1-0, min. 14, López; 2-0 min. 64, Pulido; 3-0 min. 85, Alanís.
Goals and Highlights: Chivas 3-0 Atlético de San Luis, 2019 Liga MX

Goals and Highlights: Chivas 3-0 Atlético de San Luis, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Chivas Guadalajara vs Atlético de San Luis live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kickoff time: 10pm ET.

Juan Pablo Rodríguez
ChivasRodríguez; Van Rankin, Alanis, Briseño, Zendejas; Villalpando, López, Molina, Brizuela; Pulido & Peralta.
Atlético de San luisRodríguez; Catalán, Álvarez, Laso, Reyes, Escalante; Maya, Sánchez, Mayada; Ibáñez, González.
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Chivas 3-0 Atlético San Luis
Here are the highlights for tonight's game!

Chivas win!
FT | The game ends with a 3-0 victory for Chivas over Atlético San Luis.
94' | Chivas get into great position from a quick break! Cervantes is one-on-one with the keeper and Rodríguez is able to block his shot!
This was Chivas' third goal tonight!

90'| We will have 4 minutes of stoppage time.
88' | Ibáñez puts Toño Rodríguez to test with a great strike! The keeper responds and keeps Chivas' goal unbeaten!
87' | Centurión tries to score, but the ball goes above the bar!
86' | Pulido almost makes it 4-0, but Rodríguez saves with his foot! 
85' | Alanís hits it with the left to make it 3-0!
Penalty for Chivas!
84' | Vega is taken down inside the box after recovering the ball. We'll have a penalty! 
79' | Chivas also makes their last substitution: Fernando Beltrán comes in for Villalpando.
78' | Last substitution for Atlético de San Luis. González is replaced by Berterame. 
77' | Molina is checked by the doctors. He exhibits back pain. 
75' | Second substitution in Chivas: 'Chofis' López gives up his place to Cervantes. 
This was Chivas' second goal tonight!

72' | Substitution for San Luis: Maya is out, Valdéz is in. 
71' | Brizuela strikes from just outside the box. The ball goes a few inches over the bar!
70' | Vega has his first chance. He controls inside the box, but the defender is able to send it to corner kick. 
69' | Substitution for Chivas: Oribe Peralta is replaced by Alexis Vega. 
67' | Centurión strikes over the bar in his first opportunity. 
66' | Sub for San Luis: Dionisio Escalante leaves his place for Centurión. 

The former Racing de Avellaneda player will have about half-hour to try to equalize. 
65' | Pulido is able to trick Rodríguez into diving to the other side to double the lead!
Decision: Penalty!
The referee Fernando Hernández gives a penalty! 

Chivas has the chance to increase the lead!
VAR Check!
63' | The referee checks for a possible penalty for Chivas!

61' | Cross that Molina is not able to properly strike. The ball goes over the bar!
Disallowed goal for Chivas!
56'| Off a free kick, Oribe heads into the top right corner and scores. The assistant referee raises the flag for a very tight offside!
54' | Joaquín Laso is shown the yellow card after fouling Peralta. 
53' | Laso takes three-toed strike that hits the bar! San Luis was extremely close to equalizing. 
52' | A shot that was going wide is sent to corner by Toño Rodríguez. 
51' | Briseño commits handball in midfield. 
45' | The second half begins. Both Boy and Sosa send the same men that ended the first 45 minutes.
Chivas leads by 1 at half-time
HT | We go to break with Chivas leading 1-0 over San Luis. 

The game has been a very hard fought one, however López's magnificent strike is making the difference.
45'| We'll have 3 minutes of stoppage time for this first half.
40' | Ibáñez heads it from a corner kick forcing Toño Rodríguez's dive in order to save.
38' | Oribe Peralta is carded for a foul inside the rival's box.
37' | Chivas play the ball short, surprising San Luis' defense, and almost scores. The ball is cleared. 
36' | Mayada pushes Pulido from behind just outside the box. It's a Chivas free kick. 
32' | Camilo Mayada sends a ball into the box looking for Ibáñez. The defense is just able to get it out.
26' | Alanis wrongly passes the ball back to Rodríguez who is pressured by Ibáñez. The San Luis striker almost wins the ball from Chivas' keeper.
25' | Mayada crosses this time and it's Ibáñez who tries to score again. The ball goes wide once more.
23' | Catalan sends a cross and Ibáñez connects with a volley that ends up wide of Chivas' goal.
20' | Corner kick by 'Chofis' López that attempts to surprise Rodríguez. The keeper reacts well. 
Here's the goal that gave Chivas the 1-0 lead

14' | Javier 'Chofis' López strikes to the bottom left corner to beat Rodríguez and give Chivas the lead.
12' | Both teams struggle to show superiority. The game is intense in midfield with very few promising attacks.
4' | Molina bumped heads with Catalán. Both men are treated by medics due to bleeding. 
2' | After the free kick, Guadalajara is close to scoring but San Luis' defense is barely able to clear the ball after a few rebounds.
1' | First run by Villalpando on the right wing. He is fouled and Chivas will have a free kick in a dangerous position.
0' | Fernando Hernández blows his whistle and we're underway! 
We're moments away from the start!
The Liga BBVA MX anthem now plays and the teams head towards midfield for the ceremony!
Both teams are ready!
Chivas will wear their traditional white and red stripes, while San Luis uses an alternative blue and gold uniform for tonight's fixture
Warm up time!
Both squads are now on the pitch to do the pre-competition exercises prior to the match.


Fans from San Luis have made the trip to Zapopan in order to support their side!

Atlético de San Luis' line up for today
The newly promoted side will start with Rodríguez; Catalán, Álvarez, Laso, Reyes, Escalante; Maya, Sánchez, Mayada; Ibáñez, González.
Chivas' starting XI
The historic Club Deportivo Guadalajara will start with Rodríguez; Van Rankin, Alanis, Briseño, Zendejas; Villalpando, López, Molina, Brizuela; Pulido & Peralta.
Atlético de San Luis is ready at Estadio Akron
The away team has also made its arrival at Estadio Akron!


Chivas arrive to their home
The home team has arrived at Estadio Akron for this Week 4 match up.

Just one hour to go!
We're  an hour for the referee's whistle of this exciting match at the Estadio Akron between Chivas and Atlético de San Luis.
Press cof
Don't miss out on Chivas Coach Tomas Boy presser for this game. Fifteen minutes of quotes by the 'Jefe'.
We have arrived to the Chivas stadium to provide you the best live coverage of tonight's game.

It doesn't matter where you're watching this from. Check the schedule to follow this game.
You also have to know the rivals of the MX League. That's why, meanwhile Chivas vs Atlético de San Luis begins, you can follow Cruz Azul vs FC Juarez with us.
It is important to mention that this will be the first time ever that Chivas faces Atletico de San Luis franchise.
Let me tell you dear fan that the hype for tonight's match is real. We are on our way to the Akron Stadium in order to bring you the best coverage of Chivas game.
Chivas barely made it out of Puebla
In Week 3, Chivas visited Puebla in a game that ended in a 1-1 draw.

A very bad refereeing saved Guadalajara from losing a game in which they did not show their best version.
San Luis played their "big brother"
Atlético de San Luis hosted their "big brother" team, Atlético de Madrid, last week.

The game ended in a 2-1 for the Spanish side, however, the Mexican side exhibited good qualities during the match.
Injury updates for Chivas
Hiram Mier underwent surgery on Thursday due to a knee injury in Monterrey. He's expected to be out for 4 to 6 weeks.  

His absence will be covered by 'Pollo' Briseño and Oswaldo Alanís.
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Looking for a Liguilla spot
Chivas are 10th in the table, while Atlético de San Luis is placed on the 11th position.


A victory for either team might just put them in the top eight

How to watch Chivas vs Atlético de San Luis live TV and Stream
If you want to directly stream it: TUDN USA.If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!
Both teams had Copa MX victories
Both Chivas and Atlético de San Luis had victories in their Copa MX fixtures.

While Guadalajara was able to defeat Santos Laguna by 2-1, San Luis beat Potros UAEM by 3-1
Guadalajara prepares for the match, too
Chivas continues with training sessions under Tomás Boy. 

Atlético de San Luis get ready to face Chivas
Friday was San Luis' last training session before traveling to Guadalajara.

San Luis has their first away game
San Luis will have their first game away from home of the season.


They previously had a losing effort against Pumas and a victory over Monterrey; both at home.


Chivas wants to stay perfect at home
This will be Guadalajara's second home game of the season. They previously defeated reigning champions, Tigres, by a 2-0 margin.

Our game will be played at the Estadio Akron, in Zapopan, Jalisco. The start of play is scheduled at 10:06pm ET.
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