Goals and highlights: Mexico 3-0 United States, Friendly Match
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10:02 PMa year ago


With goals from Javier Hernandez, Erick Gutierrez and Uriel Antuna, Mexico defeated the United States 3-0.

10:00 PMa year ago


Finish the game. Mexico beat the United States 3-0 in New Jersey.
9:57 PMa year ago


Add four minutes.
9:55 PMa year ago


Last change from Mexico. Orbelín Pineda comes in, Carlos Rodríguez comes out.
9:54 PMa year ago

87' Misses Penalty Shoot EUA

Take the Orozco penalty. Sargent charged to the right and cut Jonathan.
9:53 PMa year ago


Penalty for the United States. Kings foul on Morris.
9:50 PMa year ago

82' Mexico Goal

Goool from Mexico. Great individual play by Hirving Lozano, assists Uriel Antuna that defines great form.
9:47 PMa year ago


Mexico is saved. Finish to the post of Morales.
9:46 PMa year ago


Near Uriel Antuna. Ball was found in the area, but Steffen saved.
9:45 PMa year ago

77' Mexico goal

Goool from Mexico. With seconds on the court, Erick Gutierrez defines in a great way.
9:43 PMa year ago


Change of both selections. From Mexico enters Antuna and Gutierrez and leaves Alvarado and Guardado. In the United States, Trapp leaves and Lethglet enters.
9:40 PMa year ago


Javier Hernández is booked for making a complaint against the referee.
9:37 PMa year ago


The Chucky's close by. He went at speed, but his shot was deflected.
9:37 PMa year ago


A shot from outside Andres Guardado's area that goes above Steffen's frame.
9:35 PMa year ago


Change of Mexico. Enter Hirving Lozano, exits Corona
9:33 PMa year ago


U.S. Changes. Enter Sargent, exit Zardes.  Sergiño also leaves and enters Lovitz.
9:26 PMa year ago


Mexico counter-attack that ends with a very deflected shot from Jesus Corona.
9:26 PMa year ago


Change of United States. Enter Morris, exit Boyd.
9:24 PMa year ago


New yellow card. Jorge Sánchez fouls Pulisic.
9:23 PMa year ago


Yellow for Morales for the aggression against Hector Herrera.
9:23 PMa year ago


Blows in the game. Morales' header on Herrera.
9:19 PMa year ago


Seeking to steal the ball at the start, Guardado fouls on McKennie.
9:13 PMa year ago


Jesús Gallardo asked for a penalty hand in favor of Mexico. But the referee Joel Aguilar does not mark anything.
9:11 PMa year ago


Start the second half. Both teams do not make any changes.
8:55 PMa year ago


The first half ends. Mexico beat the United States by the minimum with a goal by Javier Hernández.
8:54 PMa year ago


Yellow card to Sergiño for kicking Javier Hernández.
8:50 PMa year ago


Gallardo's offensive foul, stopping Tri's attack.
8:46 PMa year ago


Morales shoots and goes off the Orozco goal.
8:44 PMa year ago


Roberto Alvarado's center, but no Mexican comes to the second post to finish and Long deflection.
8:43 PMa year ago


Morales' foul on Héctor Herrera in the middle circle, claims by the US player.
8:41 PMa year ago


Jesus Corona fault. It had been left alone in front of Steffen to assist Rodriguez, but the Porto player blew his shot.
8:38 PMa year ago


Jonathan Orozco with a sweep to cut off Christian Pulisic's attack.
8:36 PMa year ago


They were looking for a ball in the area for Gyasi Zardes, but it clears the Mexican defence.
8:30 PMa year ago

20' Mexico Goal

Goooool from Mexico. Javier Hernandez opens the scoreboard. Center of Jesus Corona by right, with previous tunnel and Chicharito of head opens the marker.
8:27 PMa year ago


Corner kick to the right, not enough to finish off Diego Reyes.
8:24 PMa year ago


Jesus Corona's foul on Sergiño and Mexico's attack stops.
8:23 PMa year ago


This is what the MetLife Stadium court and grandstand looks like from the heights.
8:22 PMa year ago


With a bit of trouble, but Jonathan Orozco brings a hand to the top of Sergiño.
8:21 PMa year ago


Shot from outside the McKennie area that stops without problems Orozco.
8:15 PMa year ago


Put the hand  Jesus Gallardo and cut the attack of Mexico.
8:13 PMa year ago


Squeeze Mexico from the U.S. exit, looking for a mistake.
8:10 PMa year ago


Jorge Sanchez was looking to get a center, but Long covered it up.
8:08 PMa year ago


All set in New Jersey. Game begins at MetLife Stadium.
8:03 PMa year ago
Now the National Anthem of the United States is playing.
8:02 PMa year ago
The Mexican national anthem plays.
7:59 PMa year ago
Mexico and the United States leave to perform the hymn ceremony.
7:45 PMa year ago
Mexico and the United States are already warming up, while the fans continue to enter the stands.
7:43 PMa year ago

Mexico Line Up

J. Orozco; J. Gallardo, H. Moreno, D. Reyes, J. Sánchez; C. Rodríguez, H. Herrera, A. Guardado; R. Alvarado, J.M. Corona, J. Hernández.
7:42 PMa year ago

USA Line Up

Z. Steffen; R. Cannon, A. Long, W. Zimmerman, S. Dest; W. Trapp, A. Morales, W. McKennie, C. Pulisic; T. Boyd, G. Zardes.

7:38 PMa year ago
Mexico and United States line-ups confirmed for the match that starts in a few minutes.
7:29 PMa year ago
Practically filled the first level of MetLife Stadium. At first glance, the crowd is divided between Mexico and the United States.
7:26 PMa year ago
The MetLife Stadium court is not in the best condition because of the rains in New Jersey this Friday. You can see with the naked eye, the edges of the pieces of field that were glued, only a few days before the meeting.
Foto: El Universal
Foto: El Universal
7:23 PMa year ago
The United States Soccer Federation calls for NO discrimination during the game.
7:20 PMa year ago
This was the arrival of Gerardo Martino, coach of the Tri, at MetLife Stadium. The Argentinean strategist will seek to remain undefeated with Mexico, tonight faces the United States for the second time. 
7:13 PMa year ago
A few minutes ago, the United States made the reconnaissance field at the home of the Giants and Jets of the NFL. 
7:12 PMa year ago
Despite the sporadic cold and rain in New Jersey, people are making themselves present in the stands at MetLife Stadium.
Foto: Twitter
Foto: Twitter
6:56 PMa year ago
Wearing his home uniform, the black that has been a favorite of the fans, Mexico will come out with this color to play the Classic.
Foto: Mi Selección MX
Foto: Mi Selección MX
6:45 PMa year ago
6:42 PMa year ago
Mexico National Team arrived to the MetLife Stadium half an hour ago. The Tri's locker room is getting sorted out. 

6:39 PMa year ago
As it is always expected when USA faces Mexico, the ticket sales for tonight's game was a complete success. The stadium will be at full capacity. 
6:37 PMa year ago

Ourve coverage starts

We are less than an hour away for this exciting Mexico vs USA game to start. We will be live from the MetLife Stadium providing you with the best coverage.
12:37 PMa year ago
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How to watch Mexico vs United States Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TUDN and FOX Sports 1.

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12:35 PMa year ago

United States: Last Lineup

Z. Steffen; T. Ream, A. Long, M. Miazga, R. Cannon; M. Bradley. W. McKennie, C. Pulisic; J. Morris, P. Arriola, J. Altidore.
12:35 PMa year ago

México Last Lineup

G. Ochoa; J. Gallardo, H. Moreno, C. Salcedo, L. Rodríguez; E. Álvarez, J. Dos Santos, A. Guardado; R. Pizarro, U. Antuna, R. Jiménez.
12:34 PMa year ago

United States Team News

All those called by Gregg Berhalter will be available and will plant the best team to seek victory.
12:33 PMa year ago

Mexico Team News

Mexico has already confirmed casualties for this match. Luis Rdoríguez and César Montes will not be able to be taken into account due to muscular problems.
12:31 PMa year ago

The United States is still in the process of renewal

Having fallen in the Gold Cup final, the United States will continue their project of young players with great projection. Against Mexico, once again they are presented with a new opportunity to strike a blow of authority in the region and grow to begin the Nations League process.
Foto: Marca
Foto: Marca
12:29 PMa year ago

Mexico with full squad

After the Gold Cup, Gerardo Martino has called 31 players for these two matches. Respecting his promise to call the 23 players who won the Gold Cup in the summer. In addition, Javier Hernandez, Hector Herrera, Miguel Layun and Hirving Lozano have returned.
Photo: Erick Gutiérrez
Photo: Erick Gutiérrez
12:26 PMa year ago

Kick Off Time

The Mexico vs United States match will be played at the MetLife Stadium, in New Jersey, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:00pm ET.
12:26 PMa year ago
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