Goals and Highlights: México 2-2 Argentina, U-22 Friendly Match
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9:01 PM2 years ago


Watch again the goals of Mexico 2-2 Argentina.

8:56 PM2 years ago
On 15 October the two teams will meet again, but now they will meet in the City of Pachuca at the Hidalgo Stadium.
8:54 PM2 years ago
Finish the game! Mexico and Argentina draw two goals in an intense match with controversial refereeing.
8:51 PM2 years ago
90'. 3 minutes are added to the match.
8:49 PM2 years ago
89'. Corner shot in favor of Mexico.
8:48 PM2 years ago

Fight between Mexico and Argentina

That was the anger between Mexican and Argentine players.
8:41 PM2 years ago

Substitution of Mexico

81'. Pablo López enters and Fernando Beltrán leaves.
8:38 PM2 years ago
76'. Gaich was given a red card after the fight.
8:37 PM2 years ago
76'. A row broke out between players from Mexico and Argentina. The bench players entered the field.
8:36 PM2 years ago
74'. Great save by Sebastián Jurado.
8:33 PM2 years ago
73'. Corner shot for Mexico.
8:31 PM2 years ago

Substitution of Argentina |

70'. Cervantes leaves and Venegas enters.
8:28 PM2 years ago

Argentina draw again

That's how Robertone tied the score.
8:26 PM2 years ago
62'. Robertone ties the score with a great shot.
8:24 PM2 years ago
62'. Argentina's goal!
8:23 PM2 years ago
In this way Eduardo Aguirre changed the penalty for goal
8:20 PM2 years ago
60'. After one hour the score is Mexico 2-1 Argentina.
8:14 PM2 years ago
53'. After a dubious penalty, Mexico retake the lead and beat Argentina 2-1.
8:13 PM2 years ago
52'. Mexico Goal! Eduardo Aguirre changes the penalty for goal.
8:12 PM2 years ago
51'. Expulsion for the coach from Argentina.
8:10 PM2 years ago
50'. Penalty for Mexico!
8:06 PM2 years ago
46'. Start the second half!
8:04 PM2 years ago
The 22 players are now out on the field of play.
7:48 PM2 years ago
45'. Termina la primera mitad. México y Argentina empatan en su primer amistoso.
7:45 PM2 years ago
42'. Corner shot for Argentina.
7:44 PM2 years ago
41'. In the final stretch of the match Argentina is more confident and looking for the second goal.
7:40 PM2 years ago
37'. Goal annulled to Argentina for offside of Robertone.
7:33 PM2 years ago
30'. After the first half-hour of play the score is Mexico 1-1 Argentina.
7:30 PM2 years ago

Argentina draw

Mexico's taste was short-lived because Argentina drew the match after a corner kick.
7:29 PM2 years ago

Mexico's goal

This was the play with which the Mexican National Team opened the scoreboard.
7:24 PM2 years ago
21'. Christian Romero's great header to tie the match in Ciudad Juárez.
7:23 PM2 years ago
20'. Goal! Argentina ties the game.
7:22 PM2 years ago
20'. Corner shot for Argentina.
7:19 PM2 years ago
15'. Fernando Beltrán's great cross for Víctor Loroña to open the scoring with a header.
7:18 PM2 years ago
7:17 PM2 years ago
14'. Yellow card for Colombatto.
7:17 PM2 years ago
13'. Eduardo Aguirre's shot that blocks the defense.
7:12 PM2 years ago
10'. Argentina begins to approach the Mexican goal with danger.
7:09 PM2 years ago
7'. Corner shot in favor of Mexico.
7:08 PM2 years ago
5'. First five minutes of match and the macador is still without goals. Little activity on the part of both teams.
7:03 PM2 years ago
1'. Start the match!
6:54 PM2 years ago

Mexico's Lineup |

Jurado; Loroña, Govea, Mora, Cruz; Beltrán, Esquivel, Cervantes; Aguirre, Yrizar y Vega.
6:54 PM2 years ago
The Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium presents an acceptable entrance for the encounter between these two teams.
6:48 PM2 years ago
The temperature in Ciudad Juárez is 22°, ideal for practicing this sport.
6:35 PM2 years ago
The Mexican national team continues its campaign to eradicate the homophobic cry from the stadiums. #FMFporNuestroFutbol
6:23 PM2 years ago

Argentina's Lineup |

Cambeses; De la fuente, Romero, Senesi, Bravo; Vera, Colombatto, Rodríguez, Urzi; Robertone y Gaich.
6:21 PM2 years ago
Let's remember that a month ago both teams saw each other in Texas. The match ended 4-0 in Argentina's favour.

11:51 PM2 years ago
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Argentina's last lineup |

Centurión; Herrera, Pérez, Senesi, Bravo; Valenzuela, Vera, Colombatto, Vargas; Álvarez and Carranza.
11:48 PM2 years ago

Mexico's last lineup |

Gudiño; Mozo, Govea, Angulo, Calderón; Aguirre, Rodríguez, Códrova; Yrizar, Angulo and Macías.
11:46 PM2 years ago

In search of consistency

The Albiceleste will have its last two events before the CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic, where they look like the favorites to win it.
11:45 PM2 years ago

In search of a place

This will be the litmus test for several of these Mexican players, because they will try to win a place in the final squad for the Pre-Olympic.
11:44 PM2 years ago
Jaime Lozano's team will be looking to start taking rhythm to face the CONCACAF Pre-Olympic. This team is full of very talented young players and they have the obligation to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
11:42 PM2 years ago
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