Goals and Highlights: Chivas 0-1 Monarcas, 2019 Friendly Game
Image: VAVEL


End game
Goooooooooooool of Morelia.

Finish Reyes to make the first one

Chivas responds with Huerta's header that attacks Sosa
Nothing for anyone in California and it looks like it'll end in a goalless draw.
Photo: Chivas
Photo: Chivas
Combination between Lezcano and Maple that goes above
Change of Chivas. Goodbye to Sandoval and Villanueva enters
Monarcas squeeze, Sansores shot that saves Torres
Watch out for Morelia! Now it's Ramirez's turn to shoot at the frame and the ball crashes into the post. Monarcas is closer to the first
Maple with closed corner throw cashing that hits the net from the outside
Sansores enters the area, but Mier in the cover keeps the danger away
Remate with power of Reyes that covers the canterano Torres
Another change of Chivas. Peralta leaves and Gonzalez enters
Center of Lezcano that goes to the hands of the goalkeeper Torres
Also the Chivas made modifications for the second half
Velarde's direct free kick that goes off diverted
Luis Mendoza putting intensity in every part of the field
Photo: Morelia
Photo: Morelia


Changes of Monarcas. 9 leave and 9 enter
The second time starts
Half time
Chivas 0-0 Monarcas
To debate... At the end of this tournament, should Tena remain at the helm of Chivas?
Photo: Chivas
Photo: Chivas
Sansores was preparing for the shot but was shot down. In the free kick did not go to major
In image... this was the eleven with which Luis Fernando Tena jumped onto the court.

Sandoval's shot that attacks Gutiérrez under the three posts
We left you one of the images of the game. So far the tie remains 0-0 
Photo: Morelia
Photo: Morelia
Catalan avoids the first one after clearing the ball on the line
Oribe was already preparing, but Achillier's saving leg prevents him from finishing off the 'beautiful'.
Monarcas insists again, but Paolo Medina fails his distant shot.
One of the most participative has been Gael Sandoval, but the majority of its overflows have been contained in good form by the Morelian defensive.
Few approximations and many fouls in the first minutes of the match
Monarcas also approaches from Osuna's attempt to stop José Rodríguez
Oh, Oribe! He had it at the height of the penalty spot, but the ball hit the top of the net
Perez's shot of medium distance that saves the young Gutierrez under the three posts. The first approximation of the game
Nothing for anyone so far. Typical friendly match in which neither of the two can have the dominion of the game.
It emphasizes that Antonio Briseño returns to the titularity, although it is in friendly, remembering the play in where Gio injured two saints
Start the match
With this uniform, Chivas will jump on the field to face Morelia
Foto: Chivas
Foto: Chivas
It's not the best picture of Alanis, but he declares himself ready for this friendly duel.
Foto; Jaime Landeros
Foto; Jaime Landeros
XI Monarcas
Gutiérrez; Catalán, Achilier, Loeschbor, Ortíz; Mendoza, Osuna, Miller, Medina; Ferreira, Sansores
We've seen Monarcas warm up. Now let's follow closely that of Chivas
Between the two in 24 games in the MX League, totaling 31 goals
Morelia thus arrived at the Stadium to face the friendly match. It should be remembered that there is no activity in the league because it is a FIFA Date.
Monarcas Morelia begins warming up just minutes before the start of the game
XI Chivas
Rodríguez; Van Rankin, Sepúlveda, Briseño, Zendejas; Torres, Pérez, Sandoval, Huerta; Madrigal, Peralta.
Chivas and Monarcas have played great games in recent years. Will Raley Field witness another great match?


This is what the court looks like in California where Chivas vs Monarcas will play for the second time in less than two months.
Chivas goes through Mexican territory and if you don't believe us, check this out.
This will be the third game in front of Luis Fernando Tena with Chivas, accumulates a draw and a defeat
In this way the Chivas practiced on American soil
Both teams are currently outside the league zone and this match will serve to regain confidence
These are some of the data for this match that you should know
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Latest games
On September 20 these teams faced each other in the MX League with Monarcas 1-0 victory.
How to watch Chivas vs Monarcas Morelia Live TV and Stream
The match will not be broadcast on television

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Key player Monarcas
An explosive player in recent matches has been the famous 'Shaggy' for his imbalance on the flanks.

Key player Chivas
The 'Brush' will have activity to show itself and demonstrate to Tena that it is to be the holder.

Absent players Monarcas
Sebastian Vegas, Edison Flores and Fernando Aristeguieta will be present when called by their respective teams.
Absent players Chivas
Raúl Gudiño, Alexis Vega, Fernando Beltrán, Alan Cervantes and Alejandro Mayorga will not be called by the Tricolor.
Last lineup of Monarcas
Sosa; Martínez, Trejo, Vegas, Velarde; Del Ángel, Rocha, Mendoza, Lezcano; Aristeguieta, Flores.
Last lineup of Chivas
Rodríguez, Sánchez, Mier, Alanís, Mayorga; Villalpando, Molina, Ponce; Brizuela, Pulido, Vega.
Monarcas: regaining confidence
Two consecutive 3-2 defeats have hit rock bottom in Morelia, so the friendly will help them regain confidence.
Chivas: Meet the group
Luis Fernando Tena will be able to contemplate players he had not been able to see to consider them for the final stretch of the season.
Kick-off time
The Chivas vs Monarcas Morelia match will be played at the stadium Raley Field, in California, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30 pm ET.
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