Goals and Highlights: Monarcas Morelia 1-0 Veracruz, 2019 Liga MX
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Goals and Highlights: Monarcas Morelia 1-0 Veracruz, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Monarcas Morelia vs Veracruz live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Competition. Kick-off time: 08:00 pm ET.

Adrián Hernández
Monarcas MoreliaSosa; Velarde, Vegas, Martínez, Achiller; Osuna, Flores, Millar, Mendoza; Del Angel; Aristeguieta.
Tiburones Rojos de VeracruzJurado; Salcido, López, Paganoni, Gutiérrez; Galicia, Carrasco, Reyna, Santillán; Menéndez, Villalva.
INCIDENTSGame corresponding to week 8 of the MX League
Match Summary
Monarcas Morelia played a poor game, but it was enough to beat Veracruz 1-0. With this result, he got his third victory of the championship.
End game
Monarcas Morelia 1-0 Veracruz
Four more minutes are added
Farewell to Reyna who could do little. Enter Rodriguez
Yellow to Villafáñez
Mendoza's free kick from the side
Fulgencio enters and Menéndez leaves.
Yellow card for Villalva
No goal
The VAR reverses the decision and marks the hand of the Venezuelan.
Ariesteguieta scored in a corner kick, although the play is being reviewed by the VAR.
Gooooooooooooooooal of Morelia
This was Morelia's goal.
Lozoya enters and leaves Santillán
Velarde's service from the left side to the first post, where Villafáñez appeared to mark the first of the game.
Gooooooooooooooooooal of Morelia
Yellow card for Efrain velarde
Millar leaves and Ferreira enters in exchange for Morelia
Aristeguieta's head cap and great jury save.
Shot from outside the Morelia area passing slightly over the top
Mendoza's header into the small area that leaves deviated
Santillan center that passes by the whole area
The game lacked a clear dominator. Neither of the two has imposed conditions and neither has the danger been present in the Morelos Stadium.
It's gone too long that Martinez can't make it.
Carrasco's shot that comes out deviated and hits the net from the outside.
These have been the statistics of a match that has been left to duty.
Half time
Monarcas Morelia 0-0 Veracruz
Aristeguieta's head inside the small area that goes up. 
Sosa's bad rejection and Keko Villalva hits him with scissors, but the ball goes up.
Vega's very decomposed first intention shot
Millar temperate center that rejects a corner shot, Leo Lopez.
Head of Aristeguieta that goes up, but the whistle had already pointed out a foul.
Center of Vega to first post that removes the visitor defense.
'Polaco' sends the shot very deviant.
Power shot from Flores to Jurado location.
Out of Aristeguieta's place, although it had already made a bad reception.
Flores shot that saves Jurado to first post.
Mario Osuna came out with an injury. He goes to the bench visibly sad.
First change of Morelia. Osuna leaves and Villafáñez enters.
Mendoza's service, but it's cut off by the Veracruz defense.
Vega's free kick passing over the goal.
Yellow for Reyna for putting his hand to the ball in the free kick
Leo Lopez is cautioned by a sweep from behind
Loose game. Veracruz has tried harder, but without causing danger.
No dangerous arrivals so far
The match starts
At this moment the protocol of the MX League is being carried out.
The teams are now ready to enter the field of play. The game starts in a few minutes.
That's how he warmed up Monarchs for this game.
Mario Osuna is the leader in Monarcas assists with two.
Morelia have two Apertura 2019 wins. One as a visitor against Pachuca and the other as a home side a week ago against Pumas.
Sebastián Jurado has made 16 saves in the campaign
Veracruz is one of the worst offensives of the championship with 5 goals. It has only scored against Pachuca, Atlas and San Luis.
Carlos Salcido, in his farewell season, will play for the second time as a starter. This afternoon he is captain of the team.
Substitutes Veracruz
Hernández, Lozoya, Flores, López, Rodríguez, Illanes, Fulgencio.
Substitutes Monarcas
Malagón, Ortiz, Trejo, Ramírez, Villafañez, Ferreira y Arce.
XI Veracruz
Jurado; Salcido, López, Paganoni, Gutiérrez; Galicia, Carrasco, Reyna, Santillán; Menéndez, Villalva.
XI Monarcas
Sosa; Velarde, Vegas, Martínez, Achiller; Osuna, Flores, Millar, Mendoza; Del Angel; Aristeguieta.
The Tiburones Rojos have arrived in Morelos for the game.
Once again Sebastián Jurado was summoned by Mexico U-22
This was the letter that Fidel Kuri sent to Enrique Meza after his departure from Veracruz.
The children have also been present to support Monarcas.
Veracruz barely adds one point out of 18 possible points in Apertura 2019.
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Latest games
Of the last five games at the Morelos Stadium, Monarcas has a three-way lead by two defeats. But the Morelia have three consecutive victories when they host Veracruz.
How to watch Monarcas Morelia vs Veracruz Live TV and Stream
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Key player Veracruz
Sebastian Jurado has not been able to win in the MX League, accumulating draws or defeats, but thanks to him, the team of Veracruz has not received more goals against.

Key player Monarcas Morelia
The Venezuelan has struggled to adapt to Mexican football, but a week ago against Pumas scored the double to win.

Last lineup of Veracruz
Jurado: Paganoni, López, Kontogiannis, Gutiérrez; Rodríguez, Illanes, Peñalba, Villalba; Chávez, Menéndez
Last lineup of Monarcas
Sosa; Vegas, Trejo, Achiller, Martínez; Rocha, Osuna, Lezcano, Flores, Villafáñez; Aristeguieta
Winning at last
Veracruz is the worst team in Mexican football, so Enrique Meza has already resigned, however, they are presented with another unbeatable opportunity to win. On Tuesday they lost 5-0 at home to Queretaro.

To continue with the good inertia
After dismissing Torrente, Spain's Pablo Guede made his official debut a few days ago when he drew 1-1 with San Luis as a visitor. Although Morelia have scored four out of a possible six points in the double day

This match will open week 8 of the Liga MX, being the fourth consecutive day of football.
Kick-off time
The Monarcas Morelia vs Veracruz match will be played at the stadium Morelos, in Morelia, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 08:00 pm ET.
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