Querétaro vs León: LIVE Stream Online and Score Updates (0-4)
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6:53 PMa year ago


Add 4 minutes. 
6:52 PMa year ago

87' Goal to León

Luis Montes scores the fourth
6:43 PMa year ago


Change to León 

Enter Diaz

Out Meneses 

6:42 PMa year ago


Change to Querétaro 

Enter Enrique Hernandez 

Out Jaime Gómez 

6:41 PMa year ago


Change to León 

Enter Cardona 

Out Macias 

6:35 PMa year ago

71' Goal to León

José Juan Macias scores the third. 
6:28 PMa year ago

66' Goal to León

Ángel Mena scores the second.
6:27 PMa year ago


Gallos again tries to score the draw.
6:25 PMa year ago


Change to Querétaro 

Enter Jeison Lucumi 

Out Jair Pereira 

6:24 PMa year ago


Change to León 

Enter Campbell 

Out Godinez 

6:23 PMa year ago


Paolo Yrizar's shot that goes over the arch. 
6:18 PMa year ago


Yellow card for Jaime Gómez. 
6:12 PMa year ago


Yellow card for Jesus Aquino. 
6:12 PMa year ago


Center of Corral that it sent to corner shot. 
6:07 PMa year ago


Start the second half. 
6:06 PMa year ago
Change of Querétaro 

Enter  Paolo Yrizar 

Out Enrique Triverio 

5:55 PMa year ago

Goal to León

5:52 PMa year ago


The first part ends.
5:49 PMa year ago


Add 2 minutes. 
5:48 PMa year ago


Jair Pereira had the equaliser.
5:41 PMa year ago


Yellow card for Alonso Escoboza. 
5:40 PMa year ago


¡Goal! Ángel Mena scores first. 
5:39 PMa year ago


Cota saves the penalty.
5:33 PMa year ago


Penalty for Querétaro. 
5:32 PMa year ago


Mosquera's red card is canceled.
5:30 PMa year ago


Actions are stopped for the referee to review the play.
5:27 PMa year ago


Red card for Mosquera.
5:23 PMa year ago


Yellow card for Tesillo.
5:21 PMa year ago


Deffensive crossing of Alexis Pérez that avoids the advance of the offensive saga of León.
5:16 PMa year ago


Luis Romo's shot that goes to one side of the goal
5:11 PMa year ago


First play of danger forma Gallos, Castillo was to nothing to Mark the first.
5:05 PMa year ago


Start the match in La Corregidora 
4:51 PMa year ago
¡Apostaron la quincena! 

Esta pareja ya se prepara para el duelo.


4:25 PMa year ago

Line-up: Queretaro

Alcalá, Corral, Romo, Pereira, Pérez, Aboagye, Gómez, Escoboza, Castillo, Triverio, Del Valle.
4:23 PMa year ago
Line-ups will be confirmed shortly.
4:17 PMa year ago
While we wait for the line-ups, we present you the highlights of the Queretaro Femenil game in which they lost 2-1 to Puebla.

4:05 PMa year ago
The pitch looks flawless and all is set for the match to begin in less than an hour.
4:02 PMa year ago
The results of the youth division matches are:

U-20: Queretaro 2-0 Leon
U-17: Querétaro 1-0 León

4:00 PMa year ago

Our live coverage begins!

It is less than an hour before this exciting Queretaro vs Leon begins in the Corregidora Stadium.
11:23 AMa year ago
Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Querétaro vs León match.
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How to watch Querétaro vs León Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Fox Sports and Imagen tv.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL UK is your best option!

11:22 AMa year ago

Last lineup of León

Cota; González, Mosquera, Meneses, Tesillo, Mena, Aquino, Montes, Moreno, Macías, Sosa.
11:21 AMa year ago

Last lineup of Querétaro

Alcalá; Corral, Romo, Pereira, Pérez, Castillo, Gómez, Aboagye, Escoboza, Loba, Del Valle.
11:21 AMa year ago


The last triumph that the Queretanos recorded at home against Leon, was last Clausura 2017 with a final score of 2-1 
11:19 AMa year ago


In his last visit to the Corregidora, Leon took the 3 points with a score of 4-0 in the last Clausura 2019.
11:18 AMa year ago

León seeks to add to 3

Last matchday the Esmeraldas got the three points at home after defeating Chivas 4-3 in a thrilling game, with that victory they reached 7 points which put them in tenth place.
11:18 AMa year ago

Querétaro the surprise of the tournament

The directed by Victor Manuel Vucetich have had one of the best starts in history. The feathered ones have four victories and a draw which placed them in the first place of the general table.
11:17 AMa year ago

For the first places

Querétaro vs León match will be played at the Esatdio Corregidora, in Querétaro, Querétaro. The kick-off is scheduled at 17:00pm ET.

11:17 AMa year ago
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