1-0 min 23, Del Ángel. 2-0, min 45, Flores. 2-1, min 55, Quiroga. 2-2, min 64, Quiroga. 2-3, min 84, Gallegos.
Goals and highlights: Monarcas Morelia 2-3 Necaxa, 2019 Liga MX
Image: VAVEL

Goals and highlights: Monarcas Morelia 2-3 Necaxa, 2019 Liga MX

Monarcas earned it at half-time by two goals, but an inspired Necaxa gave him Quiroga's double comeback to win three gold points and dawn in the leadership of Mexican football.

Alan Núñez


End game
Monarcas 2-3 Necaxa
Change of Necaxa. Ingresa Herrera leaves Quiroga
Four more minutes are added
Necaxa stole the ball at the start and Gallegos gestured the comeback 
Del Angel leaves and Ferreira enters the last change of Morelia
Goooooooooooooooal of Necaxa

Gallegos of medium distance puts a bombazo to the bottom of the nets. Crazy party in Morelos

Trejo knocks down Mercado and is reprimanded
Memo Vázquez moves his chips, so he goes Angulo and enters Mercado 
Vega's shot just at Gonzalez's placement
Sansores enters and Aristeguieta leaves. Change of Morelia
Venezuelan Aristeguieta reprimanded
Osuna's shot and Gonzalez lies down to save his goal
Quiroga scored a double and the game is red hot
Salas Leaves and Chávez Enters Necaxa's Change
Now Monarcas squeezes and Osuna medium distance test that goes off course
Goooooooooooooal of Necaxa

Remate to second post of Quiroga and this game is already tied

Head of Angulo to the hands of Sosa
That's how the Necaxa has squeezed the shares.
Baeza's shot that goes way over the top.
Warnings to Salas to be reclaimed
Shot deviated from Salas that passes close by. Necaxa insists
Goooooooooooooal of Necaxa

Bad exit of the goalkeeper Sosa and Quiroga in solitary to second post shortens the difference. The game is good ladies and gentlemen

Center to small area, but Sosa receives foul
Strong lack of Salas on Trejo that leaves him lying in the field
Quiroga's auction inside the small area that goes up, even though it was out of place.
Starts the second half
So was the second from Morelia
Half time
Monarcas 2-0 Necaxa
Goooooooooooooooooal of Monarcas

Edison Flores turns around and scores 2-0.

Double foul on Martinez and Delgado is cautioned
Near Monarcas. Now Trejo arrives and puts the frentazo to the location of the doorman.
Great save from Hugo.

Delayed ball in where Lezcano hits him with power and great cut to a hand when it seemed the 2-0 Morelia

Shooting of 'Salas' coming out from the side
Hugo Gonzalez avoids the second when Lezcano hit inside the area
Quiroga Center, but rejects Purepecha defense
The guest arrived and did it with an "Angel" of "head".
Monarcas in addition to the goal, already begins to be more dangerous
Goal of Monarcas.

Center passed to second post that finishes off Del Angel for the 1-0

Necaxa's goal but it's voided.

Quiroga finishes off and is out of place. Already checked by the VAR

Of regular entrance the one that made the fans tonight in the Stadium Morelos.

By the way, free kick for the Rayos

Vega's direct free kick with power passing a few centimetres from the post
Flores's distant shot that Gonzalez tackles
In case you missed it!

This was the first danger in the game

Calderón's center shot that goes through the whole area and is rejected with a corner shot.
Mere analysis of both teams in the early stages of the game
Necaxa's corner shot that ends in the small area, but it goes very high.
Maxi Salas's shot that passes very close to Sebastián Sosa's post.
Start the match
The teams are already on the field of play for the Liga MX protocol.
So he jumped into the field to warm up the host, Monarcas Morelia.
As breast cancer month begins, the league and clubs will wear pink to encourage self-exploration. From this game on, the ball will be pink

Necaxa will be looking to win, after they wasted last Saturday when they drew at home without a goal against FC Juarez.
XI Necaxa
González; Meza, Gallegos, Noya, Calderón, Alvarado; Angulo, Baeza, Delgado; Quiroga, Delgado.
XI Monarcas
Sosa; Velarde, Vegas, Martínez, Trejo; Flores, Mendoza, Rocha, Lezcano; Del Ángel, Aristeguieta.
Sosa has been a pillar for Monarcas in this Apertura, so much so that he is one of the nominees to be the player of the month in the Liga MX .
Very interesting video published by Monarcas in their social networks to eradicate the famous cry of the Mexican stadiums.
This is how the tournament's subleaders arrived at Morelos Stadium
Photo: Necaxa
Photo: Necaxa
The current strategist of the Mexican National Team U-23, Jaime Lozano, was dressed with the shirt of Monarcas Morelia.

In case of winning, the Rayos could occupy the leadership in case Santos loses in his game against Tigres.
These are the t-shirts Monarcas will wear for tonight's game. Elegance as always

Two players who have been vital to their teams have been the goalkeepers. Watch what you do tonight.

A little over an hour into the match, we begin with the best live coverage of Monarcas vs Necaxa, a duel that will open the hostilities of week 13 of the Liga MX.
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Latest games
Of the last five games, Monarcas leads the series with three wins in exchange for a draw and a defeat.
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Key player: Necaxa
Maxi Salas has become the referent of the attack, contributing not only with the offensive generation, but with already six goals.
Key player Monarcas Morelia
The performances of Sebastian Sosa have provoked a good run. Monarcas fans hope to continue maintaining the good level to help his team achieve the victory tonight.
Last lineup of Necaxa
González; Noya, Chávez, Alvarado, Calderón; Meza, Baeza, Angulo, Gallegos; Delgado, Quiroga.
Last lineup of Monarcas
Sosa; Velarde, Vegas, Achillier; Ramírez, Osuna, Rocha, Mendoza, Lezcano; Sansores, Aristeguieta.
The central referee for Monarcas Morelia vs Necaxa will be Cesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos; Miguel Angel Hernandez Paredes, first assistant; Miguel Angel Chua Ortiz, second assistant; Oscar Macias Romo, fourth assistant.
Necaxa: the leadership
With a combination of results, Necaxa will seek to take the tip of the League. It emphasizes that they have had good performances in quality of visitor.
Morelia: return to Liguilla zone
After having their bye week, Monarcas' objective is to win the three points to settle into the eight best of the championship.
Morelia and Rayos will kickoff the Week 13 of the Mexican Apertura. Both teams have surprised by the results and good football they have shown so far.
The Monarcas Morelia vs Necaxa match will be played at the stadium Morelos, in Morelia, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET.
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