Kick-off: 10pm ET.
Goals and Highlights: Club America vs Monarcas Morelia (1-0) 2019 Liga MX
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Goals and Highlights: Club America vs Monarcas Morelia (1-0) 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Club America vs Monarcas Morelia  live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kick-off time: 10pm ET.

Martín Contreras Soulé
Club AméricaJiménez; Aguilar, Valdez, Aguilera, Sánchez; Ibargüen, Rodríguez, López, Ibarra; Córdova; Roger Martínez.
Monarcas MoreliaSosa; Vegas, Ortiz, Achilier, Trejo; Osuna, Rocha; Méndez, Villafañez, Lezcano; Aristeguieta
INCIDENTSMatch corresponding to Day 5 of the Liga BBVA MX 2019 Apertura 2019 tournament.

Game over! Final score 1-0

America wins, but it doesn't like or golea.

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Morelia quickly catches the corner shot that is stolen from above by Oscar Jimenez.

The match is over, America wins the game 1-0 and adds three more points in the tournament. The alarms are turned on in Morelia, this defeat buries them to the deepest part of the table.

Osuna regrets because he knows he could have tied the game.
Osuna takes with a big cut on the right side Jorge Sanchez, a powerful shot that stays close to enter to make the draw, but Oscar Jimenez reduces spectacularly and takes the ball!


Play of danger, Morelia strikes, can he draw in the last few minutes?
6 more minutes are added.


America remain unconvinced, but although they continue to lose the ball, they have managed to put pressure on Morelia.
The third and final change by the Eagles of America is coming.

Andrés Ibargüen comes out and Fernando González comes in.


The goal play was reviewed by the VAR, but the central referee points out that the scoring legitimacy for America.

The play was reviewed by a supposed nudge from Roger Martinez to Mario Osuna.

GOOAAAAL! From America Nicolas Benedetti makes a poem and shakes the networks of Morelia.

1-0 on the court of the Azteca Stadium.


Extraordinary play by Renato Ibarra.

Ibarra gets on the motorcycle and starts all over the band at speed, nobody stops him, cuts him out and puts in a dangerous centre that Nicolas Benedetti sends out of the court.

Change of Morelia, José Enrique Ortiz leaves and Jorge Valadéz enters.
The America moves the ball, Roger leads quickly and touches of luxury back for Guido Rodriguez, watch out with this play, the defense of Morelia this party by Osuna makes an extraordinary sweep to maintain the defensive order.
The party's admonished so far:

18' Lezcano, 49' José Ortiz, 67' Mario Trejo by Morelia.

50´Jesús López, 60' Guido Rodríguez. America

Corner shot that quickly takes America.

Cordova tries to finish off and falls to the turf, Bruno Valdez almost converts the first of the night but the referee scores a foul in favor of Morelia.

Óscar Jiménez catches the ball and goes out with speed to give the ball to Roger Martinez, Roger starts, mocks Osuna and reaches the baseline. Powerful shot that goes to one side of the goal of Sosa.

Corner kick!

America looks more confident this second half, Ibarra and Ibargüen keep the ball under a constant touch from side to side. 
Start the supplementary part.

America takes to the field with a modification.

Antonio López enters and Emanuel Aguilera leaves. Morelia remains with the same XI.

Part-time, nothing for anyone yet hasn't arrived the special guest.

0-0 at the Azteca Stadium.

Mendoza steals the ball again, but Oscar Jimenez is attentive and frustrates the great shot of the player from Morelia.
Mendoza and Lezcano are taking revenge on the salary, and have managed to drive the Americanist defensive mad.

A dangerous center that Mendoza serves with the big spoon to Lezcano, who sends the ball over the crossbar.

As it was coming, Leonel Lopez is the first change of the party, Miguel Herrera decides to put Nicolas Benedetti to give more rapidity to the team of coapa.
So far in the tournament, we've never seen America so lost and without arrivals, no doubt Morelia is the one who takes the palms during these first 36 minutes.
Miguel the "Piojo" Herrera is annoyed, Leonel Lopez has lost the balls repeatedly.

Nico Benedetti gets up to warm up.

We are 20 minutes into this match, an America that has not managed to keep the possession of the ball.
America commits a foul.
Foul committed by Morelia. First yellow card of the match and is for Gastón Lezcano.
Everyone expected to see Memo Ochoa's debut tonight, but America's coaching staff decided to give Oscar Jimenez continuity.
The commanded by Miguel Herrera, continue touching the ball, trying to approach the goal that protects the goalkeeper Sosa of Monarcas Morelia.
Venezuelan Monarcas Aristiguieta jersey #9 makes the American defence tremble with a powerful shot that goes side-to-side with America's goal. 

0-0 so far.

The first 45 minutes start, Emanuel Aguilera holds the ball quickly to the attack for the eagles.
Welcome friends of VAVEL USA I am Martin Contreras and I will be with you this magical night of football.

There is much to offer this on the pitch. Both teams are on the field giving the last details to start.

As the America fans there are only a few.
From the press box, this is what the stadium looks like. This is about to begin.
Both teams return to the dressing rooms to be briefed with the latest tactical instructions and to gear up in the playing uniform.
Recap of America's warm-up routine
No Giovani
Because of muscular problems, Giovani dos Santos will not even be on the bench. Neither will be able to participate Henry Martin by injury.
Pure enjoyment
Guillermo Ochoa is enjoying with his son every second of his return to America's ranks.

Warm up routine for America on the pitch. Heavy rain forecasted for tonight.
The 'Memo mania' has officially begun. Images of the America goalkeeper everywhere in the Azteca.
(Foto: @AlexAlfaro48)
(Foto: @AlexAlfaro48)
America's fans do not stop supporting their team. On this occasion, famous member of the blue-cream bar 'Mad Dog' leads the chants.
Morelia Lineup
Sosa; Vegas, Ortiz, Achilier, Trejo; Osuna, Rocha; Méndez, Villafañez, Lezcano; Aristeguieta
America Lineup
Jiménez; Aguilar, Valdez, Aguilera, Sánchez; Ibargüen, Rodríguez, López, Ibarra; Córdova; Roger Martínez.
Lineups will be confirmed anytime soon.
Long lines at the Azteca Stadium ticket offices just over an hour before the match begins.
America is in the house
In style, America arrived to their home.
No Memo tonight
Guillermo Ochoa has just arrived at the stadium tunnel. However, he won't see any action tonight. The America fans will have to wait until Tuesday against Tigres.
America's dressing room is ready in the legendary Estadio Azteca for tonight's match.

Our live coverage begins
There is less than an hour and a half to go before this exciting Week 5 match Club América vs Monarcas Morelia begins.
Where and how to see Club América vs Monarcas Morelia online and live.

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Watch out for this Club America player.
Oscar Jiménez, goalkeeper #27, After the departure of Agustin Marchesin, the Mexican goalkeeper Oscar Jiménez has been responsible for protecting the three posts of the Eagles, who in recent games has been key to the team led by Miguel Herrera. Jiménez has demonstrated his ability and improves as a goalkeeper, in the match of the Day 4 saving in four occasions of goal generated by the Toluca, also in the middle of the week saving him; a penalty to Josef Martínez of Atlanta United.

Watch out for this Monarcas Morelia player
Gaston Lezcano, offensive midfielder #31. An experienced player of the Monarchy who manages to easily unbalance the defensive rivals for his great technique and reading game. The Argentinian has been the starter of the tournament, scoring a goal so far.


Last line up Monarcas Morelia
C. Sosa, E.Velarde, S.Vegas, G. Achilier, J.Martínez, G. Lezcano, M.Osuna, A.Rocha, E.Flores, L.Villafañez y F.Aristeguieta.


Last line up Club América
O.Jiménez, P.Aguilar (C), B.Valdez, C.Vargas, J.Sánchez, G.Rodríguez, F, Córdova, G.Dos Santos, R.Ibarra, A.Ibargüen y R. Martínez.
The central referee of the game between Club América vs Monarcas Morelia will be Fernando Hernández Gómez, the central judge; Enrique Isaac Bustos, Díaz in the first line; Cesar Cerrito García in the second line and finally Saúl Alfredo Silva Pineda as the fourth assistant.
The Monarchy in a tailspin
Monarcas Morelia, started the tournament with a weak performance by the pupils of Jose Luis Torrente, who has not managed to win since the beginning of the championship, results that have drowned them at the bottom of the table occupying the thirteenth position of Apertura 2019.
Flying high
The team led by Miguel Herrera takes a perfect step as they have not known defeat in the tournament so far, adding ten points in the overall table and staying in the top three places of the championship thanks to their two draws and three victories that have accumulated in the last matches.


Kick-off time
The Club America vs Monarcas Morelia match will be played at the Azteca Stadium, in Mexico City. The kick-off is scheduled at 22:05pm ET.
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