1-0, min. 16, Domínguez. 1-1, min. 37, Rodríguez. 1-2, min. 40, Martin. 2-2, min. 53, Aguilar. 3-2, min. 59, Alvarado. 4-2, min. 62, Pineda. 5-2, min. 75, Rodríguez.
Goals and Highlights: Cruz Azul 5-2 América, 2019 Liga MX 
Image: VAVEL

Goals and Highlights: Cruz Azul 5-2 América, 2019 Liga MX 

America won 1-2 at half-time but the expulsion of Roger Martinez opened the way for La Máquina to end up beating the Águilas by a score of 5-2.

Carlos Avilés


Finish the game! Cruz Azul beat America 5-2 at the Estadio Azteca.
90'. 4 minutes are added to the match.
Substitution of Cruz Azul |
89'. Orbelín Pineda leaves and Elías Hernández enters.
86'. Yellow Card for Jonathan Rodríguez.
Goal Rodríguez
In this way, Jonathan Rodriguez scored the fifth goal of the night.
What a goal
This was Orbelín Pineda's great goal.
82'. Red card for Miguel Herrera.
81'. Yellow card for Carlos Vargas.
Substitution of Cruz Azul |
80'. Yoshimar Yotún leaves and Igor Lichnosvky enters.
Substitution of Cruz Azul |
78'. Rafa Baca leaves and Matías Fernández enters.
76'. Yellow card for Roberto Alvarado.
74'. What a goal by Cruz Azul! The 'Cabecita' Rodríguez went crazy with his definition.
74'. Yellow Card for Emmanuel Aguilera.
73'. Yellow Card for Rafael Baca.
Substution of América |
69'. Andrés Ibargüen leaves and Federico Viñas enters.
67'. Yellow card for Guido Rodríguez.
Cruz Azul goal
That was Roberto Alvarado's goal to regain the advantage.
Substitution of America |
65'. Sebastián Córdova leaves and Fernando González enters.
62'. Orbelín Pineda scores a goal to increase the advantage in favour of Cruz Azul.
61'. Cruz Azul goal again! This is a blue dance.
59'. Again the set-piece hurts the Águilas and Roberto Alvarado scores 3-2.
58'. Cruz Azul Goal! La Máquina regains the advantage.
56'. Yellow card for Milton Caraglio.
53'. In the corner, Pablo Aguilar stands up to tie the game.
50'. Red card for Roger Martínez for a hit with his elbow on Rafa Baca.
49'. Cruz Azul saved! America came close to scoring the third of the match after a free kick.
48'. Renato Ibarra's shot that Corona catches.
Substitution of America
47'. Jorge Sánchez leaves and Carlos Vargas enters.
46'. Rodríguez's shot that Ochoa rejects to one side.
46'. Start the second half!
Henry Martin goal
Three minutes later, Henry Martin scored this goal to send America to the front.
America first goal
With this great shot from outside the area, Guido Rodriguez tied the match.
Cruz Azul goal
That's how 'Cata' Dominguez headed home to open the scoreboard.
Now we will review the goals at the time of this Cruz Azul 1-2 America.
45+2. Finish the first half! Great comeback of America that lost the match and goes to the break winning 1-2.
41'. Great shot from Henry Martin to score America's second goal.
40'. Another goal for América!
37'. Guido Rodríguez's mid-range shot that Corona can't save.
37'. America's goal!
35'. Domínguez's finishing touch from the field.
34'. Corner shot for Cruz Azul.
32'. Yellow card for Pablo Aguilar.
30'. After the first half-hour of match the score is 1-0 in favour of the locals.
28'. Once again Ochoa saves his team.
27'. Yellow card for Jorge Sánhcez for foul on Julio Domínguez.
26'. Escobar's shot that goes to the goalkeeper's hands.
26'. Cruz Azul is now the one who takes the initiative in the game.
22'. Ochoa's great shortcut! America's goalkeeper saves his goal after Caraglio's shot.
21'. Corner shot for Cruz Azul.
20'. Free kick for America.
16'. The 'Cata' Domínguez gets up in the area to finish off the centre and score the first goal of the match.
15'. Corner shot for Cruz Azul.
12'. Corner shot for America.
10'. First ten minutes and the match remains goalless.
7'. Center by Jonathan Rodriguez and the defense rejects.
5'. Yoshimar Yotún's shot that leaves deviated.
4'. Free kick for Cruz Azul outside the area.
3'. So far America has the initiative with the ball.
2'. Bruno Valdez's head finish that goes astray.
1'. Corner kick for America.
1'. Start the game!
The Liga MX Anthem sounds and the two teams take to the field.
America and Cruz Azul are finishing their warm-up and getting ready to take the field.
We're at Aztec Stadium.
(Photo: VAVEL México)
(Photo: VAVEL México)
América Lineup |
Ochoa; Aguilar, Valdez, Aguilera, Sánchez; Rodríguez, Córdova, Ibarra, Ibargüen; Martínez y Martin.
America also makes two changes to their line-up for tonight's game.
Cruz Azul Lineup |
Corona; Escobar, Domínguez, Aguilar, Aldrete; Baca, Yotún; Pineda, Alvarado, Rodríguez y Caraglio.
Cruz Azul's team makes two moves in their line-up compared to their last match.
Both Cruz Azul and America have begun to make their way to the Estadio Azteca. In one moment we will share the line-ups of the match.
Our live coverage starts now!
We are less than hour and a half away from this Clasico Joven's kickoff.
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Club América: Last Lineup
Ochoa; Aguilar, Aguilera, Valdez, Sánchez; Rodríguez, Córdova; Ibarra, Dos Santos, Martínez y Viñas.
Cruz Azul: Last Lineup
Corona; Domínguez, Aguilar, Lichnovsky, Aldrete; Baca, Yotún; Hernández, Pineda, Rodríguez y Caraglio.
Club América: Team News
America won the 200th edition of the National Classic by beating Guadalajara's Chivas 4-1.
Cruz Azul: Team News
On the last match, Cruz Azul's team lost 2-0 in their visit to Pachuca.
Flight to the top
Miguel Herrera's team are third in the standings with 21 points, the product of 5 wins, 6 draws and only one defeat; the Águilas are looking for leadership.
Last call for 'La Máquina'
Robert Dante Siboldi's team are in 14th place in Apertura 2019 with 13 points, accumulating 2 wins, 7 draws and 3 defeats; this day is crucial to decide their future.
Tonight will be another edition of the Clasico Joven in Mexico City, where Cruz Azul will seek to keep league hopes alive, while America seeks the summit in the championship.
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