1-0, min. 60, Hernández. 1-1, min. 73, Fernández.
Goals and Highlights: Cruz Azul 1-1 Puebla, 2019 Liga MX
Image: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: Cruz Azul 1-1 Puebla, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Cruz Azul vs Club Puebla live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kick-off time Cruz Azul vs Puebla: 8pm ET.

José Iván Ruiz Trejo
Cruz AzulCorona; Madueña, Domínguez, Aguilar, Escobar; Hernández, Yotún, Pol Fernández, Pineda; Rodríguez, Caraglio
Club PueblaVikonis; Zamora, Perg, Rodríguez, Angulo; Chumacero, Fernández, González, Marrugo; Cavallini, Tabó
This is the summary of the meeting between Cruz Azul and Puebla.

THE MEETING IS OVER! Puebla rescue a miraculous draw against Cruz Azul, who did not have a good home game.
Last play of the game. Águilar strikes but his header is deflected.
Min. 90+2
Cruz Azul has had the counter-attacks but has wasted them in an incredible way.
Min. 90
Add five minutes.
Min. 88
Cruz Azul's fast counter-attack almost ended in a goal, although Mendez and Caraglio can't push the ball.
Min. 87
LO PARO CORONA: Cavallini misses the penalty and Corona takes the ball.
Min. 86
PENALTY FOR PUEBLA: Aguilar knocks down Tabó in the area and is an indisputable penalty.
Min. 83
Goal of Puebla annulled to Tabó out of place.
That was the goal of Puebla's draw against Cruz Azul
MIn. 81
Rodriguez is back in front of Vikonis and the goalkeeper comes out victorious from hand to hand.
MIn. 80
Méndez's first move that comes into the hands of the visiting goalkeeper.
Min. 78
SUBSTITUTION PUEBLA: Out Chumacero, In Zavala
Min. 77
SUBSTITUTION CRUZ AZUL: Out Hernández, in Méndez.
Min. 75
The referee validates the goal. Fernandez ties the match in a great play.
Min. 74
The VAR checks the play to see whether or not it validates the goal.
Min. 73
Goal of Puebla that is invalidated out of place.
MIn. 70
Rodríguez's free kick shot that goes over the goal.
SUBSTITUTION PUEBLA: Sale Marrugo and Entra Acosta
Min. 66
Rodriguez arrives again with depth but his center is in the hands of Vikonis.
Min. 64
That was Elías Hernández's goal to beat Vikonis and Cruz Azul's 1-0 win.
MIn. 61
The action in the VAR is reviewed and the goal is valid.
Min. 60
CRUZ AZUL GOOOOL: Elìas Hernández finishes off after taking a rebound and defeats Vikonis.
Min. 58
Cavallini tries to finish off with scissors and hits Madueña, so he gets a yellow card.
MIn. 57
Cavallini strikes after a free kick but the ball goes off course.
Madueña shoots from a long distance but again she goes over the goal.
MIn. 54
Rodríguez's double shot that can't have power, although they divert it for corner shot.
MIn. 53
Dangerous arrival of Rodriguez who then finishes off Yotun and ask for a hand, but the referee does not grant it.
MIn. 52
Rodriguez gave a good pass to Caraglio but the defense sends it back to a corner shot.
Min. 48
PUEBLA SAVED: Free kick where there were two headers and Caraglio almost pushed but Angulo saves. After he points out of place.
SUBSTITUTION: Out Zamora and entered Sànchez.
END THE FIRST HALF! Tie between Cruz Azul and Puebla in the Azteca in these initial 45 minutes.
Min. 45: Add two minutes to the first time.
Min. 45: Zamora is lying on the court. It appears that his injury is a serious one.
Min. 44: Elías Hernández gets a corner kick outside the area and shoots, but the shot is totally off target.
Min. 43: Tremendous foul on Escobar by two players from Puebla. There will be a free kick on the left side.
Min. 35: Tabo's excellent move that takes a cross for Cavallini, but the defender manages to get in the way of his header.
VIDEO: The great play of Cruz Azul that does not end in goal.



Min. 32: Vikonis is still lying on the court. The doctors are treating him.
Min. 30: Tremendous play between Yotún, Orbelín and Rodríguez, but the latter is unable to define against Vikonis who is injured.
Min. 27: DANGER CRUZ AZUL... Fernandez makes a great play that fits Rodriguez and shoots, but there is a detour and it goes outside the Puebla cabin.
Min. 27: Yellow Card for Fernández de Cruz Azul for not being at a distance in the barrier.
Min. 23: Gonzalez shoots from medium distance but the shot is quite high and without problems.
Min. 22: Again Orbelin comes to surprise but his shot goes back to the hands of the goalkeeper.
Min. 18: Teams are diluted on the court as if rain were really affecting the action of your game.
Min.9: Elías Hernández Center that goes down Angulo but there is no cemetery that can finish it off.
Min. 7: First shot at Cruz Azul by Orbelin which remains in the hands of Vikonis.
Min. 5: Cavallini tries to head before Corona, but the ball goes off again.
Min. 5: First sketches of Cruz Azul, trying to get through Orbelin but the defense of Puebla manages to get the warnings.
Min. 3: Marrugo takes a very deflected shot that goes outside the court.
Min. 2: First dangerous finish of Puebla by Tabó on the wing but only in corner shot.
Game on! Cruz Azul faces Puebla on the 6th day of the MX League at the Azteca Stadium.
The anthem of the Liga MX plays. Everything is ready to start.
The rain doesn't stop in the south of the city. The match could be very rough for Cruz Azul vs. Puebla.
Puebla has everything ready in its dressing room for the meeting.
(Photo: Club Puebla)
(Photo: Club Puebla)
Rain falls hard at Azteca Stadium as teams warm up


Lineup: Puebla
Vikonis; Zamora, Perg, Rodríguez, Angulo; Chumacero, Fernández, González, Marrugo; Cavallini, Tabó.
Lineup: Cruz Azul
Corona; Madueña, Domínguez, Aguilar, Escobar; Hernández, Yotún, Pol Fernández, Pineda; Rodríguez, Caraglio.
Subs: Puebla
Rodríguez, Vidrio, Salinas, Zavala, Acosta, Alustiza, Abella.
Subs: Cruz Azul
Gudiño; Lichnovsky, Aldrete, Méndez, Baca, Alvarado, Cauteruccio.
The lineups will be confirmed shortly.

Cruz Azul has not had a fall at home since February.

FOUR consecutive encounters without the camoteros defeating the celestes.

 Puebla has not won in the tournament.

We just got to Aztec Stadium. This is what the surroundings of the Colossus of Santa Úrsula look like. A good entrance is not expected this afternoon.
With a brace from the brand new striker Bryan Angulo and a goal from Chaco's son Santiago Giménez, Cruz Azul U-20 defeated Puebla 3-1.
The activity of the MX League in this Saturday began an hour ago in Querétaro where Gallos Blancos faces León. You can also follow it live with us.
Our live coverage begins!
It's a little less than an hour and a half before this exciting Cruz Azul vs Puebla game start in the Estadio Azteca.
Don't take off from here.
In a few moments we will share the initial line-ups of Cruz Azul vs. Puebla, as well as the most recent information from the Azteca Stadium. Don't miss the detail of the match with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
Where and how to watch Cruz Azul vs Puebla live stream and TV
The match will be broadcast on television on the TUDN channel.
Santos vs Puebla can be tuned from TUDN's live streams.

If you want to watch the game live on the internet, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

Keep an eye on: Lucas Cavallini from Puebla
The attacker, who may have arrived with the cementers this season but didn't make it in the end, will be the headache of the cement defenses. 

Keep an eye on: Milton Caraglio from Cruz Azul
The striker has been the undisputed pillar of the Caixinha line-up and will be fundamental if they want to defeat the camoteros. 

Last lineup of Puebla
Vikonis, Zamora, Arreola, Angulo, Zavala, Abella, Salinas, Marrugo, Tabó y Cavallini
Last lineup of Cruz Azul
Corona, Aldrete, Domínguez, Madueña, Aguilar, Alvarado, Lichnovsky, Pineda, Yotún, Caraglio, Méndez.
The referee for tonight
This match between Cruz Azul vs. Puebla will be directed by referee Erick Yair Miranda. First linesman will be Andrés Hernández Delgado. The second linesman is Telly S. Saldivar and the fourth referee will be Jesus R. Lopez.

A bunch of beaten 'camoteros'
In the meantime, the people of La Franja are in a very complicated moment. They are in 18th place in the table, without winning any of their games and only having a draw and three defeats.
A machine eager to return to the first places
Pedro Caixinha will have to make interesting moves to go against one of the worst teams in the league. The team is in eighth place, with two wins, two draws and one loss.
A match with flavor
This afternoon, Apertura 2019 date 6 will follow when Cruz Azul, trying to get back on track, faces Puebla without Jose Luis Sanchez who was sacked at the beginning of the week.
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