Goals and Highlights: Monterrey 1-1 Chivas, 2019 Liga MX
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Highlights from tonight's match
Full-Time | Monterrey 1-1 Chivas
The game ends with a draw. Monterrey had far more chances, but Guadalajara remained cohesive and was able to gain a point from a difficult venue.
We'll have three minutes of added time for the second half.
Gallardo dribbles down the wing. The cross is headed by Jansen, but the ball ends up wide.
Yellow card for Ortíz after a strong challenge on Cervantes.
80' | Rayados substitution
Maxi Meza replaces Vangioni.
80' | Chivas substitution
Alan Pulido has left the pitch and Sepulveda is in the game.
Jansen has his first opportunity. His shot is very weak and is easily handled by the keeper.
Chivas makes a good sequence, but Montes got in the way before Vega's finish could reach the goal.
73' | Monterrey substitution
Dorlan Pabón comes off, while Jansen will have about 20 minutes of game time.
Funes Mori dribbles inside the box and shoots at Rodríguez's near post.

The Chivas keeper once more saves his team from conceading.

Yellow card for Medina after a sliding tackle on Vega.
Montes hits an amazing volley which hits the bar.

On the second chance, Layún heads it but Rodríguez dives to make another important save.

Dorlan Pabón strikes with his left. Rodríguez remains in his first post and finds the ball with ease.
Vega gets into the box and looks to beat Barovero, but the keeper gets his tips on it to send it over the bar.
Counterattack by Monterrey. Pabón gives the ball to Layún who assists Funes Mori, but the argentine striker's shot is blocked by Mayorga.
61' | Chivas substitution
Oribe Peralta is substituted by Alexis Vega.
Ortíz finds a rebound and strikes. The ball goes just over the bar!
Strike from Ponce that fails to find Barovero's goal.
Rayados try to hit Guadalajara on the counter, but Alanís is able to get his head on a pass looking for Funes Mori.
Medina sends a good cross looking for Funes Mori, but Sánchez is able to send it to corner kick.
45' | Second Half Begins
The game between Rayados and Chivas is back for its last 45 minutes.
Half-Time Stats
This was Ponce's goal to make it 1-1


Half-Time | Monterrey 1-1 Chivas
Although Monterrey were better during the first half-hour, Chivas was able to make ammends and equalize before the break.
Rayados tries to get the lead back with a series of crosses, but Chivas' defense responds and clears the ball on consecutive ocassions.
We'll have two added minutes for the first half.
41' | Chivas GOOOOOOAL!
Oribe Peralta assists Ponce masterfully!

The left-footed man strikes toward the near post with force and beats Barover to equalize it!

Nico Sánchez looks for goal with a header, but Toño Rodríguez keesp it out.

On the second chance, the ball awards the ball to Chivas considering that Sánchez's leg was too high.

Oribe Peralta hits a difficult ball with a scissors kick, but it goes over the bar.
The pitch at Estadio BBVA is still loose. Here Toño Rodríguez tries to re settle a patch of grass after Mayorga's slide lifted it.

Layún finds some space to strike it, but his ball goes wide of the post.
32' | Chivas Substitution
Michael Pérez leaves his place on the pitch for Alan Cervantes.
Molina shows agility to get inside the box. His pass almost finds Pulido, but Ortíz's foot is there to keep the ball from reaching the striker.
Guadalajara looks to get back in the game.

Oribe Peralta is unable to find space to shoot after a good low cross and the defense clears it.

Michael Pérez tries it from a distance, but his shot can't find the goal.
Gallardo's goal to make it 1-0
Another shot by Gallardo. Funes Mori lays off the ball for the left back who strikes it with his weak foot, but the keeper responds again.
Great run from Layún who sends a low-cross looking for Gallardo's foot.

The ball ends up clinched by Toño Rodríguez.

Ponce tries to lead Chivas' reaction to the goal, but Monterrey's defense works well to stop him.
12' | Monterrey GOOOOOOAL!
From the corner kick, the ball is headed at first post, which allows a free Gallardo to find it at the far post and make it 1-0.
Cross looking for Montes. His header goes to Rodríguez's position who does well to stop it.
It's now Gallardo who tries to find the goal, but his shot is deflected towards corner kick.
First attempt by Monterrey, but Layun's strike goes very very far from goal.
After a minute has elapsed, the game is now played with the usual intensity for a Liga MX match.
0'| Kick-Off!
Both teams remain without movement as a show of support towards Veracruz's players who are lacking payments from the team's owner.
Ready to begin!
Both teams shake hands, while the captains, Molina and Pabón, get ready for the coin toss!
Almost ready for kick-off!
Both teams are close to stepping onto the pitch for the closing game of this Week 14 game.

Don't go anywhere!

Rayados share close up images of their warm up!


Uniforms for tonight's match
Rayados will play with their traditional white with blue stripes shirt while Chivas' kit features a red majority and blue horizontal lines on the shirt.

Rayados' starting XI
Barovero; Montes,  Sánchez, Medina, Vangioni, Gallardo; Layún,  Ortíz, González; Funes Mori, Pabón.
Estadio BBVA will use its first grass tonight!


Chivas' starting XI for tonight's match
Rodríguez; Alanís, Mier, Mayorga, Sánchez; Molina, Pérez, Ponce, Brizuela; Peralta & Pulido.

Live from Estadio BBVA!
Warm-up time
The Monterrey players begin their prematch work out ahead of facing Chivas!
Photo: @alexmtz8603
Photo: @alexmtz8603
A look at tonight's venue
Estadio BBVA's pitch looks to be in good form to host tonight's Monterrey vs Chivas.

Will there solidarity with Veracruz?
As in the majority of Liga MX matches this week, it is expected that both teams remain one minute without moving at the start of the game.

This is a protest against the debts that the Veracruz owner has with his players.

Rayados have arrived at home
The home team is in its locker room ahead of the game that closes Week 14 of the 2019 Apertura.

Chivas have made their arrival to Estadio BBVA
A Chivas squad in need of winning makes their way to the locker room at Monterrey's home.

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Alan Pulido has scored in the last 3 league games; it is the first time he has scored in 3 consecutive duels as a Chivas player.
How to watch Monterrey vs Guadalajara: Live Stream Online and Thread?
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Rayados: Last line up
Barovero; Sánchez, Gutiérrez, Medina, Vangioni; Gallardo, Layún, Ortíz, Rodríguez; Meza, Funes Mori, Pizarro.
History on both flanks
Hiram Mier, Jesús Molina, Guillermo Madrigal, Rodolfo Pizarro and Ángel Zaldívar have worn both shirts.
Chivas' most recent results
Chivas recently had a change of manager but have not improved results.

Luis Fernando Tena is yet to win in the league tournament and the team has not won since September 14th against Atlas.

The defeats against Monarcas, Pachuca and America, along with the draw versus Pumas have Chivas second-to-last in the table and with almost no hope of going to the postseason.

With three games without knowing the taste of victory and the dismissal of former coach Diego Alonso still fresh, Rayados come into this game with hopes of regaining form.

A tie against Cruz Azul plus defeats versus Tigres and Queretaro were crucial for the decision to change manager and bring back Mohamed.

Molina knows how much is at stake
Chivas' captain is a former Monterrey footballer and he is conscious of how good of a team they're facing.

He knows they're going to have to be intense and smart in able to get a positive result that can help them avoid the last places of the relegation table and keep their hopes of qualifying alive.

The return of Mohamed
Antonio Mohamed has returned as head coach for Monterrey after the sacking of Diego Alonso. The manager had his last stint with the club from 2015 to 2018 and failed to win any league titles. He lost a final against Pachuca at home, but was able to get a Copa MX title in 2017.

He now hopes to give Monterrey its fifth star and make all doubts about his work go away.

The Rayados vs Chivas match will be played at the Estadio BBVA in Monterrey, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00pm ET.
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