Goal and Highlights: Celaya 1-0 Necaxa, 2019 Copa MX
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Highlights from today's match
Finish the game!
Add five minutes
Last change of Necaxa: Ricardo Monreal enters by Rodrigo Contreras
José Plascencia also receives the preventive cardboard
Second change of Necaxa: Maxi Salas leaves and Jorge Lumbreras enters
The first warning of the match is Jairo Gonzalez
Necaxa's first move: Pedro Campos enters for Luis Pérez
Celaya's goal!
Head of Michelle Benitez, who entered by Sergio Riffo, to overtake the locals
Good intervention by Alexis Peña, who prevented Omar Fernandez from finishing off in front of the goal.
Start the second half!
At the moment, with this result, Celaya and Necaxa are out of the competition.
Finish the first half!
One minute is added
Mid distance shot by Omar Gonzalez that goes well above the cabin defended by Yosgart Gutierrez.
Headbutt of Maxi Salas passing barely deviated from the local arch
Eduardo Herrera's score for offside doesn't count. There is already controversy.
Shot from outside Sergio Riffo's area passing through one side of the necaxist goal.
Aerial service of Contreras that Herrera stays very near to connect with the testa
Almost! Shot by Emilio Ozuna hitting the crossbar. The visit is saved.
The Rayos is the team that first tries to get the ball and generate danger.
Game on!
Necaxa already makes warm-up movements in the stadium 
Necaxa: Substitutes
Á. Alonzo; J. Ramírez, J. Lumbreras, M. Lara, P. Campos, C. Aguirre y R. Monreal
Celaya: Substitutes
B. Villarreal; M. Moreno, M. Benítez, M. Serrano, H. Pérez, B. Moreno y S. Goñi
Necaxa: Lineup
Y. Gutiérrez; J. González, A. Peña (C), J. Ocón, O. Román; J. Cobián, J. Plascencia, L. Pérez, M. Salas; R. Contreras y E. Herrera
Celaya: Lineup
M. Núñez; D. Díaz, J. Esparaza, P. de Miranda, S. Riffo, E. Reyes, I. Torres (C), J. Carrera, E. Ozuna y O. Gonzaléz
The 'Rayos' are already in the celayense building 
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Necaxa: Last Lineup in Copa MX
Y. Gutiérrez; J. González, J. Ocón, A. Peña (C), A. Aguirre; K. Mercado, J. Plascencia, J. Cortés, M. Salas; R. Contreras y E. Herrera
Celaya FC: Last Lineup in Copa MX
M. Núñez; M. Moreno, D. Díaz, J. Esparza, F. Torres, E. Reyes, P. Araujo (C), C. Camacho, O. González, M. Zúñiga y S. Goñi
Necaxa: Team news
Meanwhile, Necaxa, who is already sure of his participation in the Liguilla de la Liga MX, lost at home to Pachuca.
Celaya FC: Team news
Last Saturday, Celaya FC defeated Chiapas and is very close to advancing to the MX Ascenso League. 
To win yes or yes
The team led by Guillermo Vázquez has two points. Similarly, winning this game, will move to the next round.
Last opportunity
The team directed by Hector Altamirano has only one point, however, if they triumph at home today, they will be in the Round of 16.
Kick-off time
The Celaya FC vs Necaxa match will be played at the Estadio Miguel Alemán Valdés, Guanajuato, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 8pm ET.
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