Goals and Highlights: LAFC 1-3 Sounders, 2019 MLS Cup Playoffs
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Highlights from tonight's match

12:15 AM2 years ago

Full-Time | LAFC 1-3 Seattle Sounders

Seattle Sounders does it!  They're the Western Conference Champions!
12:11 AM2 years ago


Nouhou Tolo has a one-one-one against Miller, but the keeper prevails!


12:10 AM2 years ago


Pérez attempts from a dsitance, but the ball is deflected.
12:09 AM2 years ago


Diomande tries a heel kick towards goal, but it's over the bar.
12:08 AM2 years ago


Six minutes of added time for the second half.
12:05 AM2 years ago


Ruidíaz sets up a counteratacck. Smith fails to see a teammate that was running free in the middle and the chance is wasted.
12:02 AM2 years ago


Ruidíaz is down after being contacted on the face. The medical staff checks on him.
11:59 PM2 years ago


Atuesta tries for goal, but it's well above the target.
11:59 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Leerdam after that foul on Vela.
11:59 PM2 years ago


Vela tries to escape the defense, but is fouled from behind. We'll have LAFC free-kick.
11:55 PM2 years ago


Long ball to Diomande, but the striker is unable touch it and score.
11:55 PM2 years ago

76' | LAFC Substitution

Pérez will take Lee Nguyen's place.
11:53 PM2 years ago

76' | Substitution in Sounders

Nouhou will replace Morris
11:53 PM2 years ago


Diomande attempts to look for goal, but his strike goes wide.
11:52 PM2 years ago


Low-cross from Vela cleared by Arreaga before it could reach its target.
11:50 PM2 years ago


Once more, the ball hits the hand of a Sounders defender but the referee decides there's no penalty.
11:47 PM2 years ago


Segura with a header straight to Frei's position.
11:47 PM2 years ago


LAFC argues that there's handball inside the box from Arreaga!

The ref and VAR do not see it that way!

11:45 PM2 years ago


Roldán finds another rebound anad attempts a volley! The ball is just wide!
11:44 PM2 years ago

Ruidíaz's fantastic strike for the 1-3

11:43 PM2 years ago

63' | Sounders GOOOOOOOAL!

Ruidíaz recieves a ball outside the box from Lodeiro and hits the bottom low corner to increase the lead!
11:41 PM2 years ago


After 10 minutes of total control by LAFC, Seattle Sounders have gathered possession of the ball with more units in midfield.
11:35 PM2 years ago


Rossi crosses but Diomande is unable to head it to equalize!
11:35 PM2 years ago


Lodeiro steals a ball in midfield, sees Miller is away from goal and attemps to suprise him! The ball is just above the bar!
11:34 PM2 years ago


Great run by Morris who passes pack to Ruidíaz. The Peruvian strikes it on his first touch and the ball goes very near the post!
11:33 PM2 years ago


With Diomande on the pitch, Vela begins to play a little lower on the field and having more contact with the ball.
11:32 PM2 years ago


Blackman catches a rebound an tries for goal. The ball is wide!
11:30 PM2 years ago

52' | LAFC Substitution

Rodríguez will give up his place to Diomande!
11:28 PM2 years ago


Roldán and Vela bump into each other. The Sounders footballer remains on the ground.
11:25 PM2 years ago


Good cross from Harvey, but Frei gets his fingertips on it to clear it!
11:24 PM2 years ago

45' | Second Half Begins

We're underway with the second half of the Western Conference Final!
11:23 PM2 years ago

Can Seattle Sounders hold on?

They're only 45 minutes away from going to the MLS Cup final!

Don't miss the second half of the game!


11:18 PM2 years ago

Can LAFC make a comeback?

Don't go anywhere! The second half is underway in this Western Conference Final!

11:09 PM2 years ago

Half Time | LAFC 1-2 Seattle Sounders

We go to the break with Seattle in front. The away team has made LAFC struggle a lot and are 45 minutes from qualifying to the MLS Cup Final.
11:08 PM2 years ago


LAFC argues there was a handball in the box after a shot by Vela, but the officiating body does not signal for it.
11:07 PM2 years ago


Three minutes of stoppage time.
11:02 PM2 years ago

43' | LAFC Substitution

Blessing wont' be able to continue. Kaye comes in to replace him.
10:58 PM2 years ago


Blessing is being checked by the medical staff as he shows signs of pain on his right leg.
10:57 PM2 years ago


Ruidíaz finds some space, but this time his shot goes over the bar.
10:54 PM2 years ago


Contact on Vela inside the box. LAFC asks for a penalty kick, but the referee says play on.
10:53 PM2 years ago


Good ball for Rossi, but he's caught offside as he was looking to send a cross.
10:50 PM2 years ago


It seems Bob Bradley's game plan is not being executed correctly. The LAFC coach paces nervously while giving instructions to his players.
10:47 PM2 years ago

Lodeiro's strike to give Seattle the lead


10:47 PM2 years ago

Ruidíaz's equalizer


10:45 PM2 years ago

25' | Seattle Sounders GOOOOOOOAL!

Lodeiro finds space outside the box and makes a great goal! Seattle leads!
10:40 PM2 years ago

21' | Seattle Sounders GOOOOOOOAL!

Ruidíaz recieves the ball, makes a great turn and then shoots to leave Miller with no chance!

The game is levelled again!
10:38 PM2 years ago


Rodríguez wins the ball on the wing and strikes to near post, but Frei reacts very well!
10:37 PM2 years ago

Atuesta's amazing strike!


10:35 PM2 years ago


Atuesta takes the free-kick and makes an awesome goal!

LAFC are ahead!
10:35 PM2 years ago


First show of talent by Vela. The top-scorer does a Zidan Roulette and gets fouled! Free kick for LAFC!
10:30 PM2 years ago


Roldán argues there's an elbow to his frace from Blessing. The game is stopped so the ref can check on the Sounders' player.
10:27 PM2 years ago


Ruidíaz attempts a shot from outside the box. The strike is easily caught by Miller.
10:26 PM2 years ago


First attempt by Roldán. His header goes above the bar!
10:23 PM2 years ago


Both teams fight very intensely in midfield! No clear chances in the first minutes of play!
10:18 PM2 years ago

0' | Kick-Off

The ball moves and the MLS Western Conference Final is underway!
10:03 PM2 years ago

Everything ready for kick-off!

Both teams are prepared to get this match underway!

Don't go anywhere! It's LAFC vs Seattle Sounders!
9:56 PM2 years ago

A look at Sounders' warm up!

9:51 PM2 years ago

For a place in the MLS Cup final!

The winner of tonight's match will be our Western Conference Champion and will compete for the MLS Cup!

LAFC hosts MLS Cup if they win, while Seattle would travel to Atlanta or host Toronto if they come out on top tonight.

9:45 PM2 years ago

LAFC's supporters are all set!

While the rest of the stadium is yet to fill up, LAFC's supporter group has already taken their position behind one of the goals.
(Photo: @Jim_Alexander)
(Photo: @Jim_Alexander)


9:40 PM2 years ago

Warm-up Time!

Both teams are now on the pitch to do their pre-match exercises!

Who will prevail tonight?

9:37 PM2 years ago

Seahawks have done the same for their stadium pals!


9:37 PM2 years ago

The LA Rams send a message of suppor for their neighbors!

9:32 PM2 years ago

30 minutes away!

We're thirty minutes away from kick-off in this LAFC vs Seattle Sounders live from the Banc of California Stadium!

Don't go anywhere! We'll crown a Western Conference champion tonight!

9:29 PM2 years ago

Seattle Sounders is in the house!

9:26 PM2 years ago

Locker room is ready!

Seattle Sounders will wear their traditional colours for this Western Conference Championship game!


9:23 PM2 years ago

LAFC: Starting XI

Miller; Harvey, Segura, Blackmon, Zimmerman; Atuesta, Nguyen, Blessing; Rossi, Vela, Rodríguez.



9:22 PM2 years ago

Seattle Sounders: Starting XI

Frei; Smith, Kim, Arreaga, Leerdam; Svensson, Roldán, Morris, Jones; Lodeiro, Ruidíaz.


9:14 PM2 years ago

We can expect a great atmosphere tonight!

LAFC will try to make their home turf advantage really matter! 

We can expect a lot of black and gold in the stands with the home team providing towels in those same colors too!


9:10 PM2 years ago

A look at the pitch in the Banc of California Stadium

9:07 PM2 years ago

Will the 1,300 mile trip be worth it?

Seattle Sounders' fans have made the trip to LA in order to support their team!

Will they return home with the Western Conference title?

2:38 AM2 years ago
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How to watch LAFC vs Seattle Sounders Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN, TSN, TVAS, ESPN Deportes

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2:36 AM2 years ago

Sounders: Projected Lineup

Frei; Smith, Kee-Hee, Arreaga, Leerdam; Svensson, Roldán, Morris, Jones; Lodeiro, Ruidíaz.
2:35 AM2 years ago

LAFC: Projected Lineup

Miller; Harvey, Segura, Blackmon, Beitashour; Atuesta, Nguyen, Blessing; Rossi, Vela, Rodríguez.
2:33 AM2 years ago

Tonight's Officiating Body

Referee: Jair Marrufo

Assistant Referees:  Frank Anderson, Logan Brown

4th Official:  Ted Unkel

VAR:  Geoff Gamble

2:32 AM2 years ago

Previous Meetings

LAFC: 2 wins, 5 goals

Sounders: 0 wins, 1 goal

2 draws

2:30 AM2 years ago

Seattle Sounders' One to Watch: Raúl Ruidíaz

The striker, who had previously found success in Mexico's Liga MX, came to MLS looking to make a difference and he sure has.

Ruidíaz led Seattle with 11 goals this season, as well as having one goal and three assists in Seattle's two playoff matches in 2019.

The Peruvian has yet to face LAFC in his one and half seasons in MLS as he was sidelined by injury during both regular season meetings. Can the first meeting be a great one for Ruidíaz?

2:26 AM2 years ago

LAFC's One to Watch: Carlos Vela

The holder of the record for most goals in a sigle season in MLS was key in LAFC's last fixture with two goals.

His form has been extraordinary during the whole campaign. Vela has scored 14 goals throughout the last 10  matches.

2:19 AM2 years ago

Sounders want another title!

Seattle Sounders are in the playoffs for an MLS-record 11th consecutive season, and have been able to dispatch their first two Western Conference rivals, beating FC Dallas, 4-3, and Real Salt Lake, 2-0. 

Against LAFC, they will need to perform at a higher level as reaching the MLS Cup Finals won't be easy feat.


2:16 AM2 years ago

LAFC looks to crown a dream season!

Bob Bradley's side won the Supporter's Shield and reached the Conference Finals after finally defeating city rivals, LA Galaxy, in the derby.

Can they finish up this year with the MLS Cup title?

2:11 AM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The Los Angeles FC vs Seattle Sounders match will be played at the Banc of California Stadium, in Los Angeles, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.


2:08 AM2 years ago
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