0-1, min. 6, J. Furch. 1-1, min. 13, N. Ibáñez. 1-2, min. 16, A. Lozano. 2-2, min. 37, I. González. 2-3, min. 62, B. Lozano.
Goals and Highlights: Atlético San Luis 2-3 Santos Laguna, 2019 Liga MX
Photo: VAVEL 

Goals and Highlights: Atlético San Luis 2-3 Santos Laguna, 2019 Liga MX

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Enrique Ortega Sánchez


Match Summary
Finish the game. Santos gets the three visiting points by defeating San Luis 2-3.
Add 3 minutes.
20,759 fans this afternoon at the Alfonso Lastras Ramirez

Indirect free kick from Berterame that attacks two-stroke Jonathan Orozco.
Modification of San Luis. Oscar Macías enters, Ian González leaves.
Octavio Rivero's header deviated from the frame.
Santos' last change. Octavio Rivero enters, Julio Furch leaves.
Fernando Gorriarán's attempt passes close by.
Eryc Castillo's attempt to stop Felipe Rodríguez.
New modification of Santos. José Juan Vázquez enters and Brian Lozano leaves.
Hugo Rodriguez's foul on Ibáñez and Santos' defence is yellow carded.
Eryc Castillo's satin centre, he finishes off Furch and manages to cover Felipe Rodríguez.
Yellow card for Jonathan Orozco for making time.
First modification of Santos. Diego Valdes enters, Adrián Lozano leaves.
A shot fired from the edge of Germán Berterame's area above the frame.
Oscar Benítez is yellow carded for a foul on Brian Lozano.
Second change of Atlético de San Luis. Juan David Castro leaves, Germán Berterame enters.
62' Santos Goal
Shot from outside Brian Lozano's area and puts it in the angle. Golazo.
Change of San Luis. Ricardo Centurión enters, Camilo Mayada leaves.
Chilena Mateus Doria's attempt to take out the potosin defense.
Eryc Castillo's center shot that Rodriguez pulls out a corner kick.
Yellow for coach Guillermo Almada for complaints to the referee for a foul on Lozano.
Gerardo Arteaga tests from outside the area and tackles Orozco.
Attempt from outside Nicolás Ibáñez's area that goes over the frame.
Shot by Ian Gonzalez going down the side.
Start the second half.
The half-time statistics of the match.

The first half ends. Two-goal tie between San Luis and Santos.
Add three minutes.
Julio Furch's low shot, barely inches from the post.
Juan David Castro's header that goes on one side. Corner shot on the left, Eryc Castillo finishes off at first post and Felipe Rodríguez saves.
Eryc Castillo hits the first post from the corner to the left and saves Felipe Rodríguez.
37' San Luis Goal
Ian Gonzalez charges to the left of the goalkeeper, manages to play Orozco but the score falls.
The referee decides to score a penalty kick.
Revision of the referee in the VAR for a possible penalty in favor of San Luis
Ian Gonzalez controls the chest, finishes off and serves with the foot Jonathan Orozco.
uis Reyes volley shot that goes over the arch.
Juan David Castro's header stops Jonathan Orozco.
Disparo cayéndose en en el área de Brian Lozano que saca a una mano Felipe Rodríguez.
Camilo Mayada's header into the area controlled by Jonathan Orozco.
Chilean attempt of Fernando Gorriarán from outside the area that goes by a side.
16' Santos Goal
Eryc Castillo's center, badly rejects Rodriguez and in the rebound, ends up pushing the ball Adrian Lozano.
So was the celebration of Nicolás Ibáñez, for the partial draw.

13' San Luis Goal
Luis Reyes's centre and a header in the Nicolás Ibáñez area.
Gerardo Arteaga's cross shot that goes along one side of Felipe Rodríguez's goal.

This is what the grass of the Alfonso Lastras looks like, at field level.

Foto: María Luisa Chagoya
Foto: María Luisa Chagoya
6' Santos Goal
Brian Lozano steals the ball in the penalty area, sticks in the centre and only sees Julio Furch hit the second post.
Luis Reyes' centre, Nicolás Ibáñez finishes off with a half turn and Hugo Rodríguez is crossed to turn a corner.
The Atlético de San Luis pitch is already in excellent condition.
Start the game.
Santos and San Luis go out to the Alfonso Lastras court to carry out the protocol ceremony.
That's how San Luis and Santos get to the match, both in the league zone.
Foto: Liga MX
Foto: Liga MX
The history between San Luis and Santos in short tournaments benefits the Laguna team with 13 victories.
Foto: liga mx
Foto: liga mx
Santos Laguna fans present outside the Alfonso Lastras Stadium.
Foto: Club Santos
Foto: Club Santos
Santos Lineup
J. Orozco (c); G. Artega, H. Rodríguez, M. Doria, C. Orrantía; U. Rivas, F. Gorriarán, B. Lozano, A. Lozano; E. Castillo, J. Furch.
Atletico de San Luis Lineup
F. Rodríguez; M. Catalán (c), U. Bilbao, J. Laso, L. Reyes; J. Sánchez, J. Castro, C. Mayada; O. Benítez, I. González, N. Ibáñez.
Santos Laguna subscribers had a great experience travelling with the team and supporting them in this visitors' match against Atlético de San Luis.



The dressing room of Atlético de San Luis with the local armor for this match of Matchday 10.

The children begin to arrive at Alfonso Lastras to support Atleti.

Also, Santos Laguna is already in the Alfonso Lastras.

A few minutes ago, Atlético de San Luis arrived at Alfonso Lastras Stadium.

A few minutes ago, Atlético de San Luis arrived at Alfonso Lastras Stadium.

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Santos Laguna: Last Lineup
J. Orozco; G. Artega, M. Doria, H. Rodríguez, C. Orrantía; U. Rivas, F. Gorriarán, A. Lozano, B. Lozano; J. Furch, E. Castillo.
Atletico de San Luis: Last Lineup
F. Rodríguez; M. Catalán, U. Bilbao, J. Laso, L. Reyes; N. Maya, J. Castro, C. Mayada; O. Benítez, I. González, N. Ibáñez.
Santos Laguna: Team News
Without injuries and suspensions, Santos will hold the match against Atlético de San Luis.
Foto: Info Cancha
Foto: Info Cancha
Atlético de San Luis: Team News

After overcoming his muscle injury, defender Unai Bilbao has been back since last week. And it can become an important banner, again, in the defense of San Luis.

Photo: AS
Photo: AS
Santos to regain leadership
Guillermo Almada's team has deflated a little after having started the championship in a spectacular way. They have come from drawing at home (2-2) against Pachuca and recovering from their two-goal disadvantage in just 10 minutes. Julio Furch leads the team and the league in the scoring chart.
Foto: AS
Foto: AS
San Luis, to take the style of Matosas
Just a couple of weeks Gustavo Matosas has been working in front of the Potosino team. After his first victory, last Friday by (1-3) in the Cuauhtémoc against Puebla must continue in clear improvement. It has changed the philosophy of the game and now San Luis proposes even more games, exploiting the offensive potential it has.
Foto: El Dictamen
Foto: El Dictamen
Kick-off time: 6PM ET
The Atletico de San Luis vs Santos Laguna match will be played at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium, in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 18:00pm ET.
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