0-1, min 36, Osuna.
Goals and Highlights: Monarcas Morelia 1-0 Chivas Guadalajara, 2019 Liga MX
Photo: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: Monarcas Morelia 1-0 Chivas Guadalajara, 2019 Liga MX

In a slow-paced match, Mario Osuna scored the winning goal.

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Highlights from tonight's match
Full Time | Monarcas Morelia 1-0 Chivas de Guadalajara
A great performance from Sosa denies Chivas the equalizer.

Monarca continues on a hot streak under Pablo Guede.
Aristeguieta has one last chance, but his shot goes high.
All of Chivas' players ask for a handball, but the ref does not concede.
Sepúlveda is out, Cervantes is in.
Ponce takes the foul, but it is well over the bar.
Yellow card for Achilier after a foul on Villalpando outside the box.
Yellow card for Briseño after pulling on Flores' shirt.
83' | Monarcas substitution
Del Ángel replaces an injured Mendoza.
Ponce strikes again from outside the box, but he doesn't find the goal.
Another low-cross from López that is contained by Sosa.
78' | Chivas substitution
Oribe Peralta will take Jesus Molina's place in the pitch.
Sosa is the man of the match for Morelia. He saves a spectacular one-on-one against Ponce.
Chivas gets close to equalizing. López sends a shot to the far post, but it goes just wide.
Briseño sends a strong header towards the goal, but Sosa once more stops it.
Pulido gets inside the box, but he is dispossessed by Achilier's sliding tackle.
70' | Substitution in Monarcas
Lezcano will replace Osuna
Ponce finds a rebound on the edge of the box, but his shot is very bad and the chance is wasted.
Great counter by Morelia that Martínez can't convert into a goal. He is just a few inches short of pushing the ball inside.
Chivas fills up the box with people looking for the equalizer. Molina attempts a header that goes over the bar.
62' | Chivas substitution.
 Isaac Brizuela leaves and Walter Gael Sandoval comes in
Monarcas now has a more populated midfield which is helping them retain possession.
Vega cuts inside and shoots with his left. The ball is controlled by Sosa.
51' | Substitution for Monarcas
Cándido Ramírez leaves his place for Rodrigo Millar.
Villalpando is carded after protesting the ref's decision to not signal for a foul on him.
Pulido strikes wide of Sosa's goal
45' | Second half begins
Morelia moves the ball and we're underway for the last 45 minutes.


Half Time
Chivas de Guadalajara 0-1 Monarcas Morelia
Vega strikes very high and wastes a chance.
Martínez gets inside the box and takes a shot to the near post, but it goes wide.
Pulido strikes a free-kick from a long distance. Sosa sends it to a corner kick.
We'll have 7 minutes of stoppage time for the first half.
This was Osuna's goal for the 1-0


Aristeguieta heads a strong cross from Martínez, but is unable to hit the target.
41' | No penalty!
The referee says we won't have a penalty!
40' | VAR Check!
The referee goes to the VAR booth to see if the handball was intentional.
Chivas' players ask for a handball inside the box from Vegas.
36' | Morelia GOOOOOOOAL!
Mario Osuna makes a great strike to make it 1-0
34' | Penalty for Monarcas!
The official signals for the spot due to Briseño's handball inside the box.
32' | VAR Check
The ref checks for a potential penalty for handball inside the box.
Gudiño gives an aweful rebound and Aristeguieta almost makes it 1-0.

Sepulveda's sliding tackle saves the keeper.
Briseño finds a ball in the box and heads it right to Sosa's position. The goalie stops it with no trouble.
Low-cross from Brizuela is hit by Pulido. Sosa makes a great diving save to keep it all equal.
Sepulveda heads the ball just over the bar.
Villalpando strikes from a distance, but his ball goes far from the goal.
Vegas makes a great run, gets in the box but sends his shot over the goal.
Chivas gains possession of the ball, but can't cause any danger on Sosa's goal.
Shot by Mendoza that fails to worry Gudiño.
Long distance shot by Aristeguieta that goes just wide of the goal.
Both teams aim to gain control of the game, but there's a lack of clarity at the moment.
0' | Kick-off
We're underway in this Monarcas vs Chivas
Both teams step on to the pitch
Monarcas Morelia and Chivas are now ready to face each other in this Week 10 game.

The Liga MX anthem plays and we're set to begin this match.
Ready to begin!
We're just under 10 minutes away from the start of the match between Chivas and Morelia at Estadio Morelos.
The red-and-white squad during their warm-up

Chivas' starting XI
Gudiño; Ponce, Briseño, Sepúlveda, Sánchez; Molina, Villalpando, Brizuela, López; Vega, Pulido.

Monarca's line-up for today!
Sosa; Velarde, Vegas, Achilier, Martínez; Osuna, Rocha, Flores, Ramírez, Mendoza; Aristeguieta.



Both teams are ready for warm-up
Monarcas Morelia was first to set foot on the field to do their pre-match exercises.

The home team have made their arrival at Estadio Morelos


A look at Chivas' locker room
Tonight's climate
The current temperature in Morelia is reported at 65º F, with light drizzle already present in the city.

We can expect a wet and fast pitch during our match.

Estadio Morelos' pitch in perfect conditions for the match
We begin our live coverage from Estadio Morelos
We're now live from Monarcas Morelia's grounds. We see a high presence of Chivas fans making their support felt.
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How to watch Monarcas Morelia vs Chivas Guadalajara Live TV and Stream
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Chivas' most recent line-up
Gudiño; Ponce, Briseño, Sepúlveda, Sánchez; Villalpando, Brizuela, Molina, Cervantes; Vega, Pulido.
Morelia's last starting XI
Sosa; Velarde, Vegas, Achilier, Martínez; Ramírez, Mendoza, Rocha, Del Ángel; Aristeguieta, Sansores.
Aldo Rocha knows Chivas will be complicated
The defensive midfielder knows that their rival for this Week 10 is a dangerous one.

He urged fans to support them at Estadio Morelios and help them mantain the positive streak.

'El Jefe' returns to Morelia
Tomas Boy faces a team he worked for eight years, but feelings are aside as he sees Monarcas as just another rival.
Morelia is Chivas country too!
As always, every city at which Chivas arrives has a large group of supporters ready to recieve them.

As always, every city at which Chivas arrives has a large group of supporters ready to recieve them.

Chivas have been inconsistent all season. Their very evident ups-and-downs have not allowed them to be in a play-off position.

Last week's victory against Atlas in their derby could be the start of a winning streak that can help them reach the goal of qualification.

Monarcas wants to stay in play-off spots
Pablo Guede's side has climbed positions since his arrival and have reached the eighth spot of the table at the midpoint of the season.

Against Chivas, they hope to score another three points that will allow them to remain the play-off berths.
The Monarcas Morelia vs Chivas de Guadalajara match will be played at the Estadio Morelos, in Morelia, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.


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