Goals and Highlights: Juárez 1-2 Chivas, 2019 Liga MX
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Highlights from tonight's match!
¡Chivas' game-winning goal!
Full Time | Bravos 1-2 Chivas
With a last minute goal from López, Chivas keep their Liguilla hopes alive and defeat Juárez in the closing game of Week 15.
90'+2' | Chivas GOOOOOOAL!
'Chofis' López dribbles and shoots to the near post to beat the keeper and give Chivas the lead!
A free-kick from Chivas forces Vázquez to dive and make a save!
90' | Bravos Substitution
Brambila will play the last few minutes. Rolán is out.
Attempt on goal from Vega. The ball ends up in the stands.
Sandoval carded for protesting the referee's decision to not call a foul.
Santos finds space to shoot, but Rodríguez is well positioned to stop it.
Toño Rodríguez saves Chivas! Castro heads it straigh at the top right corner, but the keeper makes a great dive to get his fingertips on it!
75' | Bravos Substitution
Sagal leaves the pitch while Hachen comes on.
New shot from Pulido. Velázquez makes an easy save.
Shot by Sandoval straight to Vázquez's position.
Shot from Vega that goes off target.
Through ball from Vega for Sandoval, but the defender gets to it first before the Chivas player could look for goal.
64' | Chivas substitution
López will take Cervantes' spot on the pitch.
Brizuela sees the yellow card for a late sliding tackle.
Yellow card for Molina after tripping a rival from behind.
Pulido aims for the top-left corner, but Vázquez gets his fingertips on it and sends it corner kick.
Series of rebounds inside Juarez's box! The ball fails to find the back of the net!
56' | Bravos Substitution
Flavio Santos will replace Mauro Fernández.
Pulido strikes from a distance. No trouble for Vázquez.
Molina's equalizing header!


49' | Chivas GOOOOOOAL!
From the corner kick, Molina heads it and equalizes it!
Sandoval gets into the box, dribbles and shoots with the keeper very close to him. We'll have a corner kick.
46' | Second Half Begins
We're underway for the second 45 minutes of this match!
46' | Chivas Substitutions
Mayorga and Peralta leave their place for Sandoval and Vega.
Highlights from the first 45 minutes!
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Half Time | Bravos 1-0 Chivas
We got to the half with advantage for the home team. Can Chivas make a come back against ten men?
Yellow card for Intriago after a foul near his own box.
Four minutes of added time for this first half.
43' | Red card for Lezcano
The Juárez striker is sent off after insulting referee César Ramos.
Brizuela recieves inside the box, cuts inside and strikes. His ball is over the bar!
Yellow card for Velázquez for a foul from behind on Pulido.
Rolan finds some space and doesn't hesitate to try to shoot. The strong shot  goes wide.
Juárez puts some pressure on Chivas. The game has to be stopped during the attack as Hiram Mier is injured.
Pulido finds a cross from Brizuela, but his header isn't good enough to beat Vázquez.
Shot by Molina well over the bar.
Juárez tries again with another cross from the right wing. The ball is just cleared before Lezcano can strike it.
Lezcano's goal to open up the scoreboard!


Jesús Sánchez gets into the box, cuts inside and shoots. The defender is able to block it with a great sliding tackle.
On the corner kick, Molina heads at  the near post. Vázquez is able to save it with no trouble.
13' | Bravos GOOOOOOAL!
Roland makes a great run and strikes with a lot of force. Rodríguez reacts, but on the rebound Lezcano puts it in.
Fernández runs down the wing and crosses back. Sagal strikes it on the first touch to send the ball just wide of the post.
Both teams struggle to gain possession in midfield. Not much clarity on offense by either team.
First chance for Juárez. Cross from the right wing and Mier is just able to send it over the bar to protect his goal.
0' | Game begins
We're live from Ciudad Juárez!  Bravos vs Chivas is now underway!
Kick-Off Time!
Both teams step onto the pitch as the Liga MX anthem plays.

We're ready for FC Júarez vs Chivas!
Tons of Chivas in the stands tonight!


Chivas: Starting XI
Rodríguez; Sánchez, Mier, Alanís, Mayorga; Molina, Cervantes, Ponce, Brizuela; Peralta & Pulido.

FC Juárez: Starting XI
Vázquez; Jiménez, Castro, Velázquez, Borelli; Fernández, Esquivel, Sagal, Intriago; Lezcano & Rolán.

Chivas are in the house!
Great atmosphere in Juárez

Warm-up Time
As the sun begins to set in Juárez, both teams are now on the pitch doing their pre-match workouts.

We're half hour away from kick-of time!


Record men
Jesús Sánchez and Hiram Mier can set milestones in their carreer today!

If they play, it will be their 200th and 250th Liga MX match respectively.
A look at Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez's pitch ahead of the match
Photo: @yesusperez01
Photo: @yesusperez01
Chivas make their arrival!
Tena's team is ready at the Olímpico Benito Juárez to face the home team in the closing game of Week 15 of this 2019 Apertura.

FC Juárez's fan base begins to make their arrival to their home ground. We'll have to wait and see if they outshone by the large amount of Chivas expected.

Live Coverage Begins
We're an hour away from kick-off in Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez. Don't mis a detail of this Bravos vs Chivas.
Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Bravos vs Chivas match.

How to watch FC Juárez vs Chivas Guadalajara Live TV and Stream
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FC Juárez: Last lineup!
Vázquez; Lacerda, Borelli, Jiménez, Velázquez; Fernández, Intriago, Esquivel, Santos; Lezcano, Rolán.
Chivas: Last lineup!
Rodríguez; Alanís, Mier, Mayorga, Sánchez; Molina, Pérez, Ponce, Brizuela; Peralta & Pulido.

The most recent meeting in Copa MX
The last time Guadalajara played against Bravos at Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez they accomplished a victory of 0-1

This game happened in Matchday 3 of  Apertura 17 Copa MX.

Gabriel Caballero is focused on tonight's fixture
Despite having another match this week, FC Juárez's coach Gabriel Caballero keeps his sights set in Chivas.


Chivas Nation extends to the Mexico-US border and beyond!
As always, a huge wave of fans was present to recieve Chivas at the airport. Juárez was no exception.

These teams have never met before in Liga MX
Chivas and Bravos have never met in Liga MX, as this is the first season of this Juárez franchise.

Their previous matches were all in Copa MX, with a record of 4 wins for Guadalajara and 1 victory for FC Juárez.
Chivas wants to make a decent end to the season
During the week, it was announced that Ricardo Peláez will be taking over as head of football for Chivas.

The players will be eager to make a good impression on him to increase their probabilities of staying for the next season.

Can Juárez make it two in a row?
Gabriel Caballero's squad most recent match up ended in an away victory against Pachuca.

Against Chivas, they hope to gain another three points to better their position on the table.

Kick-off time
The FC Juárez vs Chivas match will be played at the Benito Juárez Stadium, in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:00pm ET.
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