Kickoff: 7pm ET.
Goals and Highlights: FC Juarez 1-2 Atlético San Luis en 2019 Liga MX
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Goals and Highlights: FC Juarez 1-2 Atlético San Luis en 2019 Liga MX

Relive the minute by minute of the last minute victory of Atlético San Luis on his visit to the Braves de Juárez court. 

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Summary of the best plays in the game.
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The goal of difference for San Luis
FC Juárez 1-2 Atlético San Luis 
90+2 Gooooal of San Luis
Center from the left wing that Ibáñez sends to the goal.
Dangerous center of Rolan but is cut by the defense, Juárez is approaching with danger.
Brambila takes a corner kick from the right but is cut by the defense.
Shot of San Luis but passes away from the goal
Last change for San Luis, Pedro Álvarez leaves and Juan Portales.
Substitution of FC Juárez, Flavio Santos departs and enters number 9 Leandro Carrijo.
Good move by Centurion but is cut by Israel Jiménez and sends it to a corner kick.
Double change, Achen leaves and Brambila enters through Juarez, from San Luis, Mayada leaves and Centurion enters.
Juarez owns the ball and approaches the goal of San Luis.
Ball stopped near the area and passes next to the goal, about to score Juarez.
55' Post!
Lezcano stays close to the second for the locals.
Indirect shot for San Luis, very close to the area but is stopped at the barrier.
Free kick from the left for Juárez but is stopped by the defense.
Change of San Luis, Laso leaves and Castro enters.
Start the second half.
The goal of the tie
FC Juárez 1-1 San Luis
45'+2 Goal of Juárez
Rolan takes off the goalkeeper and makes the draw.
Free kick for Juarez that Lezcano sends on the one hand.
Corner kick for Juarez and the goalkeeper makes a tight tackle, about to draw.
Rolan takes a good cross but is cut by the defense.
Near the second San Luis, Benítez was in front of the goal but his shot goes wide.
Free kick near the area but Lezcano leaves him on the barrier again.
The goal of San Luis
The referee stops the match for hydration.
Near Lezcano, center that tops and almost tied.
20' Goal San Luis
Center from the Gonzalez band that tops Bilbao and falls first.
Luis Reyes's halted ball is stopped by goalkeeper Vázquez.
Many fouls in the midfield of both sets, the game very interrupted
Free kick that Juarez leaves on the barrier.
Long distance shot of San Luis but without danger
Juarez is insistent by the midfield but still without danger
Goal of Lezcano that is canceled out of place
Rolan center and Ibáñez stays close to the auction, although there was no play.
1' Initial whistle
The match starts at the Border
XI San Luis
Rodríguez; Laso, Álvarez, Bilbao, Reyes; Catalán, Mayada, Benítez, Macías; González e Ibáñez.
XI Juárez
Vázquez; Jiménez, Velázquez, Lacerda, Borelli; Intriago, Esquivel; Hachen, Rolán, Santos y Lezcano.
The visitors already leave the field
Old acquaintances
A game with a lot of history in the promotion league, now face to seek to approach league positions
Against breast cancer
Good initiative on the part of the directive of Juarez the third equipment of the equipment.
El Atlético ya rumbo al estadio
Don't take off from here.
As soon as they are ready we will share the initial Juarez vs. San Luis line-ups, as well as the latest information from the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium. Don't miss the minute-by-minute live online match from VAVEL.
Where and how to watch FC Juarez vs Atlético de San Luis online and live
The match will be broadcast on television on the TUDN channel.

FC Juarez vs. San Luis can be tuned from the live streams of the TUDN App. If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

Watch out for this San Luis player
Nicolás Ibáñez has scored five times in this tournament, scoring in the last four games of San Luis, so he will want to help add to his team by continuing that scoring streak.
Watch out for this Juarez player
Darío Lezcano is the maximum scorer of the team of the border, adds 4 annotations in which it goes of the Mexican Championship, although it does not mark from the date 10 it is a player of danger for the rival defenses.
Last lineup of San Luis
Rodríguez; Catalán, Bilbao, Laso, Reyes; Portales, Castro, Mayada; Benítez, Berterame and Ibáñez.
Last lineup of Juarez
Vázquez; Jiménez, Lacerda, Velazquez, Acosta; Fernández, Intriago, Esquivel; Santos, Lezcano and Rolan
Last call
Both teams present themselves for the match outside the group zone, they need urgent victory to get close to the top eight places.
Needed of points
Atletico San Luis are going through their worst run in the championship, arriving at this match with three defeats in a row.
To keep up the good streak
Despite being at the bottom of the table, the border team leagues three games without losing in the championship (1 win, 2 draws)
Sunday match from the border of the country, both with need of points what guarantees to be a good encounter
Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match FC Juarez vs Atlético San Luis, corresponding to Day 13 of the Opening 2019 Liga MX. The match will take place in the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium at 18:00 hours.