Peralta 55' (0-1) Mayorga 63' (0-2)
Goals and Highlights: Correcaminos UAT 0-2 Chivas Guadalajara, 2019 Copa MX
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Goals and Highlights: Correcaminos UAT 0-2 Chivas Guadalajara, 2019 Copa MX

Follow along for Correcaminos UAT vs Chivas Guadalajara live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Copa MX. Kick-off time: 10pm ET.

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Highlights from tonight's game
Full Time | Correcaminos UAT 0-2 Chivas Guadalajara
Chivas take home a 0-2 win with Oribe breaking his dry streak.

Correcaminos' fans leave upset asking for Carlos Reynoso's resignation.
Three minutes of added time to the game.
Hernández once again saves his goal with a great one-on-one duel win.
Terán is carded for a untimed challenge.
Sandoval was making a great run on the left, but the defense is able to clear it.
Peralta can not finnish a one-on-one against Hernández.
76' | Chivas substitution
Alexis Vega will be replaced by Walter Gael Sandoval.
Weak shot that is easily contained by Hernández. The game remains 0-2.
66' | Chivas Substition
'Chofis' López leaves his place for Alan Cervantes.
65' | Correcaminos substitution
Rodolfo Vilchis leaves his place for Antonio López.
63' | Chivas GOOOOOAL!
Mayorga recieves a great pass from Huerta and finishes it to make it 0-2.
55' | Chivas GOOOOOOAL!
Oribe breaks his dry streak! Mayorga finds a ball inside the box and assists Peralta who finishes it with his left.
Vega makes a great run on the wing and gets inside the box. He fails to make a cross after a good sliding tackle from the defender.
47' | Correcaminos substitution
Koffi Dacoi replaces Montelongo
47' | Chivas substitution
Fernando Beltrán leaves his place for Dieter Villalpando.
Interesting first-touch pass from Peralta looking for López, but it's a bit too long.
45' | Second Half begins
The last 45 minutes are underway at Marte R. Gómez!
Half Time | Correcaminos 0-0 Chivas Guadalajara
The score remains unchanged at the half-way point.
López sends a good shot with his left, but Hernández dives masterfully to prevent the goal.
Chivas was close to scoring. 'Chofis' López cuts inside in the box and before he was able to shoot, Torres Nilo makes the sliding tackle to save.
Excellent cross from Vega looking for Oribe Peralta. The defenders are just able to get it out before it reaches the striker.
Free kick for Chivas. Vega strikes it, but Hernández makes a good save!
The game lacks clarity. Both teams struggle to gain posession in midfield.
Jorge Córdoba heads a ball inside the box but it goes very wide.
Yet another cross from Correcaminos. This time the header is sent above the goal.
Another cross from Vilchis that fails to find a man in orange. The ball goes over the bar.
Sepúlveda makes a bad recepction and is forced to make a foul that costs him the yellow card.
First great chance for Chivas. Oribe Peralta recieves a good cross from Beltrán, but his finish is wide from the post.
First chance for Correcaminos. Vilchis sends a good cross that can't a teammate who can send it in.
Montelongo makes a late challenge on Jesús Sánchez.
0' | Game begins
We're underway! Chivas and Correcaminos are now playing!
All set!
Both teams are on the pitch ready for the beginning of the match!
It's almost game time!
We're less than ten minutes away from kick-off!

Don't go anywhere! We're almost ready for Correcaminos vs Chivas Guadalajara!

The stands at the stadium begin to look red and white with high presence of Chivas' fans.

Chivas' starting XI
Rodríguez; Sánchez, Mier, Sepúlveda, Mayorga; Pérez, Beltrán, López, Huerta; Vega, Peralta.


Correcaminos' line-up for today!
Hernández, Torres Nilo, Rocaniere, Ortiz, Vilchis Chávez, González, Montelongo, Sánchez, Rentería,  Córdoba.

It's been 25 years!
The last time that Chivas played at Correcaminos' home ground was on Week 5 of the 1994-95 League with a defeat of 3-1.
Outside Marte R. Gómez, fans are lining up to enter and enjoy this Copa MX match between Correcaminos and Chivas.

A look at Chivas' arrival to the stadium


Victim of thieves!
Chivas have confirmed that some of their players' personal belongings were stolen from their hotel in Ciudad Victoria.

None of the players were in their hotel rooms at the time, so they're safe and sound.


Live Coverage Begins
We're less than hour away from the match and completely ready to bring you every detail that comes out of Marte R. Gómez Stadium tonight.
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Correcaminos' most recent Copa MX squad
Carranza; Pineda, Torres, García; Arévalo-Ríos, González, Chávez, Córdoba; Martínez, Mena, Britos.
Chivas' last Copa MX line up
Rodríguez; Sánchez, Villanueva, Sepúlveda, Zendejas; González, Beltrán , Torres; Peralta, Sandoval, Huerta.
Tonight's officiating body
The referee for this match will be Guillermo Pacheco. The linesmen will be Marco Bisguerra and Carlos Aldrete, while the fourth offical role is trusted upon Mario Terrazas
Tamaulipas welcomes Chivas
No matter where they set foot, Guadalajara will have fans waiting to greet them. It was no different when they made their arrival at Tamaulipas.


Oh, we love suprises!
As always, a Chivas visit is an important match for any Ascenso MX team. Today can expect great attendance at Marte R. Gomez Stadium.

Correcaminos have asked for their fan's support tonight and have prepared a surprise for them prior to the game.


Their most recent match
In the previous game between the squads played at Estadio Akron, it was Correcaminos who prevailed.


Rodolfo Vilchis scored the goal on the 85th minute to set a 1-0 for the Tamaulipas team.

Another chance for Luis Fernando Tena
The new Chivas manager has another chance to make an impression on the fanbase as last's saturday's performance against America left a bitter feeling.


A victory can help boost the morale of his team for the latter part of this semester.

To mantain the top
With two games played, Correcaminos leads the group they share with Chivas and Santos Laguna.

A victory tonight can put them real close to a spot on the play-off round of the Copa MX.

Kick-off time
The Correcaminos UAT vs Chivas Guadalajara match will be played at the Marte R Gomez Stadium, in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.
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