Goals and Highlights: Necaxa 2-2 America, Liga MX 2019
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Watch again the goals and best plays of this Necaxa 2-2 America.

After rescuing the tie, America reaches 21 points and is in fifth position. The next matchday they will host Puebla at the Azteca Stadium.
With this result, Necaxa remains in position 2 of the table with 24 points. The next one will visit Atlas in Jalisco Stadium.
Finish the game! With a man down, America was able to draw in the last few minutes.
America tie the game
That was Henry Martin's great goal to tie the game.
4 minutes will be added to the game
Martin's shot that saves Hugo.
With some kind of bicycle shot, Henry Martin ties the game.
Goal of America!
Own-goal by Aguilera
Necaxa has already turned the game around thanks to this own goal.
Quiroga tie the game
So was the tie goal.
Ochoa is moored in the center of Calderón and Emmanuel Aguilera ends up scoring an own.goal.
America is saved! Quiroga sends his shot from one side of the goal.
Substitution of America: Renato Ibarra leaves and Andrés Ibargüen enters.
Goal of Ibarra vs Necaxa
That was the first goal of the match courtesy of Renato Ibarra.
Calderón's great center and Mauro Quiroga's header to tie the match.
Goal of Necaxa!
Substitution of Necaxa: Fernando Meza leaves and Eduardo Herrera enters.
Renato Ibarra's cross shot to beat Hugo Gonzalez and open the scoreboard.
Great goal of America!
Substitution of America: Sebastián Cordova leaves and Fernando González joins.
Necaxa presses America in this second half.
Great save by Ochoa vs Necaxa
So was Ochoa's spectacular save.
Another great save by Memo Ochoa to save his goal.
Jesus Lopez shot at the hands of Hugo Gonzalez.
America is saved! Memo Ochoa's great save against Maxi Salas' cross shot.


Great save by Hugo González
That's how Renato Ibarra fired and that's how Hugo Gonzalez stopped him.
Quiroga's head finish that goes over the goal.
A three-quarter-field foul in America's favour.
Renato Ibarra's shot that Hugo Gonzalez rejects to the side.
America substitution: Nicolás Benedetti leaves and Ramón Juárez enters.
Start the second half!
First Half Highlights
These were the best actions of the first 45 minutes.
Finish the first half! In a very tough game, Necaxa and America draw without a goal.
Add two minutes to the first time.
Tiro de esquina para Necaxa.
Yellow card for Fernando Meza.
Expulsion of Guido Rodríguez
This was the play for which Guido Rodriguez was expelled.
After checking the VAR, the referee confirms the expulsion of Guido Rodriguez.
The referee will review the play in the VAR.
Red card for Guido Rodriguez! America gets ten players.
Great save by Memo Ochoa vs Necaxa
With this great save Memo Ochoa kept his goal at zero.
Necaxa is saved
That's how Felipe Gallegos saved on the line what could be the first goal of the match.
After the first half-hour of play, the scoreboard still has no goals.
Sebastián Córdova's shot that covers the defense.
Renato Ibarra's center that can't find a killer.
Necaxa is saved! Felipe Gallegos saves America's goal on the line.
Corner shot in favor of America.
Both Necaxa and America have already had the opportunity to open the scoring but have not been able to finish the plays.
Aguilera shot going off course.
Yellow card for Rodrigo Noya.
America is saved! Angulos's shot that Memo Ochoa deflects with a slap towards the post.
After ten minutes of play, neither team is damaged.
Close America! Richard Sanchez's shot that comes close to the post.
Fault of Maxi Salas on Bruno Váldez.
Foul of Jesús López on Maximiliano Salas.
Richard Sanchez's foul on Ricardo Chavez.
Necaxa touches the ball all over the field and doesn't let America play.
Start the game!
Both teams are already on the field of the game.
Last visits
That's how it has gone to America in its last visits to Aguascalientes.

NEC 2-1 AMÉ AP18
NEC 1-1 AMÉ CL18
NEC 1-1 AMÉ AP16 (Semifinal)
NEC 1-1 AMÉ AP16
NEC 1-4 AMÉ CL13 Cup
NEC 1-0 AMÉ CL11
NEC 2-0 AMÉ AP08
NEC 2-0 AMÉ CL08
NEC 1-2 AMÉ CL07

This is how Aguascalientes fans support their Rayos.
Miguel Herrera's team will come out with a 4-2-3-1. The Richard-Guido duo will take the midfield again. Nico Benedetti is back in the starting line-up.
(Photo: Liga MX)
(Photo: Liga MX)
As we've seen, Necaxa will come out today with the classic 4-4-2 after Ricardo Chavez's return to the starting line-up.
(Photo: Liga MX)
(Photo: Liga MX)
That's how the blue-cream team arrived at Victoria Stadium.

¡Llegó América al Estadio Victoria! :alto_voltaje:

Así arribaron las Águilas en Aguascalientes para enfrentar a Necaxa :águila:

:proyector_de_cine:l @JCZamora07 pic.twitter.com/kBd9xoNfb1

— TUDN MEX (@TUDNMEX) October 20, 2019
After two months without activity, Nico Castillo will jump on the bench with America's team.
(Photo: encanchacl)
(Photo: encanchacl)
América Substitutes
They'll be on the bench in America:

Jiménez; Vargas, Juárez, González, Ibargüen, Viñas and Castillo.

Necaxa Substitutes
On the Necaxa bench they'll be:

Gutiérrez; Peña, González, Mercado, Pérez, Contreras and Herrera.

América Lineup
Ochoa; Aguilar, Valdez, Aguilera, López; Rodríguez, Sánchez, Córdova, Ibarra, Benedetti and Martin.
Necaxa lineup
González; Meza, Alvarado, Noya, Calderón; Baeza, Chávez, Gallegos, Angulo; Quiroga and Salas.
Ready the line-ups of the encounter. Here we present them to you.
U-20 result
Necaxa got the W this evening with Fernando Plascencia and José Cobián goals.
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Key player América
Henry Martin; forward. The blue-cream striker has returned in great form and has become a threat of goal for opponents.

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Key player Necaxa
Mauro Quiroga; forward. The Argentinian player is the maximum in terms of attack for Los Rayos. Quiroga has just scored two goals in his last match.

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Last lineup of América
Ochoa; Aguilar, Valdez, Aguilera, Sánchez; Rodríguez, Córdova, Ibarra; Ibargüen, Martínez y Martin.
Last lineup of Necaxa
González; Meza, Alvarado, Noya, Calderón; Baeza, Gallegos, Angulo; Salas, Quiroga y Delgado.
The Arbitration Quartet
The central referee of this Necaxa vs América will be Eduardo Galván Basulto, Andrés Hernández Delgado, front row, José Alfredo López, second row, Jorge Isaac Rojas, fourth assistant.
América: don't want a scare
Miguel Herrera's team is fourth in the standings with 21 points, accumulating 5 wins, 6 draws and 2 defeats. A defeat today would complicate their entry into the playoffs.
Necaxa: close to the playoffs
The team directed by Memo Vázquez are second overall with 24 points, accumulating 7 victories, 3 ties and 3 defeats. A win tonight would bring them closer to the qualification.
Kick-off time
The Necaxa vs América match will be played at the Victoria Stadium, in Aguascalientes, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET.
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