0-1, min. 1, Ibáñez. 0-2, min. 21, Benítez. 1-2, min. 42, Arreola. 1-3, min. 90+2, Berterame.
Goals and highlights: Puebla 1-3 Atletico de San Luis, 2019 Liga MX
Photo: VAVEL

Goals and highlights: Puebla 1-3 Atletico de San Luis, 2019 Liga MX

With goals from Nicolás Ibáñez, Óscar Benítez and Germán Berterame, Atlético de San Luis defeated Puebla in the beginning of Matchday 9.

Enrique Ortega Sánchez


Match Summary
Finish the game. San Luis defeats Puebla 3-1 in Gustavo Matosas' debut as Atleti's coach.
Francisco Acuña is expelled for kicking a rival.
Berterame's goal. I shoot from three quarter of court and puts it in the angle.
Add five minutes.
Alan Acosta's centre, but neither Acuna nor Angulo could finish off the goal.
At halftime, that's what the new mascot of Puebla looked like.

Last change from San Luis. Diego Pineda enters, Ian González exits.
Yellow card for Berterame for foul on Vidrio.
Yellow card for Néstro Vidirio for complaints to the referee.
The referee Alfredo Peñaloza decides, after reviewing in the VAR, that there is no penalty for Puebla.
There will be a review of the VAR by the referee Alfredo Peñaloza.
Omar Fernandez falls inside the area but there is no penalty.
Luis Reyes's shot that diverts Néstor Vidirio to corner shot.
Change of both teams. Germán Berterame enters from San Luis and Juan David Castro leaves. Puebla makes its last modification with the entry of Alan Acosta and the departure of Christian Tabó.
Offside of Nicolás Ibáñez when he was preparing to shoot at goal.
Change of Atlético de San Luis. Jorge Sánchez enters, Oscar Benítez exits.
Unai Bilbao and Christian Tabó are yellow carded.
Alustiza failure. It was left in hand to hand before Rodriguez and manages to arrive Bilbao to discomfort it, it sends his shot by a side.
Pass filtered from Ian Gonzalez to Juan David Castro, but the Mexican midfielder flies his shot.
Second change of Puebla. Christian Marrguo leaves, Matías Alustiza enters.
Offside. Francisco Acuña had shot at the post.
Test from outside the area Omar Fernandez and tackle Felipe Rodriguez. Joaquin Laso supports his goalkeeper to clear the ball and avoid a counter-attack.
Change of Puebla. Diego Abella left, Francisco Acuña entered.
Start the second half. Puebla lose 1-2 to San Luis.
Before the break, Daniel Arreola scored the discount goal for Puebla.
With this goal, Oscar Benitez increased the advantage for San Luis.
At the minute of game, Nicolás Ibáñez opened the scoreboard to pass of Luis Reyes.
The first half ends. San Luis beat Puebla 2-1.
42' Puebla Goal
Annotation from outside Daniel Arreola's area with the cooperation of goalkeeper Felipe Rodriguez.
Luis Reyes' three-finger center that Nicolás Ibáñez can't finish off with his head.
Cavallini's foul on Catalán and the Puebla striker is yellow carded.
A shot from outside Ian Gonzalez's area that goes well above the frame.
Yellow card for Noe Maya
21' San Luis Goal
What a great goal by Oscar Benítez.
Mayada finds Ibáñez, who finishes off with first intention and kicks Vikonis from the corner.
There is a rebound on the edge of the area, with Noe Maya finishing outside the area over the goal.
Catalán pass looking for Ibáñez, but Arreola arrives earlier to clear.
Diagonal into Luis Reyes, shoot and catch Vikonis.
Diego Abella's shot inside the area that does not take advantage and deflects the potosina defense to corner shot.
Puebla is saved! Shot from outside Oscar Benitez's area just above the crossbar.
Good closing by Maximiliano Perg, who avoids Ibáñez's shot to Ibáñez's goal.
1' San Luis Goal
San Luis Goal. Luis Reyes assists Nicolás Ibáñez who only pushes the ball in the small area.
Omar Fernandez cross shot and Felipe Rodriguez rests in good form to stop the attempt.
Match begins.
They are already in the field Puebla and Atlético de San Luis with the protocol ceremony. Just moments before the match begins.
Poblanos and Potosinos are already in the tunnel to go out to the court of the Cuauhtémoc Stadium.
Several changes present Matosas, with respect to the last alignment of San Luis. Unai Bilbao returns to the defense, Juan David Castro starts from the starting line-up and there are offensive tridents with Benítez, González and Ibáñez.

Atletico de San Luis line-up
F. Rodríguez; M. Catalán, J. Laso, U. Bilbao, L. Reyes; N. Maya, J. Castro, C. Mayada; O. Benítez, I. González, N. Ibáñez.
Puebla line-up
N. Vikonis; B. Angulo, M. Perg, D. Arreola, N. Vidrio; P. González, C. Marrugo, C. Tabó; O. Fernández, D. Abella, L. Cavallini.
Puebla's fans are meeting at the Cuauhtemoc Stadium for the match against Atlético de San Luis.
Foto: Club Puebla
Foto: Club Puebla
This is what the Puebla dressing room looks like, prior to the start of Jornda 9.
Foto: Club Puebla
Foto: Club Puebla
Headed by the technical director, Juan Reynoso, this is how Puebla arrived at his home a few minutes ago.
Foto: Club Puebla
Foto: Club Puebla
Tonight's game has as its main ingredient the fight not to descend. Because San Luis is a newly promoted team and must add points to as of place, while Puebla again have problems for their irregular tournament.
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Atletico de San Luis: Last Lineup
F. Rodríguez; M. Catalán, M. Abrante, J. Laso, D. Escalante; O. Macías, F. Madrigal, C. Mayada, L. Reyes; I. González, N. Ibáñez.
Club Puebla: Last Lineup
N. Vikonis; B. Angulo, D. Arreola, M. Perg, N. Vidrio; J. Zavala, P. González, C. Marrugo; D. Abella, O. Fernández, L. Cavallini.
Atletico de San Luis: Team News

Before taking the plane to Puebla, Luis Reyes talked to the media: "The team is motivated, very involved in the idea that we have, we are very sure that we are going to be a good game, will be a difficult opponent, but we are focused on what we have to do".

Photo: Atleti SL VAVEL
Photo: Atleti SL VAVEL


Club Puebla: Team News

In a press conference prior to the match, coach Reynoso spoke about what he expects for the match against San Luis: "Let's go game by game, we can't go crazy thinking about the future rivals when we haven't yet played with San Luis, we think about winning by continuing to make ourselves strong at home, but first take care of the opponent in turn and then in what comes. It worked for us to go step by step: to think about Friday at 7pm".

Photo: Milenio
Photo: Milenio


Matosas will premiere with San Luis

After a few days of uncertainty with Atleti de San Luis, due to the departure of Poncho Sosa and the arrival of Gustavo Matosas, the moment of truth has arrived. The Charrúa strategist will have his first test against Puebla and his objective is to maintain the balanced level of San Luis in Apertura 2019.

Photo: María Luisa Chagoya / VAVEL
Photo: María Luisa Chagoya / VAVEL


Puebla to continue with the good streak
After the arrival of Juan Reynoso to the bench of Puebla, the good results have arrived. The Peruvian technical director registers a victory and a draw, having the mission to maintain the unbeaten one and to go for a new victory against San Luis.
Photo: El Universal
Photo: El Universal


Kick-off time 8PM ET
The Club Puebla vs Atlético de San Luis match will be played at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, in Puebla, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00pm ET.
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