0-1, min. 69, Zelarayán. 0-2, min. 83, Gignac.
Goals and Highlights: Monterrey 0-2 Tigres, 2019 Clásico Regio
Photo: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: Monterrey 0-2 Tigres, 2019 Clásico Regio

With goals from Lucas Zelarayán and André-Pierre Gignac, Tigres won the Classic Regio 123 against Monterrey.

Enrique Ortega Sánchez


Highlights match
Finish the game. Tigres wins the 123rd edition of the Classic Regio with a victory of (0-2) in the house of Rayados.
Add four minutes.
Eduardo Tercero comes in, Luis Rodríguez comes out.
83' Tigres Goal
Zelarayán's corner kick from the right, he hits Gignac's foremost post with his head.
New warning for Monterrey. Alfonso Gonzalez takes it.
Vincent Janssen receives a yellow card for making a complaint against the referee.
Great cross and Vincent Janssen headers. Nahuel's great save to avoid a draw.
Avilés Hurtado's knee is injured. Alfonso González will enter in his place.
Dorlan Pabón's low cross, Carlos Rodríguez arrives alone and flies his shot.
Change of Rayados. Vincent Janssen comes in, Maxi Meza comes out.
69' Tigres goal
Center of Dueñas that rejects bad Barovero and pushes Zelarayán to open the marker.
Celso Ortiz is yellow carded for a foul on Zelarayán.
Change of the two teams. Carlos Rodriguez enters, Jonathan Gonzalez of Rayados leaves. Enner Valencia leaves Tigres and Lucas Zelarayán enters.
Shot from outside the area of Jesus Dueñas going without goal direction.
Change of Tigres. Enter Jorge Torres Nilo, exit Jurgen Damm.
Celso Ortíz's first intention shot that goes over the frame.
Gignac's shot, which deflects with Medina's back.
Out of place of Funes Mori when he was shooting at Guzmán's goal.
Start the complementary part.
In image, the actions of the first lapse.
Photo: Tigres
Photo: Tigres
The statistics that left the first 45 minutes of the Regio Classic.
Foto: Liga BBVA MX
Foto: Liga BBVA MX
The summary of the first half of the match.
The first half ends. Tie without goals.
Add one minute
Carlos Salcedo is injured and everything indicates that he will leave the field.
A shot from outside Enner Valencia's area that goes to the side of Barovero's goal.
They still do not produce dangerous arrivals on the part of the royal teams.
A penalty was asked for Aviles Hurtado, but César Ramos does not grant it.
Maxi Meza wasted a counterattack from Monterrey, sending a very past center that could not contact Pabón.
The fans begins to boo, for the null opportunities of danger that have generated both teams.
The game has jammed due to fouls by both teams.
Gignac's half turn shot looking for the angle and Barovero pulls out with his fists.
Balloonazo from Damm to Gallardo for trying to send a center. The medical assistances enter.
Javier Aquino's centre, which is not enough to finish off Enner Valencia.
There is no shot to goal, in the set-piece that Layún collected.
Free throw for stripes, glued to left side, favorite to send center to the heart of the area.
High blood pressure from Rayados, which doesn't let Tigres come out touching.
Match begins
With a 4-4-2, Tuca Ferretti will go to the BBVA court.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Diego Alonso's tactical strike with Rayados: 4-2-3-1
Foto: Liga BBVA MX
Foto: Liga BBVA MX
In the upper part of the Stadium, the Tigres fans are already located.
Photo: Tigres Oficial
Photo: Tigres Oficial
Wearing a hunger campaign shirt, Rayados went out to warm up.
Photo: Rayados
Photo: Rayados
Duel of Mexican National Team sides. Miguel Layún of Monterrey and Luis Rodríguez of Tigres.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
With this blanket, the Monterrey team will be received by their fans.
Photo: EduCharlesMty
Photo: EduCharlesMty
On the esplanade of the BBVA Stadium, people begin to line up to enter the stadium.
Photo: EduCharlesMty
Photo: EduCharlesMty
Tigres Lineup
N. Guzmán; L. Rodríguez, C. Salcedo, H. Ayala, J. Dueñas; R. Carioca, G. Pizarro, J. Aquino, J. Damm; E. Valencia, A.P. Gignac.
Confirmed the line-ups of Rayados and Tigres, changes in both teams.

 Rayados and Tigres fans, are together in the seats of the BBVA Stadium.
Photo: Mario Sánchez
Photo: Mario Sánchez
Avilés Hurtado, Miguel Layún and their companions thus reached the 'Gigante de Acero'.
Photo: Mario Sánchez
Photo: Mario Sánchez
Thus Monterrey and Tigres arrive at this Classic Regio edition 123.
Foto: Liga BBVA MX
Foto: Liga BBVA MX
Monterrey fans continue to arrive at the BBVA Stadium for the Regio Classic.
Rayados wears his local T-shirt in the dressing room.
Foto: Liga MX
Foto: Liga MX
The visitor's dressing room at BBVA already wears the yellow Tigres uniform.

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Last lineup Tigres
N. Guzmán; L. Rodríguez, C. Salcedo, H. Ayala, J. Dueñas; G. Pizarro, R. Carioca, J. Aquino, L. Zelarayán; E. Valencia, A.P. Gignac.
Last lineup Rayados
M. Barovero; E. Gutiérrez, N. Sánchez, S. Medina, L. Vangioni; C. Ortiz, J. González, C. Rodríguez; J. Gallardo, J. Urretavizcaya, V. Janssen.
Tigres: Team News
The only Tigres reinforcement for this tournament, Diego Reyes, can not be taken into account for this Saturday's match. Because he had an operation by an edema in the head, which occurred after a blow suffered in the final of the Leagues Cup.
Photo: Publimetro
Photo: Publimetro
Rayados: Team News
In Thursday's training session, Rodolfo Pizarro returned to training after three weeks of sick leave due to appendicitis. However, Pizarro would not be taken into account to play this Regio Classic.
Foto: Futbol Tota
Foto: Futbol Total
Tigres, back to liguilla posts
A lot of inconsistency on the part of the felines so far in Opening 2019. At midweek and in a surprising way, they fell at home by the slightest difference against Puebla and with this result, they came out of league positions. Halfway through the season, the best version of Ricardo Ferretti's team will have to arrive soon to close the regular tournament well.
Photo: Mediotiempo
Photo: Mediotiempo
Rayados, without fear of the Classic Regio
The team directed by Diego Alonso has had an endless number of criticisms for the style of play they present on the court, despite this they remain in playoffs positions but not in the desired place. Half a week into the double day, Rayados scored a valuable point at the Estadio Azteca to equal a goal against Cruz Azul, home that historically is complicated for Alonso's team.
Photo: Mediotiempo
Photo: Mediotiempo
Kick-off time 8PMET
The Rayados Monterrey vs Tigres match will be played at the BBVA stadium, in Guadalupe, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00pm ET.
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