Pulido 36' (1-0) González 90'+1' (1-1)
Goals and Highlights: Chivas Guadalajara 1-1 Pumas UNAM, 2019 Liga MX
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Goals and Highlights: Chivas Guadalajara 1-1 Pumas UNAM, 2019 Liga MX

Chivas did enough to nulify Pumas during the 90 minutes, but Carlos González would have the last word in the scoreboard.

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Highlights from tonight's game
This is how González tied up the match.
Full Time | Chivas Guadalajara 1-1 Pumas UNAM
The game ends with a draw. Although Pumas did not have a good performance, they manage to take a point home.

For Chivas, the draw has a sour taste after losing the lead in stoppage time.

Iturbe finds a ball on the edge of the ball and put strikes with everything he has. The ball goes just over the bar.
Quintana almost heads it in for the win, but the defense is able to sende it to corner kick.
90'+2' | Red card for Chivas
Huerta is sent off after making a nasty challenge out of frustration.
90'+1' | Pumas GOOOOOOOAL!
Carlos González heads extremely long ball and places it in the top right corner to equalize it.
The second half will have five added minutes.
Huerta is carded for putting his arm in a Pumas player's face.
82' | Chivas substitution
Huerta comes in to replace Alan Pulido.
Pumas take control of the match, but they haven't worried Toño Rodríguez.
76' | Substitution in Chivas
Michael Pérez takes Villalpando's place on the pitch.
74' |Red card for Chivas
Alexis Vega is sent off after stepping on Mozo's thigh.
Mora passes a ball backwards towards Mendoza who strikes it wide from the target.
Villalpando gets inside the box and gives the ball to Ponche who strikes it.

Saldívar gets a hand on it and his defense then clears it.

Yellow card for Alan Mozo.
69' | Third substitution in Pumas
Jeison Angulo leaves. Bryan Mendoza comes into the pitch.
Brizuela cuts inside and looks to finish to the near post. Saldívar is well-placed and catches the shot.
Dieter Villalpando sees a yellow card after fouling Mora.
Dangerous play from Pumas that ends in a collision between Carlos González and Toño Rodríguez.
Chivas tries to hit Pumas on the break, but the last touch from Brizuela to Pulido is too short.
Mora is carded after a strong challenge on Sánchez.
56' | Pumas substitution
Brian Figueroa is replaced by Felipe Mora.
Mayorga finds some space and hits the ball. His attempt goes wide.
Brizuela hits the ball to Saldívar's position. The keeper controls it after giving a short rebound.
Long distance shot that Toño Rodríguez easily stops.
46' | Second Half begins
Both teams resume the game in the pitch of Estadio Akron.
Half-Time | Chivas Guadalajara 1-0 Pumas UNAM
We go to the break with advantage for Chivas. Tena's team has had better use of the ball and showed better offensive ideas.
Vega recieves a through ball and decides to strike it. His shot does not find the target.
We'll have six minutes of stoppage time.
Another look at Pulido's finish for the 1-0
Malcorra takes a free kick that ends up hitting Mier's face.
Carlos González was through on goal, but Alanís fouls him and earns himself a yellow card.
36' | Chivas GOOOOOOOAL!
Pulido makes Saldívar dive the other way and strikes gently into the bottom corner.
34' | Chivas Penalty!
The referee determines that there's a foul on the play and we'll have Pulido striking from the spot.
33' | VAR Check!
Jorge Isaac Rojas will check to see if there's a foul worthy of a penalty.
Sánchez crosses. There seems to be a push from the defender on Pulido inside the box.
28' | Pumas Substitution
Freire won't be able to continue and will leave his place for Pablo Jáquez.
Freire seems to have a muscle injury. The squad doctors rush to see if he can continue.
The game lacks precise passes and has lots of possesion changes from both squads.
Quintana is just able to clear a cross that would leave Alan Pulido alone against the keeper.
Carlos González attempted to head a ball towards Iturbe's position, but the paraguayans fail to connect.
Villalpando strikes the ball from a distance, but the ball goes wide.
Chivas attempt to widen the pitch. The play ends with a bad cross form 'Chapo' Sánchez.
Both teams start the game with intensity. The fight for possession is centered in midfield.
We're underway for this Chivas against Pumas at Estadio Akron.
Chivas' fanbase asking for win!
Luis Fernando Tena has a great opportunity to show that his Chivas are different from Boy. This is Tena's night.
Less than 10 minutes for the so awaited kickoff. Stay here with us!
Fans are getting to their seats. However, there are still some big gaps in the stands.
Our photographer José Acosta is already at pitch level to capture the best moments.
Pumas: Lineup
Saldívar; Mozo, Quintana, Freire, Angulo; Figureoa, Vigon, Iniestra, Malcorra, Iturbe, González


Chivas: Lineup
Rodríguez; Alaníz, Ponce, Mier, Sanchez, Mayorga; Villalpando, Molina, Brizuela; Pulido, Vega
Chivas is out on the pitch ready to start the warmup session.
Eduardo Lopez has scored two goals against Pumas at Akron Stadium.
Josecarlos Van Rankin is the only player from the current Chivas and Pumas squads who has worn both shirts.
Teams' lineups will be announced shortly.
We arrived at the press box in advance to bring you the best coverage of the match. From this location, we will be informing you.
Pumas' bus was scorted to the stadium by state policemen.
Our reporters captured the exact moment when the bus transporting the Chivas players arrived at Akron.
Even the mariachi is ready for this promising Chivas vs Pumas.
Our live coverage begins!
It's just over an hour until the soccer ball rolls in this exciting Chivas vs Pumas here at Akron Stadium.
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Pumas' most recent starting XI
Saldívar; Mozo, Quintana, Freire, Angulo; Iniestra, Malcorra, Vigón; Barrera, Itube, González.
Chivas' last line-up!
Rodríguez; Van Rankin, Alanís, Briseño, Ponce, Sepúlveda; Molina, Brizuela, Cervantes; Vega, Pulido.
Can Pumas make it five undefeated games?
The blue-and-gold squad has been in great form during the last month with no defeats since August 29th at Estadio BBVA.

In their most recent game, Pumas showed their home-ground strength and defeated a strong Santos side by scoring twice on the last twenty minutes.

Oswaldo Alanís will be accompanied by Mier and Sepúlveda
Due to Antonio Briseño's suspension after being sent off for a terrible tackle on Gio Dos Santos, the central defender spot is expected to be filled in by Hiram Mier.

Alanís will be joined by the former Querétaro player and the youngster Sepúlveda in order to try to keep a clean sheet and start the comeback.


Pumas to stay unbeaten against the other big teams
Under Michel, Pumas have held their own against other important teams.
They managed to get 1-1 draws against America and Cruz Azul although those rivals have significantly more expensive rosters.

Against Chivas, they hope to score a win that can cement them in the play-off spots.

A second chance for Tena
Luis Fernando Tena's first two league matches leading Chivas are very high-profile.

Although his team did not do well in 'El Clásico Nacional', the game against Pumas is a chance for redemption before their home crowd.
Kick-off time
The Chivas Gudalajara vs Pumas UNAM match will be played at the Estadio Akro, in Zapopan, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:06 pm ET.
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