1-0, min. 30, Murillo. 2-0, min. 44, Hernández. 2-1, min. 69, Cabral (ag). 3-1, min. 73, Dávila.
Goals and highlights: Pachuca 3-1 Atlas, 2019 Liga MX
Photo: VAVEL

Goals and highlights: Pachuca 3-1 Atlas, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Pachuca vs Atlas live stream online, Fox Sports, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kickoff time: 8pm ET.

Enrique Ortega Sánchez
PachucaR. Rey; E. García, G. Cabral, O. Murillo, K. Álvarez; J. Hernández (C), V. Guzmán, R. Sambueza, R. Ibarra; J. Copete, F. Jara.
Atlas FCC. Vargas; M. Nervo, A. Santamaría, J. Segura; L. Reyes, O. Martínez (C), U. Cardona, J. Isijara, R. Álvarez; J. Correa, F. Barceló.
Thank you for joining us on the game broadcast.
Match summary.
That was Pachuca's 3-1 win over Atlas.

Finish the game. Pachuca beat Atlas 3-1 in Matchday 6.
Osvaldo Martínez's free kick that goes over the frame.
Add three minutes.
Víctor Guzmán's shot from a pass from Dávila was not able to finish off a goal.
Last change from Pachuca. Roberto de la Rosa enters, Franco Jara leaves.
Pachuca goool. Dávila volleyball prende to beat Vargas.
Half turn of Franco Jara and back ataja Camilo Vargas.
Atlas Goool. Own goal by Gustavo Cabral.
Atlas makes its last change. Javier Correa comes out, Jairo Torres comes in.
Double change of Pachuca. Erick Aguirre and Víctor Dávila come in, Romario Ibarra and Jonathan Copete come out.
Romario Ibarra assists Víctor Guzmán and cannot push her into the goal in the small area.
Kevin Alvarez center, Jara headers from the side.
Isijara centre, he strikes in the Correa area above the frame.
Change of Atlas. Ismael Govea enters, Anderson Santamaría leaves.
Copete beats Santamaría at speed, enters the area but his shot goes over the top.
Rubens Sambueza's low center looking for Franco Jara, but he can't finish off.
First change of Atlas. Brayan Trejo comes in, Ricky Alvarez comes out.
Auction inside Romario Ibarra's area, but his attempt flies.
Facundo Barceló yellow card for a foul on Hernández.
Starts the second half
The first half ends. Pachuca beat Atlas 2-0.
Pachuca goal. Jorge Hernández's shot, deflected by a defender and Vargas can no longer do anything.
Fault of Santamaría on Sambueza and the Peruvian central takes yellow.
Santamaría's header in attack without goal direction
Hernandez's foul on Alvarez, free kick for Atlas.
Center of Isijara, top of Correa's head cutting Rey.
Romario Ibarra's shot inside the area that goes very crossed.
Pachuca goool. Oscar Murillo's head finish.
Emmanuel Garcia's center, Víctor Guzmán's header, but the little force of the header allows Vargas to take the ball without problems.
Out of Jara's place, the Tuzos had gotten corner kick.
There's no penalty. It was out of place prior to the foul on Barceló.
Atlas Penalty
Ricky Alvarez's free kick deflecting the barrier
Stopped ball for Atlas
Impact Víctor Guzmán free kick that goes well above the goal of Vargas.
Good individual play by Correa, but lengthens the ball and Rey picks up the ball.
Jorge Hernández's foul on Santamaría
Good reaction from Camilo Vargas who diverts Sambueza's attempt from the free kick.
Jorge Segura's foul on Franco Jara, free kick to the right side for Pachuca.
Shot from outside Victor Guzman's area above the frame.
Match with good intensity, but neither Atlas nor Pachuca could have had a clear goal.
Tuzos' closed corner shot, which clears the away defence.
Start the game.
Pachuca and Atlas are already in the grass of the Hidalgo carrying out the protocol ceremony.
Line - up Pachuca
R. Rey; E. García, G. Cabral, O. Murillo, K. Álvarez; J. Hernández (C), V. Guzmán, R. Sambueza, R. Ibarra; J. Copete, F. Jara.
The line-ups by the two teams have been confirmed.
This is what the Atlas dressing room looks like.
This is the history between Tuzos and Zorros

The rojinegros set off for the Hidalgo Stadium.


More than 6 years without the W
The Tuzos' bad passage could change on Saturday, as the last results at home against the red-and-black favor him with three wins and two draws. Since 2012, Atlas as a visitor has not been able to beat Pachuca.
The activity of the MX League in this Saturday began an hour ago in Querétaro where Gallos Blancos faces León. You can also follow it live with us.
Our coverage begins live!
It's a little less than an hour and a half before this exciting Pachuca vs Atlas game start in the Estadio Hidalgo.


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Atlas: Last Lineup
C. Vargas; D. Barbosa, M. Nervo, J. Segura, E. Zaldívar; L. Reyes, O. Martínez, M. Cuero, A. Andrade; J. Isijara, J. Correa.
Pachuca: Last Lineup
R. Rey; R. López, G. Cabral, O. Murillo, E. García; J. Hernández, V. Guzmán, R. Sambueza, R. Ibarra; J. Copete, F. Jara.
Atlas: Team News
After five rounds, Leandro Cufré will have a full team when his Mexican national team players return. In addition, Ricardo Alvarez and Manuel Balda could already be taken into account to add minutes.
Pachuca: Team News
After his positive result in Puebla, Martin Palermo has a complete team to face Atlas. The possibility of starting Rubens Sambueza would be one of the alternatives for the Tuzos.
Atlas will seek to remain a good visitor
The Rojinegros although they have battled at home and come from falling (1-3) to Cruz Azul, the way out of the Jalisco has been satisfactory. Getting more than half of their points so far in visiting condition, will want to continue this good run at Hidalgo.
Foto: MSN
Foto: MSN
Pachuca for regularity
The Tuzos have overcome so far, a moment of crisis after having beaten visitors (0-4) to Puebla in the previous date. Now this motivation brought by the positive result will seek to move home to win for the first time in the Apertura 2019.
Foto: El Informador
Foto: El Informador
Kick - off time
The Pachuca vs Atlas match will be played at the Hidalgo Stadium, in Pachuca, Mexico. The kick - off is scheduled at 20:00PM ET.
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