Kick off time: 7:00 pm ET
Goals and Highlights: Chivas Guadalajara 0-0 Club America, Friendly Game 2019
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Goals and Highlights: Chivas Guadalajara 0-0 Club America, Friendly Game 2019

Follow along for Chivas Guadalajara live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Friendly Match. Kick-off time friendly Chivas vs America: 7:00pm ET.

Juan Pablo Rodríguez
ChivasGudiño; Sánchez, Briseño, Sepúlveda, Ponce; Molina, Beltrán, Sandoval, Huerta; Peralta, González.
Club AméricaJiménez; Vargas, López, Aguilera, Aguilar; Gónzalez, Ortega, García, López; Palma, Ríos
INCIDENTSFriendly match
We thank you for joining us tonight!

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Highlights from today's match.
FT | Chivas Gudalajara 0-0 Club America
The game finishes with a draw. Neither team was able to score with very few chances throughout.
Three minutes of stoppage time will be added to our game.
83' | Substitution in America
Pantoja replaces Leonel López. With the exception of the keeper, it is America's U-20 squad.
80' | Three more changes for Chivas
Alanís replaces Briseño, Villanueva comes in for Sánchez, &
Zendejas takes Sandoval's place
76' | Chivas substitution
Mayorga will take González's place.
75' | Two new substitutions in America
Tinajero and Vargas are in, while Paul Aguilar and Fernando González leave the pitch.
With 20 minutes left in the match, we're stil goalless.
Nice play by Chivas. Gael Sandoval looks for the far post with a curved shot but the ball goes wide.
63' | Substitution in America
Alan Arreola replaces Israel García.
61' | Chivas substitution
Molina asks to be removed due to injury. Villalpando takes his place.
Oribe Peralta heads a ball towards Molina's position. Chivas' captain attemps a scisors kick, but his attempt is stopped by Jiménez with no trouble.
Fernando González sees a yellow card for a foul near midfield.
Chivas remain in possession of the ball but have trouble breaking America's defense.
Header by Molina that goes wide! A good chance is wasted.
Low cross that is almost headed by Oribe Peralta. The play ends with no real danger.
45' | Substitutions in America
Aguilera & Palma leave their place for Beltrán & Osuna.
45' | Second Half begins
Both teams are back on the pitch and the game continues.
HT | Chivas Guadalajara 0-0 Club América
Both teams have been intense, but we go to half time with very few approximations and no goals.
We'll have a minute of stoppage for the first half.
America's first approximation in many minutes was a cross from Carlos Vargas that is cleared by the defense.
Sánchez throws the ball into the box, Molina heads it backwards and González strikes it just wide of Jiménez's goal.
José Ángel López is admonished after fouling Molina.
Chivas has control of the match with their more experienced players, however they still struggle to create danger.


After half an hour of play, the game remains tied with very few goal chances.
Sandoval strikes it from distance, but his shot goes over the cross-bar.
Huerta passes to Peralta who gives it back. He sends the ball towards the goal, but the defense is just able to get out.
Jesús Sánchez makes a late challege which costs him a yellow card.
Yellow card for Carlos Vargas after fouling Huerta.
Sandoval sends a free-kick into the box. The ball is headed by Molina, but Jiménez makes a good save.
Gael Sandoval sees the yellow card as the referee signals for reiterated fouls.
First shot by Chivas. Oribe Peralta tries to beat Óscar Jiménez, but the ball goes well over the bar.
The game continues to be played with intensity with a series of fouls.
Very intense starting minutes! Lots of changes in possession and little clarity from both teams.
0' | Kick Off!
We're now underway in this Chivas Guadalajara vs Club America!
Both teams step out to the field!
Chivas and America make their way to midfield for the opening ceremony!

The Mexican National Anthem is sung by Aida Cuevas.
A few minutes away!
Huge flags with the crests of both clubs are set up on the field!

The American national team plays as we await for both teams to come out!
We're just about to begin!
With Soldier Field almost full, both teams prepare to step out onto the pitch and face their historic rival.

Lots of traffic is reported around the stadium, so we can expect to see the stadium at full capacity in a few minutes.


And the party goes on!
Soldier Field is almost ready for kick-off!
Tonight's venue will be totally full as both Chivas and America fans look forward to seeing their teams.

We're 15 minutes away!
Although announced for 6:30pm, the game's kick-off will be at 7pm!

Don't go anywhere!
Warm-up time!
Both teams are now preparing at Soldier Field's pitch before this SuperClásico match begins!


¡Chivahermanos everywhere!
Gudalajara's fanbase has also made their presence felt during this US tour!

Chicago looks a lot like Mexico City!
Great support from America fans tonight! It would seem as if this game was being played at the Estadio Azteca.!


Chivas' XI for this match!
Gudiño; Sánchez, Briseño, Sepúlveda, Ponce; Molina, Beltrán, Sandoval, Huerta; Peralta, González.
A look at Chivas' locker room!
America's starting line-up
Jiménez; Vargas, López, Aguilera, Aguilar; Gónzalez, Ortega, García, López; Palma, Ríos


Great atmosphere today!
Lots of singing and dancing are going on outside the stadium!

A very spicy tailgate
The traditional tailgating at Soldier Field feels a little more Mexican than usual for this America vs Chivas.


America's locker room is waiting for them


Chivas is at Soldier Field
Tomás Boy's squad has arrived at the home of the Chicago Bears.

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America feels at home in Chicago
America's fanbase did the same for their team and gave them a very warm reception upon their arrival.


USA is also Chivas Nation!
What a warm welcome from the fans to their squad!


A not-so-friendly match!
Due to the break of the Liga MX for the FIFA Offical Match Date, both teams agreed to play this friendly in Chicago.

However, do no expect to see a low intensity game as both team's rivarly is fierce and neither will want to let the other win.

How to watch Club America vs Chivas Guadalajara Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TUDN USA.

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN App.

If you want to follow it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

Chivas tries to bond with its fanbase in Chicago
Chivas has also had a chance to get some work done in Chicago.

The trip has also helped the club to make an agreement with the State of Jalisco's Office in this city, in order to strengthen bonds with Jalisco-born fans residing in the area.


America has touched down on American soil
Miguel Herrera's team has had time to practice in Chicago prior to the match.

Expect a full Soldier Field for the match
Authorities of Chicago's Soldier Field have confirmed that the tickets for this SuperClásico match are now sold out.

It is expected that this America vs Chivas breaks the venue's attendance record for club football previously held by the Manchester United vs Paris Saint Germain fixture from 2015.

Chivas will use the match to try to gain momentum
On the other hand, Chivas has announced a 19-men list for this match against their most hated rival that includes most of the first team.

Youngsters like José González and Gilberto Sepúlveda might get the chance to play their first 'clásico'.


A young America squad will play their rival.
America's line-up will be loaded with players from their U-20 squad, as the coaching staff do not wish to risk potential injury.

Among the first-team players who might see action are Óscar Jiménez, Emmanuel Aguilera, Carlos Vargas, Paul Aguilar, Rubén González and Leonel López.

The Club America vs Chivas Guadalajara match will be played Sunday September 8th at the Soldier Field, in Chicago, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:30pm ET.
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