Highlights: Veracruz 0-0 Cruz Azul, 2019 Liga MX
Image: VAVEL

Highlights: Veracruz 0-0 Cruz Azul, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Veracruz vs Cruz Azul lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kick-off time Veracruz vs Cruz Azul: 9pm ET.

Lorena Solórzano


Finish the encounter, neither of them was damaged and units are distributed in the Port.
There's nothing! The referee indicates that there is nothing and resumes the encounter
VAR! The referee is going to check a previous play
Doorman! Reyna sends a free kick straight to the angle, but Corona takes the ball and avoids the first one.
Change of Veracruz. Peñalba enters for Íñiguez
Juraaaado! The goalkeeper takes the ball out of the angle and avoids the first one.
First change of premises. Carrasco leaves by Rodrigo López
The visitors' goal was in danger, but the defence takes the ball well from Villalva.
Change of Cruz Azul. Orbelín Pineda enters through Alvarado
The sky falls on Luis Pirata Fuente!
Good defensive cut by Salcido that avoids the generation of more danger.
Double change of Cruz Azul. Angulo and Méndez enter through Cauteruccio and Hernández
Close! Impact of Lozoya, but Dominguez gets in the way and avoids the first one.
The second part starts in Veracruz
The first half ends, the match goes to rest without goals
Very loose shot from Lozoya that Corona controls.
Good one! Center of Paganoni that the cement defense takes out


Wow! Near Veracruz but there's a head-on collision in the area between Lozoya and a visiting player. 
orteeeero! Jurado was launched on several occasions avoiding the attacks of Cruz Azul
Excellent shot by Yotún, but Jurado is well stopped and avoids the first one.
Good start for Corona that avoids the arrival of 'Keko' Villalva
Gooo...! Out of place! Rodriguez strikes into the area, but the whistle signals the forward position.
Advance position! Reyna towards a good play inside the area but the referee raises the flag
Good intervention by Gaspar Iñiguez that avoids the dangerous arrival of visitors
Start the encounter at the Luis Pirate Fountain! Veracruz will seek its first victory of the tournament
Almost there!
Players jump on the court for the start protocol
Cruz Azul Lineup
Corona; Domínguez, Lichnovksy, Aldrete, Aguilar; Méndez, Yotún, Baca, Alvarado; Cauteruccio, Rodríguez.
Veracruz Lineup
Jurado; Salcido, Lozoya, López, Paganoni, Gutiérrez; Carrasco, Reyna, Rodríguez, Íñiguez; Villalva
Cruz Azul gave a gift to the Sharks for their 76th anniversary.
Tonight the Sharks will wear a special uniform on the occasion of the celebration of September 15.
The Machine has already made itself present!
The cement workers have already made a presence in the Stadium for tonight's meeting.

They're here!
The sharks have already arrived at Luis Pirata Fuente
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Cruz Azul: Last Lineup
Corona; Domínguez, Aguilar, Escobar, Madueña; Fernández, Hernández, Yotún, Pineda; Caraglio, Rodríguez
Veracruz: Last LineUp
Jurado; Salcido, López, Paganoni, Gutiérrez, Galicia; Carrasco, Reyna, Santillán; Menéndez, Villalva.
Cruz Azul: Team News
Cruz Azul arrives after a sordid draw against Chivas, the same team that did not like within the celestial set. With new coach, Mexico City will seek to take the 3 points of Luis Pirata Fuente
Veracruz: Team News
The Veracruzanos come to the encounter with only one point out of the 21 available, so they will look for a miracle and get the victory against 'La Máquina'
Cruz Azul plunged into controversy
The cementers did not deal very well with the date either FIFA, as despite having tied the last match against Chivas, the board did not hesitate to thank Caixinha and seek new coach, but in turn now also seek sports director
Veracruz does not raise
The Port already have 34 games without knowing the victory, a situation that already worries within the squad.
Kick-off time:
The Veracruz vs Cruz Azul match will be played at the Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium, in Veracruz, Veracruz. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:00pm ET.
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