Goals and Highlights: Veracruz 0-5 América, 2019 Liga MX
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Highlights from tonight's match
Martín's third goal of the evening


Full Time | Veracruz 0-5 América
América, lead by Henry Martín, took care of a Veracruz that put little ressistance.
The ref decides that there won't be any added time.
The game is now played in midfield as both teams await the 90th minute mark.
Shot by Reyna blocked before it reaches the target.
80' | América GOOOOOAL!
Through ball for Martín who finishes it as Jurado came out. Hat-trick for the América striker.
Richard Sánchez strikes from a distance and Jurado reacts well.
América has decreased intensity and doesn't create opportunities.
Aguilera with a free-kick attempt, but it goes wide.
68' | América Substitutions
Dos Santos and Rodríguez are replaced by Martínez and González.
64' | América substitution
Castillo is replaced by Andrés Ibargüen
Castillo takes a free-kick and sends it over the bar.
This was América's fourth goal of the night
60' | Veracruz Substitution
Chávez will take Lozoya's place on the pitch.
54' | América GOOOOOOAL!
With a play that would seem from a training session, Martín makes it 4-0.
Martín tips a ball looking for goal, but it's just a few inches the post.
Ibarra finds a rebound outside the box and goes for goal. His shot is just over the bar.
45' | Substitutions in Veracruz
González and Kontogiannis leave the game, while Hinestrosa and Paganoni are on.
45' | Second Half Begins
Both teams are back on the pitch and we're underway for the last 45 minutes.
Stats at the halfway point
Half Time | Veracruz 0-3 América
América took advantage of Veracruz's mistakes and is on its way to an easy victory.
A minute will be added to the first half.
Chipped through ball from Dos Santos to Castillo. The striker sends it over the bar.
América is really making Veracruz uncomfortable. The Veracruz defense does nothing but clear balls each time the away team attempts a play.
América almost gets the fourth goal. Rodríguez found himself free to head a ball inside the box, but it was wide.
Cross by Renato Ibarra cleared out by López before reaching Castillo.
Martín's shot for the third goal
Castillo's finish for the second goal of the evening
27' | América GOOOOOOOAL!
Martín with a classy finish to make it 3-0 for América in less than half hour of playtime.


América's first goal of the evening


Kazim goes one on one with Ochoa, but the keeper prevails!
23' | América GOOOOOAL!
Castillo recieves a through ball and chips it over Jurado to make it 2-0!
20' | VAR Check!
Guerrero checks to see if there's a handball by Rodríguez after Jurado's missed punch. He determines it was played with the shoulder and the goal stands.
19' | América GOOOOOAL!
Valdéz makes it 1-0 after a huge mistake by Jurado who tries to punch the ball out and misses.
Aguilar heads the ball looking for the far post. Jurado gets his fingertips to it and sends it to corner kick.
Interesting low cross from Ibarra sent to a corner kick by López.
Ochoa makes a decent save to a long shot from a free-kick taken by Íñiguez.
A good cross by Gio Dos Santos translates into a header by Martín. Jurado is well positioned to deal with it.
América attempts to take control of the game, but has yet to generate a clear chance.
First attempt from América. Castillo attempts a header after a free kick, but it's wide.
0' | Game begins!
We're underway with the first 45 minutes of the matchup!
Kick-Off Time!
All is set for the start of the match! Both teams have taken their position on the filed as we wait for the ref to blow his whistle!
Kits for tonight!
Veracruz will wear an all-white uniform, while América will dress in their primarly blue away kit.

Don't go anywhere!
We're a few minutes from kick-off! América and Veracruz will clash in just a bit.
Good attendance for tonight's game!
Despite the rain, Estadio Luis de la Fuente seems like will be close to solding out for tonight's match between Veracruz and América.

Veracruz: Starting XI
Jurado; Lozoya, López, Salcido, Kontogiannis, Gutiérrez; González, Íñiguez, Carrasco; Reyna & Kazim-Richards.

Warm-Up Time!
Both teams have stepped onto the pitch to begin their pre-match workouts.


América: Starting XI
Ochoa; Sánchez, Valdéz, Aguilera, Aguilar; Rodríguez, Sánchez, Ibarra, Dos Santos; Castillo, Martín.


A look from above at the pitch at Estadio Luis de la Fuente

Rainy weather for tonight's match
Despite lots of precipitation in Veracruz, the pitch seems to be in good condition to host the game.


América has also made its way into tonight's venue
Veracruz has arrived to 'Pirata' Fuente
An important number of America supporters waited form them to leave the hotel to greet them and share a moment.

LIVE coverage begins
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After a bad season, this will be last game in Liga MX for Veracruz at home. Their only win in their ground came against Puebla, breaking a negative streak of 41 games without victory.
Miguel Herrera, sanctioned
Miguel Herrera was ejected during last week's game against Santos Laguna and won't be able to coach from the sideline. This came in his first game back after 3 game suspension.
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Referee of Veracruz vs América
Eduardo Galván Basulto is the referee designated by Liga MX to lead this match
Ámerica: Last LineUp
Ochoa; Valdéz, Aguilera, Aguilar; Rodríguez, Ibarguen, Córdova, López, Ibarra; Martínez, Martín.
Veracruz: Last LineUp
Jurado; Kontogiannis, Salcido, Lozoya, López, Paganoni; Carrasco, Reyna, Íñiguez, Peñalba; Richards.
To close with a gold clasp
The 'Águilas' will go to Veracruz in search of adding points to their tally. Tonight will be their last chance as they're the team that will rest on Week 19.
Dignified closure
Veracruz will seek to give a joy to its followers. A win by Veracruz can't be qualified anything short of surprising after the difficulties they've endured during the last year.
Kick-off time
The Veracruz vs América match will be played at the Luis 'Pirata' Fuente Stadium, in Veracruz, Veracruz. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.

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