Goals and highlights: Veracruz 1-3 Tigres, 2019 Liga MX
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Goal Veracruz 1-3
End game
Veracruz 1-3 Tigres
Three more minutes were added
Gooooooooooooal of Veracruz

Great play as a whole that defines Richards for the 1-3

Valencia crossover that passes close by
Hiniestrosa with the auction of scissors that goes deviated
last change of Tigers. Farewell to Gignac and enters Valencia
Aquino Powered Finish passing on one side
People begin to leave the playing field
Carrasco leaves and Hiniestrosa enters. Last change from Veracruz
Gignac had the room and blew it up. A big boo is carried around the grandstand.
Peññalba's finishing touch and Nahuel's great save under the three posts
Above shot from Gonzalez going off course
Peñalba's shot that doesn't reach Carrasco.
Guzman's bad exit and Richards is lying in the field
Not much happens to the game. Tigres tries little and Veracruz has had few arrivals
TV Azteca commentators report that the order to play came from Ricardo Ferretti's bench.
Richards Center hitting the net from the top
Enter Galicia and go Salcido. Second change of Veracruz
The Chaka is lying on the field after a ball kick
Starts the second half 
Change of Veracruz. Richards enters and Chávez leaves.

Change of Tigres. Vargas and Zelarayán leave. Aquino and Quiñones enter

After what happened in the first few minutes, Oribe Peralta said the following on Twitter... Do you agree with the position taken by Tigres?
Half time
Veracruz 0-3 Tigres
Peñalba's header against Guzmán's bad exit and the ball passes over the top.
Four more minutes will be added

Carlos Salcido has also been reprimanded

Villalva's distant shot that passes centimeters from Nahuel's goal.
The game does not improve, although Veracruz has one more player, it seems that his mind is on things off the court.

Peñalba cautioned

Goal of Veracruz but they were in advanced position
Tigres got one less and the game in the same tonic. There is an uncomfortable silence in the stadium.
Rodriguez's free kick that attacks Nahuel in the angle
Dueñas refuse to leave the playing field
Red for Jesus Dueñas after a strong stomp. The action was reviewed in the VAR
According to information from Tv Azteca, Veracruz was going to stop three minutes and the Tigers knew it, but the felines scored two goals and unleashed the controversy between both teams.
Tigres carry the game and are not used thoroughly
Vargas's shot that catches Jury to a hand
There was discomfort in the players of Veracruz because the Tigers to the minute began to play and scored two goals.
The match seems to be back to normal, but without much intensity
Gol Tigres 3-0
Tigres 2-0
Tigres 1-0
There's a lot of confusion and bewilderment about what's going on in the game. 
Gooooooooaaaal of Tigres

Vargas defines 3-0

Dueñas is getting a lot of fouls in the first few minutes.
The players of Veracruz seem to be playing little by little in a normal way
Goaaal de Tigres. Gignac 2-0
Veracruz isn't playing. All the players of Veracruz are standing on the field
Tigres Goooooooooool

Gignac long distance 1-0

The match is stopped, the bench players are on the edge of the field
Start the match
All set for the start of the game
In this way, Veracruz will try to eradicate homophobic shouting.
This day the former player from Veracruz, Jose Rivas, said that if there are verbal agreements with the sharks and not to pay him, according to their statements, even called him a rapist.
Whatever happens, Veracruz will remain at the bottom of the tables
In case of winning, Tigres will be reaching 23 points and would share second place with Santos.
Veracruz is three games away from drawing the world's winning streak
The entry so far in the Luis Pirate Fuente. From bad to sad
Photo: A nivel de cancha
Photo: A nivel de cancha
The balance in short tournaments greatly favors Tigres

On February 8 the faces were seen in Veracruz with victory of the Tigers with two goals in the last minutes of Francisco Venegas.
At this moment Veracruz is warming up in a normal way on the playing field.
XI Tigres
Guzmán; Ayala, Sánchez, Venegas, Rodríguez; Carioca, Zelarayán, Pizarro, Dueñas; Vargas, Gignac.
There is no novelty in the lineup of Veracruz. Players who had been regular headlines, will do it again tonight.
XI Veracruz
Jurado; Kontogiannis, Salcido, Lozoya, López; Carrasco, Rodríguez, Peñalba, González; Chávez, Villalva.
Veracruz league two consecutive draws where he was nothing to win, but in the end both Toluca and Leon tied him at the last minute.
Already in football, Tigres returned to the path of triumph and adds two victories in line against Monterrey and Santos.
The Veracruz players did arrive and thus arrived at the building
Photo: Veracruz
Photo: Veracruz
This is how Tigres left the hotel on his way to the Stadium.
People didn't hesitate to come and that's how they make themselves present in the Port.
Photo: Esto
Photo: Esto
The teams have already arrived at Luis Pirata Fuente to continue the "Botanero Friday".
Foto: Once diario
Photo: Once diario
A little over an hour before the game starts, everything seems to indicate that it will take place normally and therefore we will bring you the best coverage of Veracruz vs Tigres.
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Latest games
The Tigres have five wins in a row against the sharks on any court, including three in a row in Veracruz.
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Key player Tigres
Frenchman Andre-Pierre Gignac has returned to the path of goal and the club's all-time leading scorer will be looking to repeat the dose against the Sharks.

Key player Veracruz
Although he has conceded many goals since debuting in the MX League, Sebastian Jurado has also had great performances to avoid more goals in his goal.

Last lineup of Tigres
Guzmán; Rodríguez, Ayala, Salcedo, Torres; Dueñas, Carioca, Pizarro, Zelarayán; Valencia, Gignac.
Last lineup of Veracruz
Jurado; Lozoya, Salcido, López, Kontogiannis; Rodríguez, Íñiguez, Abraham; Villalba, Chávez, Carrasco.
The Arbitration Quartet
The central referee of this Veracruz vs Tigres will be Fernando Hernandez Gomez, Michel Alejandro Morales Morales, front row, Cesar Cerritos Garcia, second row, Abraham de Jesus Quirarte Contreras, fourth assistant.
Tigres: for the three points
Given the conditions of the game, it seems that Ricardo Ferretti's team has this way to add three more points and consolidate towards the big party.
Veracruz: concentration
Beyond that have not won in the past 39 games, Veracruz will have to put aside all the extra court problems they have had in recent months.
The match was at risk of not being played because of the lack of payments to the players of Veracruz, who notified last Wednesday that they would not show up at the stadium.
Kick-off time
The Veracruz vs Tigres match will be played at the stadium Luis Pirata Fuente, in Veracruz, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET.
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