1-0, min. 41, Lezcano.
Goals and Highlights: FC Juárez 1-0 Rayados Monterrey, 2019 Liga MX

Goals and Highlights: FC Juárez 1-0 Rayados Monterrey, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for FC Juárez vs Rayados de Monterrey live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kick-off time Juárez vs Rayados: 8pm ET.

Enrique Ortega Sánchez
FC JuárezI. Vázquez; I. Jiménez, J. Lacerda (c), V. Velázquez, A. Acosta; J. Esquivel, J. Intriao, M. Fernández, F. Santos; Á. Sagal, D. Lezcano.
Rayados de MonterreyM. Barovero; M. Layún, S. Medina, N. Sánchez, J. Gallardo; C. Ortiz, C. Rodríguez, M. Meza, A. Hurtado; D. Pabón (c), R- Funes Mori.
INCIDENTSMatch corresponding to Day 8 of Apertrua 2019 of the MX League, played between FC Juarez and Rayados de Monterrey in the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium, at 19:00 hrs (TCM), 18:00 hrs (Local Time).
Game Resume
With a goal by Darío Lezcano, FC Juárez defeated Monterrey.

Thank you for joining us in the minute-by-minute game that culminates Week 8 of Apertura 2019.
FC Juarez obtains its second triumph of the season.
Last change from Juarez. Angelo Sagal leaves, Gabriel Hachen enters.
Joaquín Esquivel is yellow carded for the revision of the VAR.
There's a review in Peñaloza's VAR.
Lezcano's center shot that goes to corner shot.
Nico Sanchez's foul on Intriago and there's a free kick for Juarez.
Yellow for Michelle Gonzalez for dropping into the area.
Modification of Juarez. Elson Dias enters and Flavio Santos leaves.
For delaying the game, Darío Lezcano is yellow carded.
Barovero Cutting Sagal Satin Center
Elio Castro's header that Barovero pulls out with a great shortcut.
76' There's no goal
It is annulled by revision in the VAR for a previous lack of Sagal in the play of the goal.
74' Juarez Goal
Golazo, José Esquivel a pair of men and puts the ball glued to the right post.
Last change from Monterrey. Michelle Rodriguez debuts in Liga MX, Dorlan Pabón leaves.
Pause for rehydration for the second half.
Pabón collides with Sagal and there is a ball for FC Juárez.
Offside of Rogelio Funes Mori. The striker from Rayados asked for a penalty for a push from Castro.
Center of Israel Jimenez, shoots Angelo Sagal in a crushed way and goes to one side.
Dorlan Pabón is fouled on Esquivel and the visitors' forward is yellow carded.
Change of Juarez. Mauro Fernández leaves, Elio Castro enters.
Double change of Rayados. Vincent Janssen and Rodolfo Pizarro enter, Carlos Rodríguez and Avilés Hurtado leave.
Goal nullified to Monterrey. Miguel Layún had shot from outside the area to the post, Funes Mori pushed the rebound but scored an advanced position.
Chilena attempt of Maxi Meza that goes by top of the frame of Juarez.
Velázquez's foul on Funes Mori and there is a free kick for Rayados.
Contact Avilés Hurtado from Chilena to Israel Jiménez by accident and there is a ball for the locals.
Lezcano lowers Medina from behind and the ball is for Monterrey.
Start the second half.
45+3' Ends the first half
At half-time, FC Juarez wins thanks to the second goal in Darío Lezano's tournament.
Shot from outside the area of Celso Ortiz that without problems stops Vázquez Mellado.
Add three minutes.
41' Juarez Goal
Juarez's great collective play from his field. Mauro Fernandez filters Dario Lezcano and outside the area defines with a half turn.
Rayados loses ball at the start. Mauro Fernandez shoots and Barovero deflects the attempt to corner shot.
Top of head from Lezcano to center of Jiménez that goes for a side.
Pause for rehydration.
Iván Vázquez was injured in a clash with Rogelio Funes Mori.
14' Rayados are saved
Shot from outside the Jefferson Intriago area and crashed into the crossbar.
Try Dorlan Pabón from outside the area and stop Vázquez Mellado.
Shot from outside Angelo Sagal's area and stopped in two strokes by Marcelo Barovero.
Foul on Sagal and Bravos will continue with the possession of the ball.
Lezcano's offside. The attacker was not going to be able to shoot because of Stefan Medina's great sweep.
Start the game at the border.
FC Juarez and Rayados are already in the court of Olympic Benito Juarez for the start of the match.
In ten minutes, the last game of Matchday 8 will begin.
Rayados de Monterrey Lineup
M. Barovero; M. Layún, S. Medina, N. Sánchez, J. Gallardo; C. Ortiz, C. Rodríguez, M. Meza, A. Hurtado; D. Pabón (c), R- Funes Mori.
FC Juárez Lineup
I. Vázquez; I. Jiménez, J. Lacerda (c), V. Velázquez, A. Acosta; J. Esquivel, J. Intriago, M. Fernández, F. Santos; Á. Sagal, D. Lezcano.


Line-ups confirmed by Juarez and Monterrey.
Also in the U20, Monterrey won in Juarez. He did it by four goals to zero.
Foto: Rayados
Foto: Rayados
In the U17 category, Monterrey beat the Bravos de Juarez (0-2).
Foto: Rayados
Foto: Rayados
Yesterday before the match, the mascots of Juarez and Monterrey did altruistic work in the city of Chihuahua.
Foto: FC Juárez
Foto: FC Juárez
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Rayados Last Lineup
M. Barovero; M. Layún, N. Sánchez, S. Medina, J. Gallardo; C. Ortiz, C. Rodríguez, M. Meza, R. Pizarro; D. Pabón y R. Funes Mori.
FC Juárez Last Lineup
I. Vázquez (c); A. Acosta, V. Velázquez, E. Castro, I. Jiménez; J. Intirgao, J. Esquivel, F. Santos, E. Brambila; G. Hachen y D. Lezcano.
Rayados: Team News
After the match against Pumas, Monterrey have a full squad to face the match against Juarez. However, in the final minutes of the summer market, an offer from AC Milan for Rodolfo Pizarro could fall.
Foto: Carlos Ruíz / VAVEL
Foto: Carlos Ruíz / VAVEL
FC Juárez: Team News
In the last hours of the transfer market, FC Juarez could have a new reinforcement. This is Diego Rolan who arrived in Mexico City last Thursday. The agreement would be on loan from the team that just hired him: Tigres.
Foto: Superlíder
Foto: Superlíder
Kick - Off Time 20:00 ET
The FC Juarez vs Rayados Monterrey match will be played at the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.
Rayados, to follow in positions of top of the table
After an uncertain start, it seems that Diego Alonso and the Rayados have taken the path of regularity. Showing a good face and with a superb Marcelo Barovero, they beat Pumas in the middle of the week. Now they have the task of continuing to accumulate points on this double date in their visit to the border.
Foto: Carlos Ruíz / VAVEL
Foto: Carlos Ruíz / VAVEL
Juarez with the obligation to win
The border team had a hard time at the start of the championship. It only has three points and two goals in Apertura 2019 and with the passing of the matches it falls in the percentage table. He has just missed out on a 1-0 lead over Puebla and now has the mission of taking advantage of playing at home against a very strong team like Rayados.
Foto: Radioformula
Foto: Radioformula
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