Kick-off: 6pm ET.
Goals and Highlights: Necaxa 3-0 Santos Laguna, 2019 Liga MX
Photo: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: Necaxa 3-0 Santos Laguna, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Necaxa vs Santos Laguna live stream, squads and result updates of the 2019 Liga BBVA MX. Kickoff time: 6pm ET.

Jorge Carrete
NecaxaGonzález; Gallegos, Peña, Alvarado, Jairo González; Chávez, Baeza, Angulo; Quiroga, Salas, Delgado
Santos LagunaOrozco; Abella, Torres, Arteaga, Orrantia; Adrián Lozano, Rivas, Gorriarán, Brian Lozano; Furch, Castillo
Thanks for following us! There you have the best of the match!:

We bring you the last goal from Mauro Quiroga:


90' + 5'
FULL-TIME: With a better performance, Necaxa gets three points at home
90' + 5'
¡Quiroga! The argentinian makes the third goal with a cool finish
5 minutes more
Big chance from Quiroga but he didin't make the shot and Orozco took the ball
Corner kick for Necaxa
Final substitution for Necaxa, Kevin Mercado is in and Maximiliano Salas left
Behind the net!!!! Lozano isn't lucky today!
Second switch for Necaxa too:

IN: Plascencia

OUT: Gallegos

Rivero!! His first touch and he misses the goal and we don't know how!
Second switch for Santos:

IN: Octavio Rivero

OUT: Emilio Orrantia

Second water break in the match
We have a gift to you! The second goal from Maxi:
What a comeback!!! Valdes sends the ball to the cross!
Makes it two!!! Maximiliano Salas with the second goal and Necaxa increase the lead!
Are we watching Zidane?! What a roulette by Lozano and he finished with a great try where Gonzalez had to appear with the hands
Incredible! Maxi lost the chance that could be his second goal!
Great shot by Salas, there you have:
GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLL! That's one! Instant impact from Salas , insane and he gets on thea board. Felipe Gallegos did before an amazing play
First corner kick into this last part
Unbelievable! Unreal! Adrian Lozano couldn't get in even when the goalkeeper wasn't in his place!
Here we go!
45' + 4'
Let's get some rest! Is everything for the first part
The referee ads 4 minutes more
Nice header by Quiroga but he can't give direction to the ball.
In the line! Lozano is so near to the goal in this match!
Hand by Gallegos and is issued a yellow card
Adrian Lozano tries by far and gets a corner kick
NO GOAL, final decision
The referee is going to check the goal at the VAR for a possible foul
GOOOOOOOOOAAAAL! Lozano gives to Santos the lead wi a big run
Long shot distance from baeza and Orozco saves comfortably
Baeza is given a yellow card after hit Gorriaran's face
Delgado winning a corner kick against Arteaga
Peña is injuried, the first substitution;

IN: Rodrigo Noya

OUT: Alexis Peña

Water break at the twenties
Peña is on the ground, possible injury so let's wait what doctors decide
Good competition for the ball between Salas and Abella, the mexican player didn't let the argentinian to do a comfortable shot
What a miss by Quiroga, great service from Angulo but Quiroga couldn't do an impact
Arteaga gets a corner kick
Castillo with a poor shot, no problem to Hugo Gonzalez
Almost! Lozano with an amazing long shot but is not inside 
Free kick to Santos, Lozano to the shot
Salas were trying to show his skills but the grass didn't help to him
Corner kick to Necaxa at two times
Adrian Lozano makes a run at goal, but none could touch the ball after his pass
Another corner kick after the tries from Salas and Angulo
Abella sends Salas opportunity to corner kick
SO CLOSE! What a cross shot by Furch an Gonzalez saves his team. Corner kick.
First foul by Orrantia
Let the game begin!
The referee is about to blow the whistle
Necaxa is wearing his second uniform, Santos is doing the same
As surprise, Abella is going to play like a central back. We hadn't seen this before, so everyone is expecting he can do an acceptable performance.
Angulo is going to do his first appereance in the initial lineup since he came from Tijuana, at first sight he will play like MC and not like a wing.
Necaxa had some problems from the pre-season till now, but Vazquez hasn't considered to change his central back, it looks like Alvarado and Peña are the best they have.
This is how Santos left their hotel and headed to the TSM Stadium.
New names for Santos defense
Felix Torres and Jose Abella will be Santos' central defenders this afternoon. Matheus Dòria is suspended and Hugo Rodríguez is injured.
Line-up Santos Laguna
Orozco; Abella, Torres, Arteaga, Orrantia; Adrián Lozano, Rivas, Gorriarán, Brian Lozano; Furch, Castillo.
Line-up Necaxa
González; Gallegos, Peña, Alvarado, Jairo González; Chávez, Baeza, Angulo; Quiroga, Salas, Delgado.
Santos: Subs
Acevedo, De Buen, Garnica, Valdés, Vázquez, Games, Rivero.
Necaxa: Subs
Gutiérrez, Noya, Mercado, Plascencia, Álvarez, Herrera, Contreras.
We will share with you the initial lineups as soon as the Liga MX official hands them to media.
Santos and Necaxa drew without a goal in the U-17 match. The team of the Comarca reached 6 points.
Necaxa arrived at Victoria Stadium a few minutes ago.
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Fast & Furious
Brian is in the present and with number showing it, the best player in the championship, a lot of intelligence with the ball, fast game, interesting skills, calculated passes and is being a goal's firend. We gave to you some reasons of why he's on the Uruguayan National Team roast for the next friendly matches.
Trying to get in
Mauro has to start to score more goals, the argentinian scored the last game at home but before that and after that he didn't and Necaxa has no time to lose, they only have 4 points, only one game with a win, a draw and the other two games lost. 
Santos is going to use by the first time the ecuadorian defense Felix Torres after Doria's red card the last game in Torreon where the brazilian hit with his elbow Zavala's face, the VAR helped with the referee decision. Now Felix has to prove and take like a motivation the confidence that Almada gives to him.
Guillermo Vazquez has to improve another squad after being defeated the last weekend against Tigres at Monterrey and that's no the real reason of why he has to try other options of play, the team is not working like the last six months, there's no a player that could change a match. 'Memo' doesn't count with a regular player that might be important with the team or even score goals every week like it was Brian Fernandez, the fans really hope they find a new one in Quiroga or Salas.
Santos is doing an amazing season. They have 12 points of 12 possible and 12 goals scored against 2 received, Guillermo Almada should be smiling for those results and the performance of his players, let's see if Necaxa can be a different challenge for the team.
Kick-off time
Necaxa vs Santos Laguna game will be played at the Estadio Victoria in Aguascalientes, Ags. The start of play is scheduled at 6:00 ET. The weather for tomorrow is expected to be a mix of sun and clouds, apparently no signals of rain.
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