0-1 min 10 Salas. 0-2 min 41 Gallegos. 1-2 min 64 Villalpando.
Goals and Highlights: Chivas Guadalajara 1-2 Club Necaxa, 2019 Liga MX
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Goals and Highlights: Chivas Guadalajara 1-2 Club Necaxa, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Chivas Guadalajara vs Club Necaxa live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kick-off time: 6:00pm ET.

Juan Pablo Rodríguez
ChivasRodríguez; Ponce, Alanís, Briseño, Van Rankin; López, Molina, Pérez, Brizuela; Pulido & Peralta.
NecaxaH. González; J. González, Alvarado, Noya, Chávez; Angulo, Baeza, Gallegos, Delgado; Salas & Quiroga
INCIDENTSWeek 6 of the Liga MX 2019 Apertura.
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Here are the highlights for tonight's game!
FT | Chivas Guadalajara 1-2 Club Necaxa
Chivas have their second defeat in a row, while Necaxa position themselves in the sixth place of the table with this win.
90' + 5'
Cervantes cuts in inside the box and strikes with his right. Again Hugo González stops the ball.
Contreras is carded for pulling on Vega.
Five minutes of stoppage time will be added.
Hugo González saves a long-distance strike.
Another Necaxa attack that ends in a weak shot.
Necaxa try to hit Chivas on the break with a three to two advantage, but fail to connect good passes.
Hugo González and Miguel Ponce require medical attention for possible injuries.


79' | Last substitution for Chivas
Alexis Vegas comes in to replace Alanís.
Molina heads a throw-in which Peralta then strikes. González makes a great save!
73' | Last substitution for Necaxa
Delgado leaves his place for Luis Pérez
This was Villalpando's goal for the 1-2


Peralta leaves the ball for Cervantes who strikes the ball. Hugo González responds.
Baeza strikes and Rodríguez makes a great stop!
66' | Double Substitution for Necaxa
Salas and Quiroga leave the pitch,  Contreras y Herrera replace them.
Necaxa responds with a shot that goes very close to the right post of Rodríguez's goal.
64' | Chivas GOOOOOOOAL!
Brizuela reaches the end of the pitch and crosses back to Villalpando to make it 1-2
Baeza sees Rodríguez out of the goal and strikes from midfield, but the keeper responds.
Pulido makes a good run and strikes with his left. The ball goes high and wide.
59' | Second substitution in Chivas
Michal Pérez is replaced by Dieter Villalpando.
Delgado recieves a pass that would put him one-on-one with the keeper, but he has a very bad control and misses his chance.
Salas is carded for fouling Ponce


Chivas take a corner kick but the header is very deficient.
Interesting series of passes between Van Rankin and Brizuela that grants them a corner kick.
Very wide shot by Jairo González.
Yellow card for Briseño for foul on Salas
46' | Second Half begins
Both teams are back on the pitch and we're underway for the second half.
HT | Chivas Guadalajara 0-2 Necaxa
At the break, the visiting team has a two-goal lead.
Angulo sends a through ball for Delgado. Briseño makes a sliding tackle before he makes it 0-3.


Three minutes of stoppage time.
Through ball for Salas that Briseño sends to corner kick.
Here's Gallegos' strike for the 0-2


41' |Necaxa GOOOOOOOOAL!
Gallegos strikes a volley from just outside the box and the ball beats Rodríguez.


Shot by Pulido easily controlled by Hugo González.
Necaxa mantains a very tight defensive order which doesn't allow Guadalajara to penetrate.
28' | No penalty
Roberto García Orozco decides there's nothing to signal.
28' | VAR Check!
Possible penalty for Chivas under review!
Free kick taken by Pulido, it hits the wall. Necaxa tries to hit Chivas on the break, but it ends with no danger.
Chivas shows improvement with more ball posession.
Cervantes makes another attempt, but his shot does not prosper.
Brizuela has the first chance for Guadalajara. His shot goes over the bar.
15' | Chivas subsitution
Out goes Javier López, in comes Alan Cervantes
This was Maxi Salas' goal for the 0-1
'Chofis' López is injured. The medical staff is on the pitch aiding him.
10' | Necaxa GOOOOOOOOOAL!
Maxi Salas shoots to the far post inside the box. The ball goes into the top-right corner!
Both teams struggle to gain control of the ball without much clarity.
First shot by Gallegos that goes well above Rodríguez's goal.
0' | Kick off
Roberto García Orozco blows his whistle and we're underaway!
Game time!
Both teams greet each other and we're ready to begin!
The winner of this game could reach the sixth place of the table.

Both teams could get to 10 points tonight, which would be the same amount as Leon (currently fifth).
Almost ready for the match!
A shot of the away team's preparation prior to kick off!


Live from Estadio Akron!
We're ready for today's match between Chivas Guadalajara and Necaxa!

Don't miss all of the updates live from Zapopan!

Uniforms for today
Chivas will wear their traditional red and white striped shirt, while Necaxa will be using their all black uniform for the match!


Warm-up time!
Both teams are now on the pitch doing their respective exercises befor the game!

We're less than half-hour away from kick-off!
Necaxa's line-up for today!
H. González; J. González, Alvarado, Noya, Chávez; Angulo, Baeza, Gallegos, Delgado; Salas & Quiroga


Club Deportivo Guadalajara's XI for today!
Rodríguez; Ponce, Alanís, Briseño, Van Rankin; López, Molina, Pérez, Brizuela; Pulido & Peralta.


A look at Estadio Akron's grass!
Today's playing surface looks to be in great condition for this Chivas vs Necaxa

Necaxa has arrived too!
We were also there for the visiting team's arrival to Akron Stadium.

Welcome home Chivas!
As Chivas' approached the stadium, it was greeted by some of the fans who arrived early at the stadium.

We are now arriving at Akron Stadium to bring you all the coverage of this Chivas vs Necaxa.
Necaxa took the win in the U-20 duel. In the last minute of the match, Ricardo Monreal scored the winning 3-2 for the visitors.
For Necaxa, this afternoon's match represents a lot
Eleven years without beating Chivas.

They have not won an away game since last tournament's Week 14.

For Chivas and Necaxa, today begins a key week in the season as there will be 9 points in dispute under seven days.
Our live coverage begins!
With less than two hours to go before this exciting Chivas vs Necaxa starts from Guadalajara at Akron Stadium.
Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Chivas Guadalajara vs Club Necaxa match.
Necaxa's last line-up
González; Gallegos, Peña, Alvarado, González; Chávez, Baeza, Angulo; Quiroga, Salas, Delgado.
Chivas' last starting XI
Rodríguez; Van Rankin, Alanís, Briseño, Zendejas; Villalpando, López, Brizuela, Molina; Pulido, Peralta.
How to watch Chivas Guadalajara vs Club Necaxa Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TUDN USA.

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Will Estadio Akron be thunderous?
Meanwhile, Necaxa has made the 140-mile trip to Zapopan looking to continue their good form.

A win can catapult them into the top positions of the table in which they currently rank ninth.


Molina trusts they can win at home
Chivas' captain, Jesús Molina, thinks his team has gained unity. He hopes that the home field advantage can help them pick up the three points.


Out of nowhere!
Necaxa gave a huge surprise last week by defeating Santos, one of the leaders of the tournament, by a 3-0 margin.

Salas scored twice while Quiroga made the last goal for a very important victory!
Is Chivas a mirage?
Although the team was on somewhat a positive roll lately, last week's match against Leon left a lot of doubts. The score does not reflect how much one-sided the game was. Tomas Boy's squad need serious improvement if they expect to win the three points tonight.
The Chivas de Guadalajara vs Necaxa match will be played at the Estadio Akron, in Zapopan, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:00pm ET.
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