1-0, min. 12, M. Quiroga. 1-1, min. 36, E. Gigliotti.
Goals and Highlights: Necaxa 1-1 Toluca, 2019 Liga MX
Image: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: Necaxa 1-1 Toluca, 2019 Liga MX

Rayos and Diablos tied in Aguascalientes.

Alan Rodríguez Avilés
NecaxaH. González; J. González, R. Noya, V. Alvarado (C), R. Chávez; J. Angulo (R. Contreras, min. 80), L. Gallegos, C. Baeza, J. Delgado (D. Álvarez, min. 66); M. Quiroga (E. Herrera, min. 73) y M. Salas.
TolucaA. Talavera (C); A. Chalá, D. Hernández, J. Maidana, F. Tobio, R. Ruíz; A. Ríos, W. Da Silva; E. Rigonato (A. Canelo, min. 74), F. Pardo (K. Castañeda, min. 88) y E. Giglioti (R. Cruz, min. 83).
Summary and goals: Necaxa 1-1 Toluca
Split units!
With this result, Necaxa reached 11 units and Toluca 5. On the following date, the Rayos will receive Xolos and the 'Diablos' will visit Pumas.
Finish the game!
Necaxa and Toluca equalised in Aguascalientes
Add three minutes
Toluca's last change: Felipe Pardo leaves and Kevin Castañeda enters
Second movement of Toluca: Ricardo Cruz enters for Emmanuel Gigliotti
Last change from Necaxa: Rodrigo Contreras enters by Jesús Angulo
First change of Toluca: Alexis Canelo enters for Diego Rigonato
Necaxa's second movement: Eduardo Herrera enters through Mauro Quiroga
Free kick by Jairo Gonzalez that 'Tala' controls without major problem
Necaxa's first change: Daniel Álvarez enters for Juan Delgado
Juan Delgado's header passing over the visitor's cabin
Ruíz's attempt that goes very deviated from the necaxist goal.
Great exit of Talavera to cut the danger and thus to avoid that Quiroga arrived at the ball
Claudio Baeza's powerful shot that 'Tala' contains with both hands
The complement is already in play!
That's how the equal score was. 
Finish the first half!
The Rayos were won with a goal by Mauro Quiroga, but Emmanuel Gigliotti appeared to equal it.
One minute is added
Great definition of Emmanuel Gigliotti to match the scoreboard
Good exit of Hugo Gonzalez to keep the ball and prevent Felipe Pardo managed to finish.
After the goal was conceded, Toluca took possession of the ball and tried to create danger, but it looked imprecise in the last area of the pitch.
So was Mauro Quiroga's score, with which Necaxa is winning. 
Almost! Fernando Tobio's header that crosses the whole area
Mauro Quiroga defines in an excellent way in front of the goal after the assistance of Jesús Angulo
Unbelievable! Jesus Angulo lets go of an opportunity after sending his shot very deviated from the scarlet arc.
Good coverage of Ventura Alvarado to prevent Emmanuel Gigliotti from finishing off.
Rodrigo Noya's head butt that leaves the visitor's goal very crossed
He's already rolling the ball in Aguascalientes!
Both squads are already in the field of play to carry out the protocol of the MX League
The 'Rayos' also perform warm-up exercises 
The 'Diablos' are already making warm-up movements on the pitch 
Defined the members and substitutes of Toluca 
Defined the members and substitutes of Necaxa 
Similarly, the squad of Toluca is already in the building hydrocálido
Necaxa's team is already in the Victoria Stadium

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How to watch Necaxa vs Toluca Live TV and Stream
The match will be broadcast on television on the TUDN channel.

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Toluca: Last Lineup
A. Talavera (C); A. Chalá, D. Hernández, J. Maidana, F. Tobio, R. Ruíz; F. Mancuello, W. Da Silva; D. Rigonato, E. Gigliotti y F. Pardo.
Necaxa: Last Lineup
H. González; J. González, R. Noya, V. Alvarado (C), R. Chávez; J. Angulo, L. Gallegos, C. Baeza, J. Delgado; M. Salas y M. Quiroga
Toluca: Team news
On Monday, Toluca announced that 'Sinha', one of their greatest legends, became their new Sports Director.
Necaxa: Team news
For tonight's game, Necaxa will be able to count on Cristian Calderon and Fernando Meza, defensive elements that were not available due to injury. 
The triumph is here!
It took six rounds for Toluca to win their first victory of the tournament. The 'Diablos' beat Xolos of Tijuana at home. They have four points out of a possible 18.
Another good result!
Last Sunday, Necaxa surprised again, now after beating Chivas as a visitor. They have 10 points and top the standings.
The Necaxa vs Toluca match will be played at the Estadio Victoria, in Aguascalientes, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 10pm ET.
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