18' Córdova (1-0), 45+3' Córdova (2-0), 49' Puldio (2-1), 73' Aguilera (3-1), 88' Martín (4-1)
Goals and Highlights: America 4-1 Chivas Guadalajara, 2019 Liga MX
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Goals and Highlights: America 4-1 Chivas Guadalajara, 2019 Liga MX

Follow along for Club America vs Chivas Guadajalara live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Liga MX. Kick-off time Clásico America vs Chivas: 10pm ET.

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Highlights from tonight's match
This was Henry Martín's goal to put the final score.


FT | America 4-1 Chivas Guadalajara
América takes "El Clásico Nacional" with a good exhibition over Chivas.

The game ends with a 4-1 score.

88' | America GOOOOOOAL!
Henry Martin finds a ball bouncing inside the box and does a scissors kick to beat Rodríguez.
Aguilera's goal for the 3-1
Toño Rodríguez continues to make a great match with another save. This time he stops a shot from Roger Martínez.
Chivas is locked in their last 30 yards as the rival does not ease the pressure.
Disallowed goal from America due to offside from Roger Martínez.
Córdova almost makes his hat-trick with a good first touch and a shot to the near post. Rodríguez responds well again.
78' | Last substitution for America
Bruno Valdéz is replaced by Henry Martín.
Long rage shot from Jorge Sánchez wide from Toño Rodríguez's goal.
75' | Chivas substitution
Hiram Mier will replace Isaac Brizuela.
73' | America GOOOOOOAL!
Emmanuel Aguilera finishes it with quality and it's 3-1!
72' | Red card for Cervantes
Fernando Guerrero sends Cervantes off after strong protests from the Chivas youngster.
71' | Penalty confirmed!
The ref confirms his decision and America will have a chance to make it 3-1.
70' | VAR Check!
Guerrero will verify if his signal for handball is correct using the replay.
69' | Penalty for America
Off the corner kick, González hits a volley that gets blocked by Ponce's arm.

Fernando Guerrero signals for the spot.
68' | No penalty!
Guerrero decides the contact isn't worthy of a foul and the game continues.
67' | VAR Check!
Fernando Guerrero will check for a possible penalty on Andrés Ibargüen.
America passes the ball around the edge of the box. The play finishes with a shot from Aguilar deflected by Ponce.
Bruno Valdéz has a good chance to make it 3-1 but his header is a little wide.
60' | America substitution
Viñas is replaced by Fernando González.
Toño Rodríguez makes an amazing save after another Córdova shot.
This was Chivas' celebration after scoring

Paul Aguilar strikes it from a distance, but the shot is deflected by a defender.
Foul by Ponce that will give America another chance to send a cross into Chivas' box.
This was Alan Pulido's goal to put Chivas back in the game.


49' | Chivas GOOOOOOOAL!
Van Rankin leaves Pulido alone with a great pass. The striker finishes it to make it 2-1.
Alan Pulido strikes a free-kick over the bar.
45' | Chivas substitution
Fernando Beltrá comes in to replace Alexis Vega.
Gio Dos Santos is rushed to the hospital after his injury
This was Córdova's second goal of the evening.
Half Time | América 2-0 Chivas
We go to the break with América on the lead by two.
45'+3' | América GOOOOOOAL!
Córdova recieves a great ball from Paul Aguilar and finishes it to the bottom right corner.
Córdova strikes the ball from outside the box and Toño Rodríguez sends it over the bar.
42' | America substitution
An injured Gio Dos Santos leaves his place for Andrés Ibargüen.
The game will resume after Gio Dos Santos is stretched out of the field.
36' | Red card for Briseño
Briseño makes an awful challenge on Gio Dos Santos. The America player has a very profound skin tear.


Van Rankin strikes the ball from outside the box. Ochoa gets his finger tips on it to send it over the bar.
It looks like Ochoa's knee will be fine. The game continues.
Córdova's celebration after opening up the score board

Ochoa seems to have injured his knee while going out for a ball.
Renato Ibarra strikes a free kick. His shot goes over the bar.
America keeps having chances to hit Chivas on the counter with the defenders running against their own goal.
This was Córdova's goal for the 1-0


18' | America GOOOOOOAL!
America hits Chivas on the counter after the wasted free-kick!

Córdova recives a ball from Roger Martínez and beats Rodríguez on the one-on-one.
Córdova hits Brizuela with his arm just outside the box. The ball will be for Chivas in a free-kick.
America keeps pressuring with crosses into Chivas' box, however they fail to worry Rodríguez.
Another chance for America. Ibarra makes a run through the middle and passes to Viñas who sends a strike a little wide of the near post.
America's header off the corner kick is sent over the bar.
First free-kick for América. Renato Ibarro sends a cross to the far post but the defense sends it to corner kick.
0' | Kick off
Our match is underway! America vs Chivas is now being played!
The coaches greet each other
Miguel Herrera welcomes Luis Fernando Tena to Estadio Azteca.

We're about to begin.
The Liga MX anthem plays as the teams step onto the pitch. Molina and Aguilar shake hands.
Tonight's officiating team ready for El Clásico
We're a few minutes away from kick-off!
Get ready for this America vs Chivas! Both teams are about to step out onto the pitch!
Tonight's matchball is ready


Images from the pitch during America's warm-up


We expect a full stadium
Estadio Azteca's official social media accounts confirmed a sold out venue for tonight's match.


A look at Ochoa's warm-up before the match.


Great atmosphere outside the stadium


This is America's starting XI!
Ochoa; Sánchez, Aguilera, Valdéz, Aguilar; Rodríguez, Córdova, Dos Santos, Ibarra; Viñas, Martínez.


Chivas' line-up for this evening!
Rodríguez; Van Rankin, Alanís, Briseño, Ponce, Sepúlveda; Molina, Brizuela, Cervantes; Vega, Pulido.

Chivas' captain as they made their arrival at the Azteca

Chivas have made their arrival at the stadium to face their most important rivals.
America's locker room looks magnificent. The Águilas are more than ready for tonight.
As for our pitch coverage, we will be providing you with the best content. Remember the name: VAVEL.
America just arrived to the Azteca scorted by policemen.
We have arrived to the Estadio Azteca. From this majestic stadium, we will bring you the best online coverage available on the internet. No doubt.
The two supporting groups are ready at the Azteca for the Clasico of Clasicos tonight.
Last Clásico for Ochoa
The last time Guillermo Ochoa faced Chivas was on April 10, 2011. El Rebaño beat America 3-0
Our live coverage begins!
We're less than an hour and a half away for this exciting game to begin. One more Classic between America and Chivas tonight at the Azteca Stadium.
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How to watch Club América vs Chivas Guadalajara Live TV and Stream
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Chivas de Guadalajara: Last line-up
Gudiño; Briseño, Sepúlveda, Sánchez, Ponce; Villalpando, López, Brizuela, Molina; Vega, Pulido.
Club America: Last starting XI
Ochoa; Vargas, Sánchez, Aguilera; Sánchez, López, Gónzalez, Ibarra; Dos Santos, Martínez, Martín.
America are focused on winning "El Clásico"
No game is more important to America than the one against Chivas.

After a draw against Juarez, the team have trained hard at their Mexico City headquarters to face this huge fixture.

Is Mexico City the capital of Chivas Nation?
Mexico City hosts a large amount of Chivas supporters. Will they be majority at Estadio Azteca?


Will a new coach bring a victory?
Guadalajara have sacked Tomás Boy on Wednesday and named Luis Fernando Tena as his replacement.

Will a new coach mean a victory for Chivas? Was it a good idea to change staff two days before the biggest match of the semester?

America to end the negative streak
Miguel Herrera's side has had a hard time winning matches in this 2019 Apertura: they have not won since week 5 of the competition.

A victory over their most bitter rivals might be just the thing they need to secure a play-off spot.

Kick-off time
The America vs Chivas match will be played at the Estadio Azteca, in Mexico City, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.


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