Goals and Highligths: Veracruz 1-2 Atlético de San Luis, 2019 Liga MX
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Goals and Highligths: Veracruz 1-2 Atlético de San Luis, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Veracruz vs Atlético de San Luis live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kick-off time Veracruz vs San Luis: 8pm ET.

Martín Contreras Soulé
Tiburones Rojos de VeracruzJurado; Paganoni, López, Lozoya, Kontogiannis; Santillán, González, Peñalba, Chávez, Carrasco; Villalva
Atlético de San LuisRodríguez; Catalán, Álvarez, Laso, Escalante; Centurión, Castro, Sánchez, Maya, Reyes; González
INCIDENTSMatch corresponding to Matchday 6 of the Liga BBVA Apertura 2019 tournament.
This is how the goals happened
Thank you for following this transmission. Your friend MartÍn Contreras says goodbye from the beautiful port of Veracruz.

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Veracruz 1- San Luis 2.


Jorge Isaac Rojas gives the final whistle and the match ends.

San Luis is victorious tonight in the Port of Veracruz. 

Veracruz still can't win, how long will Enrique Meza be on the bench?

Alfonso Sosa makes his last change in aggregate time, takes out a striker and puts in a defender, to tie the victory. scoreboard 1-2

The author of the goal Juan David Castro leaves and Mario de Luna enters.


Lampros for the first time in the match manages to steal a ball correctly to get Veracruz out of trouble.

5 more minutes will be added.

The goal came at a good time for the potosinos. San Luis wants to leave Veracruz at the bottom of the table. Watch out because San Luis is coming again.
GOAAAAL!  San Luis.

Juan David Castro tops his head to shake shark nets. Castro left Jurado standing. 

1-2 in favor of San Luis.

Laso runs through the band and cuts, be careful because the central of Veracruz is lost. Laso centers...
Watch out for this dangerous move because San Luis  is attacking.
Sebastían Jurado wanted to steal in the air but ended up making a mistake, releasing the ball in the middle of his area.
Corner kick is marked for San Luis.


Second change of St. Louis: Ián González leaves and Óscar Benítez enters.
Sebastian Jurado saves perfectly and puts an end to Potosi's illusion of scoring.
Dangerous play in the San Luis area. 

Beware, because the second may fall for the potosinos.

Yellow card for Escalante.
Apparently it was a false alarm of Jurado, and the Veracruz goalkeeper gets up to continue in the game.
Terrible match.

These teams don't even tickle, all the balls end up deflected or in foul in the middle of the playground.

Veracruz and San Luis remain 1-1. 

The assistances enter to attend to the archer of Veracruz.
Alarms go off for Veracruz Sebastian Jurado falls on the pitch, and you can see tears in the face, after a strong clash with the striker of San Luis.
Watch out! Veracruz attacks.

Abort dear public mission, another ball that goes above the three sticks of San Luis.

Abraham Gonzalez comes through the sector on the right, makes a pass with the ball controlled impressive, Gonzalez touches the ball in short for Reyna who is removed by the center an auriazul defender.
PLEASE, the VAR is flying to take over this party.

Veracruz and San Luis fall into a bump that is difficult for them to get out, a game that became boring, full of fouls and lost balls.

The first change of the set directed by Poncho Sosa is coming. 

San Luis: Ricardo Centurión leaves and Germán Berterame enters.


The Lozoya mummy is now ready to enter the field of play, after being assisted by the doctors of the San Luis team.
At this moment the assistances enter the field of play to assist the young Lozoya who put a bandage on his head.
Lozoya was kicking the ball during the first half, but now it is charged in full and in an aerial move Lozoya falls to the field of play and begins to bleed the front of the head.
In the sector of the right an interesting play is born, can be this action that Veracruz managed to score the second goal.

Ángel Reyna gets on the motorbike and goes around the band, the ball is centered and Rodriguez takes the ball by the air.

San Luis lowered its intensity of attack, for the moment both teams entered a state of relaxation, only the ball is observed from side to side and without danger.
The bench of San Luis commanded by Alfonso Sosa is calm, so far the potosino team has not made any changes.
Jorge Isaac Rojas after this play, decides to admonish the young Lozoya.

Scoreboard so far 1-1

Angel Reyna crashes knees in a scandalous way with Alberto Lozoya potosino player.

Lozoya sweeps up and takes Reyna, who gets knocked down.

In these first 11 minutes, both teams are noticeable off, after halftime both teams returned to the pitch calmer, the intensity seen in the first half was extinguished.
The first warning of the encounter:

Abraham Gonzalez, player from Veracruz is painted yellow for committing an infraction, leaving Noe Maya lying on the field. 

He is upset about tonight's bad refereeing.

Modifications for this second half:

Veracruz: Leo Lopez leaves and Federico Illanes enters, who is accommodated in the defense along with Kontogiannis.

Ivan Santillán leaves and Angel Reyna enters.

These are the modifications of Mister Meza.

Bad news for Veracruz, Leo Lopez is injured again. Remember that this player could not start the tournament due to injury and unfortunately Lopez falls injured tonight.
Chivas, you can breathe! 

In this match, there are the two teams with the best chances of descending.

We're back friends of VAVEL, break's over.

We started the second half of this Veracruz vs Atlético de San Luis.


This is how the San Luis penalty goal happened
Así fue el gol de penalti de San Luis
Let's go to HALF TIME, don't get away from VAVEL, the game is hot. We're back.
Finish the first half. Jorge Isaac Rojas blows his whistle and we go to rest.


What did Carrasco do? He took the corner incorrectly and left the ball in the hands of the rival goalkeeper, please apologize and leave. I've finished this first half!
This game is alive.

Carrasco will collect a corner shot, after this play you can finish the first half. Attention with this corner shot in favor of Veracruz.


Peñalba appears and scores from the eleven steps.

Chilean Peñalba is ready to collect.

Now all San Luis claims. The playground is crazy.

IT CANNOT BE! This game became interesting.

There is a landmark inside the area and Peñalba falls to the playing field.

and the referee scores another PENAL in VERACRUZ's favour.

8 more minutes are added.
Ián González is already outlining himself to collect the penalty.

Only Jurado vs Gónzález, the Veracruz goalkeeper moves from side to side and the 26-year-old Argentinian wants to see nothing but the ball.

All the team of Veracruz goes in top of the referee, they are annoyed inside the game field, and of course if already they have been cancelled two important plays of goal for the local team.
There is PENAL, for the Atlético de San Luis in the last minutes of the first half, incredible the VAR is taking the reflectors of the match.
Again Jorge Isaac Rojas approaches the support monitor to review a move in favor of San Luis.

Lampros Kontogiannis gets stuck in a strong sweep in the area and takes the San Luis player to Ián González.

Attention! because San Luis attacks, and Maya is encouraged to come out with the ball controlled, this may be interesting but the defense of Veracruz quickly clears the ball.
So far the benches of both teams are shown lifeless, neither has risen to warm up.
What's going on? What's going on? They don't want Veracruz scoring.

Villalva steals the ball along the flank and shoots, the ball manages to bite the goal line but the standard-bearer cancels the play because the ball had left the pitch.


The local public furious about tonight's arbitration.

Four minutes were lost in this controversial play.

The criterion of revising the VAR, scoring the penalty and then canceling the penalty again. IT'S WRONG.  The referee will have to be sanctioned for misuse of the VAR.

Jorge Isaac Rojas scored PENALTY!

After reviewing the VAR monitor, the judge decides to score penalty in favor of the shark.

Attention there is VAR

The referee is going to check a 'possible hand'.

It is marked out of place, Ián González was already escaping. But the referee lifts the flag and the play is annulled.


It won't be long before Atletico San Luis' goal falls, as they have had the most arrivals.
Attention with Luis Reyes has the ball, the potosino player arrives to the band, cuts and dangerous shot that Sebastían Jurado deflects.
It seems that the teams are understanding that they can not start the first minutes with intensity because of the weather, so both entered a quiet touch of the ball.
Loose entry today, very few people in the Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium. The results of the sharks do not motivate the fans to attend the game.
Veracruz starts attacking from the flanks, but Felipe Rodriguez is in the potosino goal sending the ball to a corner shot.
Veracruz wears the traditional red uniform, while Atlético de San Luis wears the traditional blue and gold.
Jorge Isaac Rojas takes the whistle to his mouth and we start the game, starts the billboard for Round 6.
This is how Atlético de San Luis ends up their warmup session. Everything is set here in Veracruz.
Atlético de San Luis: Lineup
Rodríguez; Catalán, Álvarez, Laso, Escalante; Centurión, Castro, Sánchez, Maya, Reyes; González.
Veracruz: Lineup
Jurado; Paganoni, López, Lozoya, Kontogiannis; Santillán, González, Peñalba, Chávez, Carrasco; Villalva.
We are 15 minutes away from the start of this great game, we live in a grandstand atmosphere and with good weather for the ball to roll in the Port of Veracruz.

Do not take off from VAVEL.

Warm up Atletico de San Luis

This is how the team led by Alfonso Sosa warms up. Atlético de San Luis prepares to face the sharks.

Line ups will be confirmed shortly.
Do not take off, here we will inform you everything that happens from the Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium.
Start of Coverage
Welcome friends of VAVEL USA! I am Martin Contreras and I will be with you this magical night of football.

The curtain opens on Matchday 6 of the Apertura 2019 tournament.

There is much to offer tonight on the pitch. Both teams are in need of points to get out of the last places.

The home team just arrived at the Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium a few minutes ago. Today may be the day they break their catastrophic streak of consecutive defeats.
In the U-17 match, neither team was able to win.
Our live coverage begins!
It is just over an hour before the start of this Veracruz vs Atlético de San Luis which kicks off Apertura 2019's Week 6.
Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Veracruz vs San Luis match.
Where and how to watch Veracruz vs San Luis LIVE TV and Stream
The match will be broadcast on TUDN USA . If you want to watch the game live on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option.

Watch out for this player from Atletico de San Luis
Matías Ezequiel Catalán, defender #4, the argentinian has been in charge of scoring one of Atleti's two goals throughout the tournament, and in recent games he has been a key player for the team led by Alfonso Sosa.


Catalán has demonstrated his defensive capacity in the match of the Day 4, when he stopped three important occasions of goal generated by the Tigres. Making clear his leadership, scoring sense and good football on the pitch.



Watch out for this player from Veracruz
Carlos Salcido, defense #5. An experienced player of Veracruz and Mexican football, with appearances in the world cup, who easily manages to unbalance the defensive rivals for his great technique and reading of the game, in addition to his great strength as a defender. The Mexican has been a starter since the start of the tournament and is the captain of the team.
Last lineup of Atletico de San Luis
C. Rodríguez, M.Catalán, P. Álvarez, J. Laso, D.Escalante, C. Mayada, N.Maya, J.Sánchez, L.Reyes, N.Ibáñez  and  I.González
Last lineup of Veracruz
S.Jurado, J. Paganoni, L. López, L.Kontogiannis, L. Lozoya, C.Salcido (C), A. González, R. López, D.Villalva, Bryan Carrasco and C. Menéndez.
The central referee of this Veracruz vs Atlético de San Luis will be Jorge Isaac Rojas, Christian Espinoza as the first linesman, Enrique Martinez in the other side and finally Edgar Espadas as fourth assistant.

The awakening of Atlético de San Luis
The team directed by Alfonso Sosa, began with a loose start getting only two goals in favor and receiving 6 goals against. In case of getting the victory, he would sink the ‘sharks’ and the 'Atleti' would be able to add his second victory in the tournament and would begin to compete with the teams of the half table.
Tiburones can't wake up
Veracruz has had a terrible start to the tournament with just one draw and four painful defeats, results that have placed Profe Meza's charges in 19th position in the Apertura 2019 Tournament.

Tonight, the red sharks of Veracruz host a San Luis Atletico who are needed to add the three points as a visitor, as they started the tournament with the left foot, results that caused their fall to the bottom of the overall table.


In Matchday 4, Alfonso Sosa's team managed to draw against a dangerous Tigres (1-1).


Enrique Meza's team opens the curtain on Day 5 of Apertura 2019. The port are in a sporting crisis that has caused them to be in the last place of the tournament. They arrive with three consecutive setbacks and try to add the points in dispute to straighten the boat, because not to do so could cost the position to their current coach. 

Good afternoon to all readers of VAVEL USA! Welcome to the broadcast of the match Veracruz vs Atlético de San Luis: live, of Liga MX Week 6. The match will take place in the Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium at 20:00 (ET).