Goals and highlights Puebla 0-1 Atlas, 2019 Liga MX
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Finish the game. Atlas defeats Puebla (0-1) with a goal by Facundo Barceló.
Cavallini's head cap that goes on one side.
Cristopher Trejo's cross-shot going sideways.
Add four minutes.
Change of Atlas. Brayton Vázquez enters, Facundo Barceló leaves.
85' Atlas goal
Center on the left of Trejo, Barceló finishes off at the second post.
Out of Cavallini's place, after Camilo Varga had made a great cut.
Change of both teams. For Puebla, enters Diego Abella, leaves Omar Fernandez. From Atlas, Edgar Zaldívar enters and Christopher Trejo enters.
Andres Andrade's three-finger shot that barely goes above Puebla's goal.
Pablo González is yellow carded for a foul on Andrés Andrade.
Lucas Cavallini's shot that no problem stops Vargas.
Diagonal centre of Isijara, which covers Perg with a corner throw.
Christian Tabo's cross-shot going sideways.
Change of Puebla. Christian Tabó enters, Alan Acosta leaves.
Osvaldo Martínez's free kick that goes over the arch.
Change of Atlas. Mauricio Cuero leaves, Jesús Isijara enters.
Attempt from outside the Ismael Govea area going by one side of the Vikonis frame.
Cavallini's cross shot that goes along one side of Vargas's goal.
Change of Puebla. Lucas Cavallini enters, Christian Marrugo leaves.
Start the second half.
The first half ends. Puebla and Atlas tie without goals.
Add one minute.
Omar Ferández's pass, Diego Abella's header that saves without problems Camilo Vargas.
Chumacero's stroke for Brayan Angulo that shoots volleys over Camilo Vargas's arch.
Pablo González's shot, that without problems stops Camilo Vargas
Nervo's header in Osvaldo Martínez's fault collection that stops Vikonis.
Shot from outside the area of Osvaldo Martinez holding two hands Vikonis.
Shot from outside the Diego Abella area going down the side.
Vikonis is reinstated and the match is resumed.
Nicolas Vikonis is injured.
Centro de Zaldívar, Cuero sought to lower the ball in the small area, but missed the opportunity.
Shot from outside the Omar Fernandez area, deflecting a defender and safely stopping Camilo Vargas.
Shot from outside the Martinez area left alive by Vikonis. After that, Barceló receives with his back, he finishes off with a half turn and contains Vikonis.
Andrés Andrade's Center, Facundo Barceló's shot that goes by a side.
At the start of the match, Atlas handles possession of the ball.
Start the game.
Puebla and Atlas go to the court of the Stadium Cuauhtémoc to carry out the protocol ceremony.
Maintains Leandro Cufré's 4-2-3-1 scheme

Stop of 4-4-3 by Juan Reynoso with the Puebla.

Atlas lineup
C. Vargas; I. Govea, J. Segura, M. Nervo, J. Angulo; L. Reyes, E. Zaldívar, M. Cuero, A. Andrade, O. Martínez; F. Barceló.
Puebla lineup
N. Vikonis; B. Angulo, M. Perg, N. Vidrio, C. Rodríguez; A. Chumacero, P. González, C. Marrugo, A. Acosta; D. Abella, O. Fernández.
Both teams' line-ups confirmed.
A few moments ago, Atlas did the field reconnaissance at the Cuauhtemoc Stadium.

As October is the month of the fight against breast cancer, the players from Puebla will go out on the court with their pink shirt number.
Photo: Club Puebla
Photo: Club Puebla
In the match of the Under 17 category, Santiago Marquez, son of legend Rafael Marquez debuted with the Rojinegro.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Hand in hand between two young men from each team. Alan Acosta on behalf of Puebla and Jairo Torres de Atlas.

The historical front to front between Puebla and Atlas.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Such was Puebla's arrival a few moments ago at the Cuauhtemoc Stadium.
Photo: Club Puebla
Photo: Club Puebla
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Key player Atlas
Facundo Barceló, Atlas forward. The Atlas striker has won the race to Javier Correa with the starting position in the front. The Uruguayan has only scored three goals so far in the tournament. But in addition to his role as a goalscorer, Facundo has a lot of sacrifice to bring balls to midfielders and produce danger in other ways.
Photo: Jose Acosta / VAVEL
Photo: Jose Acosta / VAVEL
Key player Puebla
Alan Acosta, midfielder from Puebla. The Puebla midfielder has had the confidence from the coaching staff to start and respond on the pitch. With his ability on the flanks, he is a danger when it comes to sending crosses into the area.
Photo: Gerardo Cano / VAVEL
Photo: Gerardo Cano / VAVEL
Last lineup Atlas
Vargas; Govea, Nervo, Segura, Angulo; Reyes, Saldívar, Martínez, Torres, Cuero; Barceló.
Last lineup Puebla
Vikonis; Angulo, Perg, Vidrio, Rodríguez; Chumacero, González, Acosta, Marrugo; Abella, Fernández.
Arbitration Quartet
The central referee will be César Arturo Ramos. Jose Martinez and Enrique Martinez will be in attendance. Guillermo Pacheco is elected fourth official.
Atlas, back to the league posts
The Rojinegros has had an irregular tournament without being able to be for several weeks on a positive streak. Despite this, only the goal difference has Atlas out of the group. So they will be looking to beat Puebla to be back in the top eight overall.
Photo: El Heraldo de Mexico
Photo: El Heraldo de Mexico
Puebla, continue on a positive streak
Puebla has had a remarkable improvement, after the arrival of technical director Juan Reynoso. The number of points they have collected makes them dream of getting into the playoffs, but they are forced to beat Atlas on Friday.
Photo: AS México
Photo: AS México
Kick-off Time: 20:00pm ET
The Puebla vs Atlas match will be played at the Cuauhtemoc Stadium, in Puebla, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:00pm ET.
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