0-1, min 30, Castillo. 1-1, min 31, Martín. 2-1, min 79, Martín. 2-2, min 80, Escoboza.
Goals and Highlights: América 2-2 Querétaro, 2019 Liga MX
Photo: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: América 2-2 Querétaro, 2019 Liga MX

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Adrián Hernández


End game
América 2-2 Querétaro
Remate de Viñas and Gran atajada de Alcalá
Four more minutes are added
He missed the third Queretaro. Del Valle with the shot that passes slightly above
Paul Aguilar's mid-range shot that passes near the goal.
Escoboza quickly tied it this way.
This was Henry's double.
Shoot coming from the side of Del Valle
Escoboza takes the shot that deflects Sanchez for the 2-2
Goooooooooooooooal Querétaro
Henry Martin to speed takes the defenders and defines before the exit of the goalkeeper for the 2-1.
Gooooooooooooooal América
Dangerous overflow from Castillo that does not find del Valle in the area.
Shooting of Saw and Ochoa recumbent well to reject to one side
Strong Castillo entrance that is cautioned
Another change in America. Sánchez left for Viñas
America already dominates the game. It generates danger for the bands but still is not certain inside the area. Querétaro defends with its eleven players
Richard Sanchez is also reprimanded for a strong entry
Change of America. It was all for dos Santos and Benedetti entered
Gio's shot inside the area, although it doesn't contact well and it is given easy to Gil Alcalá.
Changes in Querétaro

Farewell to Gómez and Loba 

Cortizo and Valle enter

Gio in the area could not give the half turn and put the center that caught Alcalá
Gio dos Santos free kick that passes over the frame
Jair Pereira is cautioned for a foul a few centimeters from the area on Guido Rodriguez
Jorge Sanchez with the error in the exit, but he clears the danger himself when it seemed the seconds of the Gallos
Corral is reprimanded
Begin seconds 45 minutes
Half time
América 1-1 Querétaro
Sanchez by little and mark but great atajada Alcala
Shooting from Sierra to Ochoa location
Two more minutes are added
Loba missed it. The ball fell into the area and makes a bad contact.
Roger's header passing over the goal
The goal of the draw
Alexis Perez is reprimanded for a foul on the edge of the area
This was the first goal of the game.
The goalkeeper's bad start and Martín's shot that passes over the top.
Gooooooooooooooal Querétaro
Great combination between Loba and Castillo where the latter defines inside the area to score the first goal of the game.
Gooooooooooooal Querétaro
Alternate dominance of the two clubs. Queretaro waiting for more, but has also had arrival through Castillo and Loba.
Fabián Castillo's individual play where he enters the area, but puts the shot that is deflected.
Very loose shot from Martínez to Alcalá location
Dangerous Roger Martinez center that passes through the entire area without finding a target.
Pass filtered to Gio dos Santos who can not make a good reception in the area
Querétaro's short play in which Castillo finishes off with power but deflected.
Pointerazo of Corral that does not cause danger. The visitor gets closer and closer.
Gómez's deviated auction that does not disturb Ochoa's frame.
There are still no dangerous arrivals in the goals, although America have taken possession of the ball in the early stages.
Roger tries to enter the area with a dominated ball, but the defense steals the ball.
Emotions start from the Azteca Stadium
At the moment the teams jump to the field of play in the protocol of the Liga MX .
This is the box of substitutes that Miguel Herrera will have for this game.
The entrance is still not quite good at the Azteca Stadium.
Will it be the smile of victory, Guido?
Foto: América
Photo: América
Two players who have had an outstanding season in tonight's comparison by the MX League.
Some yesterdays ago, Queretaro beat America with a great performance by Ronaldinho, who was applauded at the Estadio Azteca.
Queretaro as a visitor also remains undefeated with three wins in exchange for a draw.
America have not lost home, with three wins and two draws in Apertura 2019.
History of clashes favors America in short tournaments
XI Querétaro
Alcalá; Corral, Romo, Pereira, Castillo; Pérez, Aboagye, Sierra, Escoboza; Gómez, Loba.
Giovani dos Santos for the first time will be titular in the America in a game as local. The first titularidad had been in the victory like visitor before the Toluca. 
XI América
Ochoa; Sánchez, Valdez, Aguilera, Aguilar; Rodríguez, Sánchez, Ibarra, Martínez; Dos Santos, Martín.
August 17 was America's last home victory. On that occasion they beat Monarcas 1-0.
That's how the truck from America arrived a few minutes ago.
Queretaro fans are expected to be present at the Estadio Azteca.
Foto: Querétaro
Photo: Querétaro
America arrive at the Estadio Azteca with the full goal of getting all three points tonight.
Foto: América
Photo: América
If the Gallos win by any score, they will regain the leadership of Mexican football.
We are one hour away from the start of the game between America vs Querétaro
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Latest games
Of the last 5 games, America has dominance with two wins in exchange for two draws and one defeat. The Gallos last win at the Azteca came in 2017 after a 1-0 win.
How to watch América vs Querétaro Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TUDN.

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Key player Querétaro
Gil Alcalá has surprised with his good performances and has been a fundamental part of the good progress of Querétaro.

Key player America
Renato Ibarra has become one of America's most explosive players on the sidelines, capable of changing the course of the game.

Last lineup of Querétaro
Alcalá; Corral, Pereira, Pérez, Escoboza; Gómez, Sierra, Romo, Aboagye; Loba, Castillo.
Last lineup of America
Ochoa: Aguilar, Aguilera, Vargas, Sánchez; Ibarra, Rodríguez, González, Córdova; Martín, Martínez.
The Arbitration Quartet
The central referee for América vs Querétaro will be Luis Enrique Santander Aguirre; Miguel Ángel Chua Ortiz, first line; José de Jesús Baños Caballero, second line; Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán, fourth assistant.
Recovering leadership
The Gallos had their week of rest last day and lost the leadership, a question that will try to recover it in the Mexican capital.
To get off the ground
The Águilas have four games in a row without winning in the league with three draws and one setback.
The Azteca will be the venue for the last match of Saturday's footballing season.
Kick-off time
The América vs Querétaro match will be played at the stadium Azteca, in México City, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET.
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