0-1, min. 16, B. Lozano. 2-0, min. 85, B. Lozano. 1-2, min. 90+4, O. Martínez.
Goals and Highlights: Atlas 1-2 Santos, 2019 Liga MX
Photo: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: Atlas 1-2 Santos, 2019 Liga MX


Alan Núñez
Atlas FCC. Vargas; D. Barbosa, H. Nervo, J. Seguro, J. Angulo (B. Trejo, min. 76); A. Andrade, O. Martínez (C), L. Reyes, Í. Torres (M. Cuero, min. 51), J. Isijara; y M. Correa.
Santos LagunaJ. Orozco (C); H. Rodríguez, G. Arteaga, M. Doria, C. Orrantia; F. Gorriarán, B. Lozano, U. Rivas, A. Lozano (D. Valdés, min. 72); E. Castillo (B. Garnica, min. 86) y J. Furch.
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And so was Atlas' only goal through Osvaldo Martinez.
So was Brian Lozano's second goal of the night
So was Brian Lozano's touchdown, which opened the scoreboard
Finish the game!
The Santos triumphs as visitor and continues with its perfect gust of wind. Three wins in three rounds.
Osvaldo Martínez converts the penalty and discounts on the scoreboard
There's a penalty for the Atlas! For this reason, Dória receives the yellow card.
The referee, again, goes to the VAR, now to review a possible penalty in favor of Atlas
Osvaldo Martínez reprimanded for Gorriarán infraction
New Santos change: Garnica enters through Castillo
After a series of rebounds, Brian Lozano pushes the ball to convert his double.
He missed it! Furch headed home, but the ball went over the top
Last change from Atlas: Brayan Trejo enters by Jesús Angulo
First movement of Santosa: Diego Valdés enters by Adrián Lozano
For claiming, Brian Lozano received the preventative carton
Second change of Atlas: Facundo Barceló enters by Jesús Isijara
Atlas backlash that ends with a leather satin shot that is tackled by Orozco
Castillo's header that is stopped by Vargas with both hands
Great sweep of Angulo to prevent Castillo from finishing off in front of Vargas
For a blow to Isijara's face, Hugo Rodriguez is reprimanded
Finally, the whistle does not indicate the maximum penalty in favour of the visit
The referee goes to the VAR to review a possible penalty on Fernando Gorriarán
Atlas makes its first move: Mauricio Cuero enters through Ían Torres
Complementary part begins!
Finish the first half!
Double attempt of Atlas that is contained without major problem by Orozco
Add three minutes
New attempt by Brian Lozano, now through a free kick, which also passes just above the goal
Almost! Brian Lozano's shot that Camilo Vargas stops with a big cast 
Osvaldo Martínez's shot that passes deviated from the goal defended by 'Jona'
The match is resumed, with no cards for any player
The referee, Adonai Escobedo, awaits indications from the VAR after a clash between Castillo and Segura
Almost! Adrian Lozano's shot passes only one side of the red and black goal. 
Brian Lozano overtakes the 'Warriors' on the scoreboard after taking advantage of an error in the local defence
He's already rolling the ball at the Jalisco!
Santos alignment
J. Orozco (C); H. Rodríguez, G. Arteaga, M. Doria, C. Orrantia; F. Gorriarán, B. Lozano, U. Rivas, A. Lozano; E. Castillo y J. Furch.
Atlas alignment
C. Vargas; D. Barbosa, H. Nervo, J. Seguro, J. Angulo; A. Andrade, O. Martínez (C), L. Reyes, Í. Torres, J. Isijara; y M. Correa.
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Head-to-head record
In total, tapatíos and laguneros have faced in 52 occasions of which the reds and blacks have emerged ahead in 14 matches, the green and white in 24 and14 ties. A history very leaned towards the Comarca.
Santos has also started the season with the right foot with two wins in two games and a common defeated rival with Atlas, FC Juarez. The other team they beat was a struggling Chivas in the Liga MX debut.
Last away game for Santos
As we know, these first two jornadas Santos has played them at home so we have to go back to last semester to remember their last game as a visitor.

It took place at the Estadio Azteca against America where they lost 1-0 thanks to a penalty scored by Emmanuel Aguilera.

Leonardo Cufré
The management placed their trust in Cufré who knew Atlas as a player and was part of the last Santos champion with Siboldi. The coach came in as a 'fireman' last season but now, with what looks like a very good team bringing what was necessary to strengthen.

At the moment, the results have been obtained but how many times we have not seen the same: Atlas crumbles in the middle or end of the season.

Atlas' last home game was against FC Juarez where they gave a warm welcome to the border club defeating them with ease.

Although the Bravos started in an exciting way, the red-and-black team prevailed with the passing of time and Edson Rivera had the opportunity to score the only goal of the match.

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Kick-off time
The Atlas vs Santos Laguna game will be played at the Estadio Jalisco, in Guadalajara, Mexico. The start of play is scheduled at 10pm ET.
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