0-1, min 83, Triverio. 0-2, min 85, Del Valle
Goals and Highlights: FC Juárez 0-2 Querétaro, 2019 Liga MX
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Goals and Highlights: FC Juárez 0-2 Querétaro, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Bravos Juárez vs Querétaro live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kick-off time: 8pm ET.

Adrián Hernández
FC JuárezVázquez; Castro, Jiménez, Velázquez, Acosta; Brambila, Fernández, Junior, Esquivel, Lezcano; Sagal.
QuerétaroAlcalá; Corral, Romo, Pereira, Castillo; Pérez, Aboagye, Escoboza, Gómez; Loba, Del Valle.
Goals and Highlights: FC Juarez 0-2 Queretaro
With this result, Queretaro is the new overall leader of Mexican football.
Bravos 0-2 Querétaro
Fernandez came out and Silva entered the last change of Bravos.
Two more minutes were added.
Lezcano puts the shoe that goes up.
Del Valle cross shot to increase the difference.
Goal of Querétaro
Enrique Triverio takes advantage of the rebound to splice it to the bottom of the nets and thus score the first goal of the night.
Goal of Querétaro
Stopped ball play that Velázquez finishes off and passes close by

Escoboza head containing Vázquez Mellado.

Romo's header to the first pole that goes up.
Moment of the rehydration of the second time.
Center in corner shot that is passed to Vázquez Mellado, but the referee marked crowding.
The insistence of the visitors follows. Aboagye hits him with the right hand, but Vázquez attacks under the three posts.
Change of Querétaro. It was all for Gómez and Paolo Yrizar entered.
Now it was Elsinho's turn to hit him, but the ball came easily into the hands of Gil Alcala.
Del Valle's solitaire auction that itches a lot and goes down the side.
One more attempt by Del Valle from outside the area, although without problems for Vázquez Mellado.
Trim and shoot from Del Valle the goalkeeper catches.
Enrique Triverio's dangerous header where the ball passes very close to the goal.
The second half begins
We'll leave you one of the images of this game. Juarez has played most of the time with one less, but Queretaro has not had the ability to be dangerous in the rival frame.
Relive the expulsion of Angelo Sagal during the first minutes of the match
Bravos 0-0 Querétaro
Five more minutes were added to the game.
Loose Gomez finish inside the area.
Jair Pereira is cautioned for stepping on Edy Brambila.
Shooting of Esquivel without much power that arrives to Alcalá territory.
Open shot and above Triverio.
Alexis Perez distant shot that reaches the location of the goalkeeper.
Filtered pass where Vázquez sweeps and manages to take the ball from Del Valle.
Time of rehydration after the strong heat that happens in Ciudad Juárez.
Change of Querétaro. He leaves due to an Aké Loba injury and Enrique Triverio joins.
Del Valle half-round shot covering the defense with timely sweep.
Loba is left lying in the area for an alleged foul.
Aboagye shot where the goalkeeper Vázquez Mellado lies down.
Jaime Gomez de Queretaro is cautioned for a foul near midfield.
The Gallos have already mastered the ball, but are still unclear in attack.
Distant free kick of Acosta where it puts the center that is cut by the defensive.
Romo puts in the service that Elsinho rejects at first post.
Review in the VAR and the referee determines that Angelo Sagal should be expelled after the strong entry of the chilean.
First yellow of the match after a strong Sagal.
Elsinho's fire that goes astray
Angelo Sagal's shot at the hands of Gil Alcalá
The match starts
We are minutes away from the start of the game, don't miss the best coverage... 

Will Bravos be able to take away Querétaro's undefeated?

Victor Manuel Vucetich has prioritised in the defensive sector, where they have conceded just two goals in four games.
This is how the Gallos warm up before the start of the game:
In case of winning, Queretaro would be the overall leader of the competition, surpassing América in goal difference.
XI Querétaro
Alcalá; Corral, Romo, Pereira, Castillo; Pérez, Aboagye, Escoboza, Gómez; Loba, Del Valle.
Bravos have only scored two goals and they lost to Toluca 2-0 scored by Fernandez and Sagal, who will be starting today.
XI Bravos
Vázquez; Castro, Jiménez, Velázquez, Acosta; Brambila, Fernández, Junior, Esquivel, Lezcano; Sagal.
While in the Sub-20, Bravos also won by the minimum


A few moments ago in the U-17, Juarez beat Queretaro 3-2, will the same in a few minutes?
Juarez Defender Israel Jimenez
"Every time there's a match, every time I play, I've felt better, more paired up and everyone has treated me very well. I got to a very good team, with great teammates and the goal is to beat Queretaro tonight."
The fans of the Bravos will once again have a game of top division football in this match that closes Week 5 of Apertura 2019.
Our live coverage begins
There is just under an hour to go before the start of this exciting FC Juarez vs Queretaro in Ciudad Juarez.
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Key player Querétaro, Luis Romo
The canterano of Gallos has been one of the pleasing revelations in the beginning of the season, where he has collaborated with two goals.
Key player Juárez, Ángelo Sagal
The chilean came as a reinforcement this Apertura 2019 and has been a starter in three of the first four games, contributing with a goal.
Querétaro: Last Lineup
Alcalá; Arellano, Pereira, Pérez, Escoboza; Romo, Gómez, Del Valle, Aboagye, Castillo; Loba.
FC Juárez: Last Lineup
Vázquez; Acosta, Castro, Velázquez, Jiménez; Xavier, Elsinho, Brambila, Fernández; Lezcano, Sagal.
In the middle of the week, Víctor Manuel Vucetich confirmed the rumor of a possible return of Tiago Volpi to the Liga MX: "He has already had contact with the president of the institution, where there is a commitment that he wants to return, so we know about that situation and simply and simply transmits what has been discussed”.
The strategist Gabriel Caballero justified the bad progress of the border team due to an adaptation to the new circuit: "We are in a process of adaptation to First Division and although the players were in the First Division before, we are in a process of floor right and feel we can compete against anyone”.
The two teams have only met once and it was in the 2017 Copa MX when they drew 1-1 in regular time in La Corregidora. Bravos won the penalty shootout 4-1.
The rooster sings to everything he gives
Queretaro has surprised, as before the start of this day began as seconds of the classification. They have only played one away game, where they managed to rescue the 1-1 draw against Xolos.

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To straighten the way
The Bravos haven't had a good tournament start. Last Saturday they lost 2-0 to Cruz Azul. The only game they have played at home was 15 days ago with a 2-0 victory over Toluca.

Kick-off time
Juárez vs Querétaro match will be played at Olímpico Benito Juárez in the Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. The game is scheduled to begin at 20:00 pm ET.
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