Kick-off: 1pm ET.
Goals and Highlights: Pumas 2-1 Toluca, 2019 Liga MX
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Goals and Highlights: Pumas 2-1 Toluca, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Pumas vs Toluca live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kick-off time: 1pm ET.

Martín Contreras Soulé
Pumas UNAMA. Saldivar, A.Mozo, Quintana, Freire,Angulo,Barrera, Iniestra,Cabrera,Malcorra,Vigón,González. Dt: Míchel González.
TolucaTalavera, Hernández, Maidana, Tobio,Chalá,Rigonato,Ríos, Da Silva, Mancuello,Pardo, Gigliotti. Dt: Ricardo La Volpe.
INCIDENTSMatch corresponding to Matchday 8 of the Liga BBVA Apertura 2019 Tournament.
Relive Pumas' goals and victory

Carlos Gonzalez player of the match
Carlos Gonzalez player of the match

End of transmission
Readers of VAVEL USA, thank you for joining us this afternoon from Ciudad Universitaria in this minute by minute where Pumas takes victory against a distracted Toluca. 

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Pumas roar to win
Finish the match.

What a great closing, after 90 minutes of lousy football, the last 5 minutes were exciting!

Crazy! Pumas roars and takes the 3 points home.

Pumas 2-1 Toluca.

The decision of the goal is maintained after the rapid revision of VAR in the Goal of Pumas.


The referee's thirsty again and he's going to the VAR! 

2 -1.

Goaaaaaaaal from Pumas! A series of auctions, culminating in Mendoza scoring the second for Pumas.

 2 - 1.


Goaaaaaaaaaal from Toluca! Gigliotti ties the match with a big header.

1 - 1.


The referee heard a series of curses from Carlos Gonzalez towards a Toluca player and is cautioned.



Change of Pumas: 

Enter: Juan Iturbe

Sale: Juan Pablo Vigón



Angulo gets the yellow card.

1 - 0.


How badly Toluca plays!
What's going on Ricardo Antonio Lavolpe?
Possibly after these results, a new DT will come to hell.


After a hard encounter with Talavera, Mendoza is hurt in the grass, he doesn't grow up.
Yellow card for Luis Hernández de Toluca.


Change of Pumas: 

Enter: Kevin Escamilla 

Sale: Pablo Barrera



Mendoza's header after Angulo's cross, but the ball goes off-target.


Third change of Diablos, William Da Silva enters Giovanny León.



The central judge after reviewing the play in the VAR, decides that the defender of Toluca has his hand stuck to the body.

So let's play!


68' VAR
Watch out that there is revision of VAR, the referee already thirsty ... and will review a play where Pumas asks for a hand.

Possibly there is a penalty in favor of Pumas.

Change of our Diablos, enters Alexis Canelo, leaves Federico Mancuello.




In case you missed it, so was Pumas' goal.

Almost! Excellent play, but the ball is ahead and Pumas loses the chance for the second.


Pumas already roaring at Olimpico Universitario.

Pumas 1-0 Toluca.

The Uruguayan has already scored two goals

Carlitos González scores his second goal in the tournament.

Michel PLEASE put him in more often to play!

Goaaaaaaaaal from Pumas! Excellent play that receives Carlos Gonzalez in the area and defines correctly


Center of Barrera that does not go for anyone...


Saldívar now recovers and the game continues...

Let the ball roll!


Strong clash between Quintana and Saldívar, the goalkeeper gets the worst part

 0 - 0 

The first warning card is for the Pumas player; Juan Pablo Vigón.




The second half starts, there are modifications on the side of Pumas, you could see it coming.


We're back to transmission. Don't take off from VAVEL.

Let's go with the second half of this Pumas vs Toluca. 

An old devil in C.U.

Do not take off from VAVEL, which PUMAS and Toluca tie 0-0 in these first 45 minutes in Ciudad Universitaria.
End of the first half
When the match was having dangerous goal arrivals, the match referee decides to blow his whistle and puts an end to the first 45 minutes of this Pumas vs Toluca.


Barrera again cuts and starts quickly through the center of the field. Olé that took off to Chalá.

Shot and out, the ball passes near the crossbar.

Quiet match regarding faults.

Zero cautions and only 4 fouls in favour of Pumas.

What did Rigonato want to do? He tried to leave the ball to his team-mate Gigliotti but gave a terrible pass.

He was going alone but was ready to shoot in front of the goal but decided to send the ball to the corner shot with a very weak pass.

Pumas has the rebound, Mozo comes out with the ball controlled but loses it at the start.

Da Silva recovers it and touches it quickly with Rigonato, the Brazilian starts and takes care that he is alone...

Brian Mendoza already warms up, Eye that can be the first modification of the encounter.

Toluca's substitutes are already warming up.


Loose game 37 minutes and all serene.

0-0 on the field of the University Olympics.

Míchel González gives instructions desperately from the feline bench.
At least Toluca already tried to attack. 

Beware of Pumas fans, Pablo Barrera is having discomfort in the left knee, can be a sensitive low as he has been one of the most active players of the game.

Watch out, this may be the first goal of the afternoon.

Rigonato makes a change of speed, leaves alone Gigliotti who receives and makes a shot that passes over the three sticks of Alfredo Sáldivar.

Everything stays the same 0-0.

Maidana sweeps and steals the ball, watch out with this play that comes from Toluca's winger, Da Silva receives and starts, Malcorra presses.
Pumas and Toluca remain unharmed on this sunny Sunday afternoon.


Keep in mind that Alan Mozo, Pumas full-back, can be seen on the pitch with a lot of insecurity, he has lost a lot of balls at the flanks and he has very little retention of the ball.

Remember that this player was a key player a couple of rounds ago.

It's been 18 minutes of the game. Alfredo Talavera has been the hardest worker, as Pumas is constantly attacking.
What's happening to Toluca? It's unusual to see such a poor style of play commanded by Ricardo Antonio Lavolpe.  

Gigliotti cuts and makes a shot that stays in Saldivar's hands. 0-0

The Reds are trying to clear the ball from their pitch, while Pablo Barrera is very active, generating plays on the flanks, putting Toluca's defenders in trouble.
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Watch out for this Toluca player
Emmanuel Giglotti, Delantero, #9, The experienced Argentine attacker of the Red Devils, has shown that he can be one of the new idols of the Mexiquense team, as when he has come in for change he has shown a constant attack that makes the defensive rival shake. Giglotti, in spite of his lack of activity, has a goal in his personal account and adds 335 minutes in 7 games of this Apertura 2019.

Watch out for this Pumas player
Andres Iniestra, Defensive Midfielder, #10. The young Mexican has demonstrated a great quality of play in the feline midfield, earning the trust of his coach and the university fans. A technical player with defensive strength that has made a difference on the field of play, undisputed headline with 630 minutes of play so far in the tournament. 
Last lineup of Toluca
A.Talavera, R.Ruíz, L.Hernández, J.Maldana, O.Toblo, A.Chala, A.Ríos, W.Da Silva, E.Pardo, E. Gigllotti; D.Rigonato.
Last lineup of Pumas
A. Sáldivar, A.Mozo, P. Jáquez, J. Angulo, N.Frelre, J.Vigón, K.Escamilla, A.Iniestra, V.Malcorra, F.Mora; J.Itrurbe.
The central referee for Pumas vs Toluca will be Fernando Hernandez as central judge, Enrique Bustos in the front row, Miguel Angel Chua in the second row and finally Adonai Escobedo as fourth assistant.
Toluca sunk in hell
For their part, Toluca's red devils, led by the controversial Ricardo Antonio Lavolpe, are now in 16th place after four defeats, two draws and one win in the current tournament.
Puma's doesn't roar
The feline squad directed by the Spaniard Michel Gonzalez arrives home with a painful defeat in the middle of the week, when they fall to Rayados. The alarms in C.U. are lit as Pumas registers 9 units in the tournament placing in position 12 of the general table.
This half day the Sunday curtain of the date 8 of the Opening 2019 opens when the university picture receives the red devils of the Toluca in Ciudad Universitaria.

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Pumas vs Toluca, corresponding to Day 8 of the Apertura 2019 Liga MX. The match will take place in the  Olimpico Universitario Stadium at 12:00 noon.