1-0, min 73, Yotún. 2-0, min 75, Rodríguez. 2-1, min 90, pizarro.
Goals and Highlights: Cruz Azul 2-1 Tigres, 2019 Leagues Cup
Image: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: Cruz Azul 2-1 Tigres, 2019 Leagues Cup

Follow along for Tigres vs Cruz Azul live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Leagues Cup. Kick-off time Tigres vs Cruz Azul: 10:30 pm ET.

Alan Núñez


End game
Cruz Azul 2-1 Tigres
Nahuel Guzmán elbows Méndez and is expelled.
In this way Pizarro tightened the match
Added four more minutes
Service that finishes off Pizarro and places it to the post, keeping it away from any possibility of Corona.
Goooooooooooooool of Tigres
the last change of the cemeteries. Enter Angulo and go Caraglio
Gignac shot passing over Corona frame
Last change from Tigres. Damm enters and Quiñones exits
Lichnovsky's header that passes very close to the goal.
Rodriguez extended the lead
That's how the guest came to the game.
Before the goal, Reyes had gone out for Luis Rodriguez, but the feline defense was out of adjustment.
Rodriguez removes the goalkeeper and defines with tranquility for the 2-0
Goooooooooooooal Cruz Azul
From the twelve steps, Yotun deceives Nahuel to make the first of the party 
Gooooooooooooooooal Cruz Azul
Penalty in favor of Cruz Azul
Change of Cruz Azul. Alvarado leaves and Hernandez enters
Dangerous two-stroke center controlled by Guzmán in the small area
Aquino's shot that covers the defense and then Vargas in the countermate that goes up.
First change of Tigers. It was all for Zelarayán and Vargas entered.
Diego Reyes was hit hard and looks knocked out.
Strong clash of Reyes with Caraglio where both are lying in the field.
Little clarity in the game. He dominates more Tigres but has no depth.
Zapatazo going to the tribune by Gignac
The whistler checks a supposed hand in the VAR, but in the end decides not to mark anything
Starts the second half
Only three direct shots into goal during the first 45 minutes
Half time
Cruz Azul 0-0 Tigres
Out of place of Caraglio after a bad shot
Auction of Gignac passing over the top. The first of the felines with clarity
Three more minutes are added
Out of place of Gignac when it had been left only for hand to hand
Center of Orbelín that is deviated to first post, although it arrives with facility to Guzmán.
Strong sweep of Dueñas over Rodriguez and is cautioned
Service of Owners but that is very past and leaves by lateral line
The VAR reviewed the play but there was no expulsion.
Carioca and Rodriguez were also reprimanded
Corona is reprimanded for protesting
The fight between both teams begins derived from a strong action between Carioca and Rodriguez.
That's how Frenchman Gignac's shot came close.
Free kick Gignac passing very close to the left post of Corona
Yellow for Lichnovsky for bringing down Gignac
Lack of Caraglio, but the spirits are kindled by this infraction
Pizarro's attempt that doesn't cause major dangers
Close Cruz Azul. Auction of Caraglio that crashes in the crossbar
The rebound falls to Rodriguez and takes the shot where Nahuel saves and sends a corner shot.
Left-handed of Gignac that goes very deviated
Power shot by Rodriguez going exactly to Nahuel Guzman's location.
First shot of the match and was by Orbelín Pineda to remove a pair, although the ball went far up.
Little clear the beginning of the game without some is a clear dominator of the ball
Start the game
At this moment the national anthem of the United States is being heard.
The teams are about to jump onto the playing field.
We are minutes away from starting the final match between Tigres and Cruz Azul.

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These are some statistics that these two teams have had in their passage through the Leagues Cup
The rest of the team also ready the details for the grand final
In the event of a draw at the end of 90 minutes, the champion will be known through the penalty shootout.
Damm, Vargas and Valencia are Ricardo Ferretti's most interesting attacking men on the bench.
In this way the Tigres jump into the field to warm up.
XI Cruz Azul
Corona; Domínguez, Lichnovsky, Aldrete, Aguilar; Yotún, Baca, Alvarado, Pineda; Caraglio, Rodríguez.
XI Tigres
Guzmán; Ayala, Torres Nilo, Reyes, Dueñas; Carioca, Pizarro, Zelarayán, Aquino; Gignac, Quiñones.
This is the Leagues Cup trophy, who can win it: Tigres or Cruz Azul?
Photo: Leagues Cup
Photo: Leagues Cup
In the Liga MX, Cruz Azul league four games without knowing the victory, highlighting last Friday's 0-0 draw against Veracruz.
Right now Cruz Azul is jumping onto the playing field for warm-up exercises.
That's how Cruz Azul arrived a few minutes ago at Sam Boyd Stadium.
The last time both teams played was in the 2019 Clausura in the 'Volcán' Stadium with a 1-0 victory for Cruz Azul as a visitor.
This is the stadium that will host the historic first final of the Leagues Cup
Foto: Tigres
Photo: Tigres
The Tigres will be able to go out with their best team, because the weekend will have rest day in the MX League.
Today the Tigres will come out with a black ribbon due to the death of sports commentator Mario Castillejos.
With just two games at the head of the team, Robert Siboldi could already become Cruz Azul's champion in an international tournament.
Who said there wasn't going to be support?
Tiger fans have come to Las Vegas supporting their love team. Expect a good start at the Stadium
Foto: Tigres
Photo: Tigres
The Tigres have drawn four times in a row in the league, the last of which was a 1-1 draw with Tijuana.
Diego Reyes doesn't have much that came to the feline team and tonight he could get his first title
Cruz Azul's kits are prepped. We can see how goalkeeper Corona's uniform looks like for tonight.
The locker rooms are more than set for both teams. Tigres is the first one to have everything ready for the warm up routine.
Our live coverage begins
We are less than two hours away from the initial kick-off for this exciting Tigres vs Cruz Azul final!
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Of the last 5 games in any court and tournament, Cruz Azul has the advantage with three wins by a draw and a defeat.
Player to watch: Tigres
Luis Quiñones has been the unbalancing player in the attack over the last few weeks for Tigres. Given his recent expulsion from the league, it is likely his starting position, noting that the damage he generates on the sides can wreak havoc on the blue defensive.

Player to watch: Cruz Azul
Roberto Alvarado has been one of the few players immovable with the Maquina and before the arrival of Siboldi, must show why he has been one of the references on the offensive end.

How to watch Tigres vs Cruz Azul Live TV and Stream
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Cruz Azul last lineup
Corona; Domínguez, Lichnovsky, Aldrete, Aguilar; Méndez, Yotún, Baca, Alvarado; Cauteruccio, Rodríguez.
Tigres last lineup
Guzmán; Ayala, Torres Nilo, Reyes, Dueñas; Carioca, Zelarayán, Pizarro, Aquino; Quiñones, Gignac.
The road to the final
Cruz Azul installed itself with two victories against North American teams. First they beat Chicago Fire and then LA Galaxy 2-1.
A lot of suffering
Tigres have come to this stage with some difficulty, as in the quarter-finals they defeated Salt Lake by the narrowest of margins and in the semi-finals they drew last-minute to beat America on penalties.
This match will dictate the first champion in the history of the Leagues Cup.
The Tigres vs Cruz Azul match will be played at the stadium Sam Boyden, in Las Vegas, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30 pm ET.
My name is Alan Nunez and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.