0-1, min. 77, Ayala. 1-1, min. 80, Berterame.
Goals and Highlights: Atletico de San Luis 1-1 Tigres, 2019 Liga MX
Photo: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: Atletico de San Luis 1-1 Tigres, 2019 Liga MX

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Enrique Ortega Sánchez
Atlético de San LuisF. Rodríguez; D. Escalante, M. Abrante, J. Laso, M. Catalán; N. Maya, J. Sánchez, C. Mayada, L. Reyes; I. González, N. Ibáñez.
TigresN. Guzmán; F. Venegas, C. Salcedo, H. Ayala, J. Dueñas; G. Pizarro, R. Carioca, L. Quiñones; E. Valencia, E. Vargas, A.P. Gignac.
Here are the best actions of Atlético de San Luis vs Tigres.

Finish the game. San Luis and Tigres distribute points.
Goal annulled to Gignac out of place.
Seven minutes are added.
Last change from Tigers. Enter Jurgen Damm, exit Luis Quiñones
Stick! Enner Valencia's centre attempt that passes centimetres from Rodríguez's goal.
Attempt from outside Carlos Salcedo's area that goes over the frame.
After the goal, Germán Berterame was yellow carded.
Last change from San Luis. Ricardo Centurión enters, Luis Reyes leaves.
Gooool of San Luis, back diagonal of Matías Catalán and in the small area Germán Berterame defines.
Tigres Gooool. Cobra of free shot Zelarayán, Hugo Ayala finishes off with his head and with Joaquín Laso's deflection the ball enters the goal.
With the revision of the VAR, the referee Erick Miranda decides to expel Camilo Mayada.
The fault on Quiñones is checked in the VAR.
Pause for rehydration in the second half.
Foul on Quiñones. Free kick for Tigers.
There's also changes in Tigers. Lucas Zelarayán and Jorge Torres Nilo enter, Francisco Venegas and Eduardo Vargas leave.
First change of San Luis. Ian González leaves, Germán Berterame enters.
Long ball to Nico Ibanez, is shot sweeping and goes to one side the attempt.
Shot from outside Camilo Mayada's area above the frame.
Center towards Gignac, but Laso appears head first so that the ball cannot reach the French.
Start the second half. There are no changes of any squad.
Matías Catalán came close to opening the scoreboard for the locals.
Foto: María Luisa Chagoya
Foto: María Luisa Chagoya
Pictures of the first half of the match.
Foto: María Luisa Chagoya
Foto: María Luisa Chagoya
The first half ends, a goalless draw between San Luis and Tigres
Three more minutes are added.
Foul on Luis Reyes, he'll come free kick for the locals.
Gignac returns to the court after his change of shoes.
Near Nico Ibáñez! He receives the ball in the small area, but his attempt goes over the frame.
Try Francisco Vengas from outside the area and once again saves in good form Felipe Rodriguez.
Enner Valencia's low cross and save Felipe Rodriguez with a swipe to avoid Gignac's shot.
Pause for rehydration.
Great stretch of Felipe Rodriguez avoiding that falls the goal of free shot of Eduardo Vargas. Then the Potosi defense took the ball out of the area.
Noé Maya's foul on Guido Pizarro and Maya gets a yellow card.
San Luis head butt in offensive that Nahuel stops without problems.
Salcedo's foul on Sanchez who cuts the counterattack of San Luis.
Out of place of San Luis and cut the attack they were beginning to manufacture.
Center of Luis Reyes, clears the defense, but the attempt of Catalan was by the outside network.
Hugo Ayala lowers to Ibáñez, ball for San Luis.
Foul, free kick for Tigers. Sweep of Escalante on Dueñas.
San Luis presses the Tigers in the exit, but the champions know how to start from behind
The match between Atlético de San Luis and Tigres begins.
Spectacular atmosphere in the Alfonso Lastras, full stadium.
The teams go out to the field of play to carry out the protocol ceremony.
Tigres fans are still present in the vicinity of Alfonso Lastras.
Foto: Tigres
Foto: Tigres
Lineup Tigres
N. Guzmán; F. Venegas, C. Salcedo, H. Ayala, J. Dueñas; G. Pizarro, R. Carioca, L. Quiñones; E. Valencia, E. Vargas, A.P. Gignac.
Lineup San Luis
F. Rodríguez; D. Escalante, M. Abrante, J. Laso, M. Catalán; N. Maya, J. Sánchez, C. Mayada, L. Reyes; I. González, N. Ibáñez.
Lineups confirmed. San Luis repeats eleven and Tigers has some changes.
These have been the historical results between San Luis and Tigres.
In the Basic Forces activity, these were the results:
U17: Tigers defeated San Luis 3-2.
U20: San Luis defeated the felines 2-1.
Foto: Tigres FB
Foto: Tigres FB
Tigers invade Alfonso Lastras Stadium. The champions will be sheltered by their fans.
Foto: Tigres
Foto: Tigres
Also Atletico San Luis is already at home looking for their second win of the tournament.
This was the arrival of the visitors, Tigres, to the Alfonso Lastras Stadium.
Tigres have not conceded more than one goal in the last 13 league matches it have contested against a San Luis club.

The Tigres squad left their hotel and headed to the Alfonso Lastras stadium about half an hour ago.
Our live coverage begins
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Last line-up of Tigres
N. Guzmán; J. Díaz, H. Ayala, J. Torres Nilo, L. Rodríguez; R. Carioca, G. Pizarro, E. Vargas, L. Quiñones; E. Valencia and A.P. Gignac.


Last line-up of Atlético de San Luis
F. Rodríguez; M. Catalán, M. Abrante, J. Laso, D. Escalante; N. Maya, J. Sánchez, L. Reyes, C. Mayada; I. González and N. Ibáñez.
Tigres News
After overcoming the two games by suspension, Carlos Salcedo will already be option to play in the defense. Also, Francisco Venegas has returned after his call to the Pan American Games in Lima. In the attack, Javier Aquino will still be unable to see minutes.
Foto: Carlos Ruíz
Foto: Carlos Ruíz
Atlético de San Luis Team News
Alfonso Sosa's team will have a full squad after Mario Abrante recovered from the blow to the head. Ricardo Centurión is expected to have more minutes against Tigres, due to the minutes he has been accumulating.
Foto: José Acosta
Foto: José Acosta
Tigers wants to take the lead
Contrary to their regularity at the beginning of the tournament, the Tigers have made a great start to the 2019 Apertura championship. Installed in fourth place, they have the mission to follow in the top of the table. They leave the University to get a positive result.
Photo: Carlos Ruíz / VAVEL
Photo: Carlos Ruíz / VAVEL
San Luis maintains irregular pace
The Atletico San Luis squad has had an instability in these first games in their return to the Primera Division. With just one win so far in the tournament, the Atleti players must begin to pick up victories because the percentage issue can get complicated.
Photo: José Acosta / VAVEL
Photo: José Acosta / VAVEL
Kick-off time 18:00 hrs ET
The Atlético de San Luis vs Tigres match will be played at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium, in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 18:00pm ET.
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