Goals and Highlights: LAFC 5-3 LA Galaxy, 2019 MLS Playoffs
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12:43 AM3 years ago

Game highlights:

12:41 AM3 years ago

Final time

LAFC wins the most important El Trafico clasico! Carlos Vela team is into the next round of the MLS Playoffs.
12:36 AM3 years ago


Five minutesa of aggregated time.
12:27 AM3 years ago


Less than ten minutes. For the live stream, scroll down!
12:26 AM3 years ago


One-on-one that Adama Diomande doesn't waste.
12:23 AM3 years ago


Feltscher nods the ball in to put Galaxy just one goal back.


12:17 AM3 years ago


Less than 20 minutes to go. LAFC is virtually in the Conference Final.
12:14 AM3 years ago


One minute after, the fourt goal is scored by Diomande!
12:12 AM3 years ago


Vela with a perfect pass that put Rossi in front of the goalkeeper.
12:00 AM3 years ago


Zlatan takes advantage of a defensive mistake and ties this game!
11:51 PM3 years ago

LAFC vs Galaxy: LIVE Stream

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The second half is underway here at LA.
11:49 PM3 years ago

Stay with us for the second half

11:47 PM3 years ago

Half-time thoughts

LAFC is leading by one even though the Galaxy is currently dominating with 60.7% possession.

Blackmon is playing solid defense.

And Pavon's goal could have been prevented.

11:45 PM3 years ago
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11:35 PM3 years ago


Great 45 minutes of football. Stay here with us for the live stream of the second part.
11:30 PM3 years ago


Zlatan assists Pavon and the Argentinian forward puts Galaxy on the board.
11:28 PM3 years ago


Vela gets an assistance and tips it in.
11:25 PM3 years ago


LAFC going after every ball like their lives depend on it.
11:22 PM3 years ago

Carlos Vela is Indiana Jones?

11:20 PM3 years ago


Throw-in for Galaxy. Ibrahimovic's team can't react yet.
11:17 PM3 years ago


What happened there, Antuna? The winger tried to cross, but missed the ball.
11:15 PM3 years ago


Vela's team is way superior. The second goal looks closer than Galaxy getting their first one.
11:10 PM3 years ago

LAFC vs Galaxy

11:08 PM3 years ago

Replay: LAFC Goal

He scores off both legs.
11:05 PM3 years ago


What a shot by Carlos Vela! Astonishing goal by the Mexican.
11:02 PM3 years ago

What an amazing tifo

10:43 PM3 years ago
10:40 PM3 years ago
Whatever the outcome of tonight's game, LAFC has the better drum section.
10:37 PM3 years ago
You can feel the magnitude of the game and it's potential to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, MLS games of all time


10:34 PM3 years ago
The hype around this game is too much even for dogs!
10:28 PM3 years ago
The game is about to start. Stay here with us!
10:26 PM3 years ago
Magic Johnson couldn't miss this game. The former NBA player is one of the VIP invitees.
10:23 PM3 years ago
This flyer was handed to each fan at the stadium tonight.
10:21 PM3 years ago

MLS Cup Final hosting order


2. Atlanta

3. Seattle 4.

LA Galaxy

10:19 PM3 years ago

Carlos Vela night

The most scoring forward of this MSL season is ready for tonight.
10:17 PM3 years ago

Something to take into account

If LAFC win tonight, Seattle qualifies for 2020 CCL.

If the Galaxy win, Sounders host Western Conference final.

10:16 PM3 years ago
This is how the pitch looks from the pressbox. Amazing view.
10:12 PM3 years ago
We are twenty minutes away from the kickoff and fans keep getting in their seats.
10:06 PM3 years ago

Lineup: LA Galaxy

Bingham; Gonzalez, Steres, Polenta, Romney, Kitchen, Dos Santos, Antuna, LLetglet, Pavon, and Ibrahimovic.
9:54 PM3 years ago

Lineup: LAFC

Miller; Harvey, Segura, Blackmon, Beitashour, Atuesta, Nguyen, Blessing, Rossi, Rodriguez and Vela.
9:45 PM3 years ago
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9:43 PM3 years ago
Lineups will be confirmed shortly.
9:30 PM3 years ago
Between Vela and Ibrahimovic add up to 64 goals in the season. 34 by Vela and 30 by Ibrahimovic
9:27 PM3 years ago

The hottest ticket in town

Tickets to tonight's LAFC vs Galaxy playoff game tonight are going for more than the Lakers vs Clippers season opener!


9:27 PM3 years ago

Our live coverage begins!

We are less than one hour away from this LAFC vs LA Galaxy kickoff!
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Don't go anywhere!

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this LAFC vs Los Angeles Galaxy match.
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Is LA Galaxy unbeatable for LAFC?

Since the birth of LAFC, the black-and-gold squad have not been able to beat their hometown rivals.

Their most recent match up ended in 3-3 draw on August 19th.

3:57 PM3 years ago

Los Angeles Galaxy: Last Lineup

Bingham; Romney, Polenta, Steres, González; Dos Santos, Kitchen, Lletget; Antuna, Ibrahimovic, Pavón.
3:56 PM3 years ago

Los Angeles FC: Last Lineup

Miller; Blackmon, Zimmerman, Segura, Havery; Kaye, Autesta, Blessing; Rodríguez, Rossi, Vela.
3:54 PM3 years ago

How to watch LAFC vs LA Galaxy Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN App.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!



3:34 PM3 years ago

Carlos Vela is on fire!

It is evident that the move to LA was great for Carlos Vela.

The man born in Cancún expressed that his signing for LAFC renewed his joy of playing soccer and was a good decision for his personal life.


3:28 PM3 years ago

jonathan Dos Santos is confident in beating LA Galaxy

The Mexican international midfielder is confident that his team, at its best, is able to beat any competition in MLS.

Will LA Galaxy have enough to reach a sixth MLS Cup title?


3:20 PM3 years ago

It's Vela vs Zlatan

Arguably the two most exciting men in MLS lead each of the Los Angeles based teams.

Carlos Vela broke the record for the most goals in a single MLS season with 34, while Ibrahimovic's quality is still undeniable at age 38.

Who can take their team to the Conference Final?


3:15 PM3 years ago

Galaxy last eliminated MNUFC

With a 2-1 victory away from home, LA Galaxy was able to secure a spot in the Western Conference Semifinal.

Lletget and Dos Santos were the goal scorers for the victory at Allianz Field.

3:08 PM3 years ago

Best season in MLS histroy!

Los Angeles Football Club’s Supporters’ Shield-winning season also established a mark in recording 72 standings points, the most of any club in Major League Soccer’s 24 seasons, bettering the mark of 71 points set by the New York Red Bulls last season. This impressive form granted them a bye for the for the first play-off round.
3:05 PM3 years ago

Kick-off Time

The Los Angeles FC vs Los Angeles Galaxy match will be played at the Banc of California, in Los Angeles, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30pm ET.


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