Goals and Highlights: Chivas Guadalajara vs Querétaro (3-2), 2019 Liga MX


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Highlights from tonight's match


Lucumí's goal for the 3-2
Lucumí's first goal tonight


Full Time | Chivas 3-2 Querétaro
Chivas wins a game that they had worked well during the first half, but had a gray second half. Querétaro was not in its best version today.
90'+11' |Querétaro GOOOOOAL!
Lucumí converts the penalty to make it 3-2!
90'+10' | Sandoval is sent off!
Sandoval is sent off after seeing a yellow card the handball and another one for protesting the decision.
90'+9' | Penalty for Querétaro
Gael Sandoval jumped with his arms up and played the ball with one of them.
90'+6' | VAR Check!
The ref will check for a possible defensive handball inside Chivas' box.
Lucumí gets inside the box and with a potent strike beats Rodríguez to make it 3-1.
Good strike from Sierra. Rodríguez dives to save it.
We'll have 6 minutes of added time for the second half.
88' | Chivas substitution
An injured Mier leaves his spot on the pitch for Sandoval.
The game is stopped as Molina and Loba have to treated by the doctors after running into each other.
82' | Querétaro Substitution
Lucumí comes on, Escoboza is out.
Yellow card for Ponce for stepping on Loba.
Good ball for Gómez who tries a heel kick inside the box, but it's sent to corner.
Pulido finds himself with a chance inside the box, but his shot is blocked by Gómez.
Triverio is carded after fouling Brizuela.
73' | Chivas Substitution
Vega is replaced by César Huerta.
Brizuela is admonished for a foul on Sierra.
Querétaro begins to play a little better. Mier has to slide in order to clear a good cross from Enrique López.
64' | Chivas Substitution
Javier López will leave his place for José Carlos Van Rankin.
Good cross from Cortizo, but Ake Loba falls as he strikes and the ball is wide.
60' | Penalty stopped!
Sierra looks for the bottom corner, but Rodríguez dives correctly and deflects it!
59' | Penalty for Querétaro!
Fernando Hernández determines that Beltrán played the ball with his hand inside the box. Sierra will have a chance to score.
57' | VAR Check!
The referee will check for a possible handball inside the box from Beltrán.
Now Romo is carded for fouling López.
Pereira is carded for a strong challenge from behind on Pulido.
Pereira heads a ball towards goal and Rodríguez responds well. The ref had signaled for a foul from the Querétaro man.
45' | Querétaro Substitution
Triverio and Cortizo come in instead of Castillo and Ruiz.
45' | Second Half Begins
The second 45 minutes of the match are underway!
Rodríguez celebrating López's goal
These are the stats for the first 45 minutes of play
Highlights from the first half!


Beltrán & Romo fight for the ball
Half Time | Chivas Guadalajara 3-0 Querétaro
An extremely effective Chivas is defeating a Querétaro side that has struggled to build anything on offense.
This was Pulido's finish for the third goal
One minute of added time for the first half.
Gómez is carded for a foul from behind on Beltrán.
López's goal for the 2-0
40' | Chivas GOOOOOAL!
Pulido finishes a one-on-one against Alcalá with a left-footed shot to the far post.
35' | Chivas GOOOOOOOAL!
Chivas recovers the ball near Querétaro's own box, and López doesn't think twice to shoot with his left to the near post and makes it 2-0.
The game has decreased in pace. Chivas try to manage their lead, while Querétaro struggles to find clarity.
Querétaro attempts to create danger in Guadalajara's box, but fails to be precise on the last pass.
Vega's classy goal for the 1-0!
22' | Chivas GOOOOOOOAL!
Vega recieves a ball, chips it over a defender and then finishes it with tremendous class!
Querétaro is well planted on defense. Vucetich's squad attempts to recover the ball and then make a quick transition to worry Chivas' defense.
Long ball for Ake Loba who is through on goal. He tries finishing to the near post, but Rodríguez sends it to corner kick.
Marcel Ruíz puts Rodríguez to the test with a shot, but the keeper sends it over the bar.
Beltrán strikes with his left, but shis shot is wide.
Marcel Ruíz with the through ball for Loba, but the striker is caught offside.
Potent strike from Romo on the free-kick, but Rodríguez makes a good save.
'Chofis' López argues he was fouled inside the box. The refe says play on!
Pulido takes the free-kick but hits the wall.
Through ball from Javier López to Brizuela. He was through on ball, but Enrique López pulls him.
0' | Kick-Off Time
We're underway! Chivas and Querétaro are now playing their Week 18 match!
Everything set for kick-off!
We're 5 minutes away until the ball begins to move in this Guadalajara vs Querétaro.
Chivas' Iron Men!
Molina, Pulido & Brizuela have played all games for Chivas in this 2019 Apertura.
All set in Chivas' locker room!
Guadalajara will wear their traditional red and white striped shirt with blue shorts.

What's next for both teams?
Chivas will repeat at home against Veracruz, while Querétaro has a difficult against Morelia at home.
Querétaro begins their warm-up prior to the match
We're also at the pitch with all the details from this match

Queretaro's season is the best in its history in the top flight of Mexican football with 28 points in 16 matches.
We're all set at Estadio Akron's pressbox to bring you all the actions

Querétaro: Starting XI


Chivas: Starting XI
Rodríguez; Villanueva, Mier, Sepúlveda, Ponce; Molina, Beltrán, Brizuela, López; Vega & Pulido.

Last meeting at Estadio Akron
The previous meeting between both teams at Estadio Akron was in the 2018 Apertura and ended in a 1-1 draw.
Chivas hasn't lost to Querétaro in 4 years!
In the last eight semesters of Liga MX, Guadalajara remains undefeated against Querétaro with 3 wins and 5 draws.
The pitch at Estadio Akron looks in formidable shape


Hiram Mier, Jair Pereira and Omar Arellano are the men from the current rosters that have defended both shirts.


Chivas is also home


This was Queretaro's arrival to the stadium


LIVE coverage begins!
We're an hour away from kick-off at Estadio Akron! Chivas and Querétaro square off tonight in an important match for both teams.
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Chivas trained at Estadio Akron ahead of tonight's match

With yesterday's results, Queretaro has offically qualified for the playoffs!

How to watch Chivas vs Queretaro Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TUDN USA.

If you want to directly stream it: Chivas paid YouTube stream.

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Queretaro: Last Starting Lineup
Alcalá;  Gómez,  Pereira,  López,  Escoboza;  Romo, Jordan Sierra,  Aboagye,  Ruiz;  Castillo,  Loba.
Chivas: Last Starting Lineup
Rodríguez; Sánchez, Mier, Sepúlveda, Ponce; Molina, Beltrán, López, Brizuela; Pulido & Vega.
Brizuela highlighted the importance of Luis Fernando Tena's arrival to boost the confidence of the team.

With Ricardo Pelaez taking over all sports operations at the club, Tena will try to impress him in order to try to keep his job for the next tournament.

Jair Pereira, a former Chivas player, reiterated the importance of defeating Guadalajara to stay on the top four and gaining home field advantage in Liguilla.

He also mentioned the importance of visiting a team the size of Guadalajara.

He also spoke of his past in Chivas: "At the end of the day, the people who made the decision to come to me are no longer there. I don't really hold a grudge against anyone, I always bless them and wish them well. Respect will always exist towards this club, if I have to score is obvious that I will not celebrate."
Querétaro wants to finish on the top 4
Finishing on the top four places of the table is a priority for Victor Vucetich and his men as this would warrantee them to close a quater final tie at home.

Tied with Tigres and Necaxa at 28 points and trailing América and Santos, Queretaro need the three points if the want to achieve their goal.

Chivas looks to make a good close to its tournament.
Chivas comes from giving the best game of the season. The 3-1 victory over Toluca was motivating for Luis Fernando Tena's men and has given them hope that they can win their last games of the season.

Against Queretaro, they'll attempt to give another joy to their fanbase and generate points to stay out of relegation zone for the next year.


The Chivas Guadalajara vs Queretaro match will be played at the Estadio Akron, in Zapopan, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:06pm ET.


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