on the ground
'Ponchito' Gonzalez is issued a yellow card
Monterrey is about to make six movements of his players
Adrian Lozano enters the match for Bryan Garnica
Lozano has no doubt about making a long shot but the ball goes away from the net
GOOOOOOOOOOAL by Maxi Meza, the argentinian player finds the back of the net and makes the equalizer!!!
Castillo can't be playing anymore for a possible injury, Santos will have his first substitution
There are two substitutions for Monterrey:

Zaldívar and Edson Gutierrez are in, Funes Mori and Layún out

What a save! Barovero don't let Castillo to increase the score for Santos
Let the game begin! We bring you the last part of the game
The teams on the pitch, everyone is ready for the second half
The referee says no anymore at this first half!
Pabon made 3 corner kicks but he couldn't find a teammate
Pabon is making the last effort with a shot but the defense throw it to the corner
Furch had an oportunnity after the Garnica's pass but the sudamerican couldn't give direction to the ball
Meza tries without success, only has a foult for Monterrey
Monterrey wins a new corner kick before the first half ends, but no worries for the Santos defense
What a GOOOOOOAL by Brian Lozano, an insane impact becomes the first goal of the game this afternoon 
The teams take a break for hydration remaining 15' minutes to the half time
LIVE: Santos Laguna vs Rayados Monterrey
Finally, the referee is about to blow the whistle. Stay here with us!
People are starting to lose their patience because the game hasn't started yet. We're waiting for the central referee.
Diego Alonso maintains his 4-2-3-1 formation. Maxi Meza, who is desired by Boca Juniors, is a starter for this game.
This is about to start!
The teams are about to leave the dressing room for the competitive protocol and kick off this game.
Santos Lineup
Acevedo, Rodríguez, Doria, Arteaga Orrantia, Rivas, Gorriaran, Lozano Castillo y Furch
Monterrey Lineup
Barovero, Layún, Nico, Johan, Vangioni, J.González, Ponchito, Dorlan, Meza, Avilés y Funes Mori.
Santos Laguna will be using this outfit combination.
Injured players for today
Ayrton Preciado has a muscle overload injury on both shins. For his part, David Andrade suffered a muscular injury in the femoral rectum of the left thigh.

Both players did not make the trip to the and will remain working in the facilities of Territorio Santos Modelo, following their medical treatment and physiotherapy.

The stadium doors open. Gradually the bleachers begin to fill.
Santos is in the house. Captain Jose Abella leads the Guerreros to the locker.
The official lineups will be confirmed in couple minutes.
On the other hand, the Monterrey fans were in yesterday's training session and took some pictures with the Rayados' squad.
Santos Laguna's fans are encouraging their team in Texas. A great atmosphere is expected this afternoon.
It's just an hour before this friendly game begins in Texas. Santos vs Monterrey coverage begins.
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How to watch Santos Laguna vs Monterrey LIVE stream
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Looking for a forward
Monterrey is still searching a forward in the transfer window, we have to remind you: Bareiro is out of the team, Zaldívar will have his last six months at 'La Sultana' but he didn't accomplish with the demands. A lot of names have been coming out but nothing serious, the last was Vincent Janssen, a Tottenham Hotspurs player. Being seriously, everyone have to wait a little bit more for an official announcement
Félix Torres will be arriving to Torreón
After the loan from Santos to his new 'little brother' Atlas of Hugo Nervo, the coach Guillermo Almada is looking for a central back and the name that has appear in recent days is: Félix Torres, a young ecuadorian from Guayaquil; actually the president of the team, Barcelona de Guayaquil, said in a conference press that Félix is totally sold to Santos, and Barcelona acquired a 30 per cent of a future sale.
Both teams were training at Cancun in the IberoStar hotel, and both teams had been playing at least two friendly matches before tomorrow. We have no doubt they will offer us a quality game with the best of their available roster
Santos Laguna vs Rayados de Monterrey game will be played at the HEB Park in Edinburg, Texas. The start of play is scheduled at 5:30. The weather for tomorrow is expected to be sunny with a little bit of wind.
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