Goals, penalty kicks and highlights: Mexico U17 4-3 Netherlands U17, World Cup


The penalty kicks and Mexico going to final
The goal of Netherlands 0-1

Historic goal
Watch again the penalty kick that is worth one more World Cup final.
This is how Netherlands missed the penalty kick. 
Mexico is for the third time in its history in a U17 World Cup! Astonishing performance by goalkeeper Garcia from Chivas.
Penalty shootout| Mexico 4-3 Netherlands
Reegee misses his penalty! García takes Mexico to the final!
Penalty shootout| Mexico 4-3 Netherlands
Guzmán puts Mexico back in the lead.
Penalty shootout| Mexico 3-3 Netherlands
Hansen ties it up!
Penalty shootout| Mexico 3-2 Netherlands
Gómez misses his shot.
Penalty shootout| Mexico 3-2 Netherlands
García stops the penalty from Braaf.
Penalty shootout| Mexico 3-2 Netherlands
Pizzuto scores his penalty! Mexico on the lead!
Penalty shootout| Mexico 2-2 Netherlands
García stops Taabouni's strike!
Penalty shootout| Mexico 2-2 Netherlands
Gómez scores his penalty
Penalty shootout| Mexico 1-2 Netherlands
Unuvar puts the Netherlands back on the lead.
Penalty shootout| Mexico 1-1 Netherlands
Muñóz finishes it to the bottom low corner.
Penalty shootout| Mexico 0-1 Netherlands
Maatsen scores and puts the Netherlands in front.
Penalty shootout| Mexico 0-0 Netherlands
Álvarez chips it and the keeper stops it.
End of Second Half | Mexico 1-1 Netherlands
The kicks from the spot will determine the first finalist of the 2019 FIFA U17 World Cup.
Two minutes of added time for the second half.
González attempts another shot, but it's wide.
Good shot by a player in orange, but the ball is blocked before it reaches the goal.


Braaf with another shot but it's too high!
Double header inside the box, but Raatsie is there to save the Dutch team!


78' | Mexico GOOOOOAL!
Efraín Álvarez takes a free-kick and places it on the top-right corner!
Álvarez's cross is unable to be pushed in by a teammate!
74' | Netherlands GOOOOOOAL!
Bogarde runs down the wing, gets into the box and sends a low cross. The ball hits Reeger and goes in.
73' | Mexico Substitution
Luna is replaced by Álvarez
Hansen leaves Braaf alone in front of the keeper. He tries to finish with a chip, but it's above the bar.
On a rebound, Gómez strikes the ball well over the bar.
The Dutch are close tos scoring again! Unuvar crosses but Braaf is unable to find the ball.


Maatsen strikes and García just able to get a foot on it to stop the ball from going in.


Maatsen with a good cross and y Reeger's strike hits the bar!


Good run from Pizzuto. He attempts a through ball for González, but the ball ends up behind its intented target.
The Netherlands start a counter attack that ends up in a good cross. Regeer is clear inside the box, but sends it over the bar!


Maatsen crosses from a free-kick looking for Braaf, but Lara is there to clear the ball.


Bogarde strikes but García is there to stop it.
45' | Second Half Begins
We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the match.
45' | Mexico Substitution
El-Mesmari is replaced by Joel Gómez.
Half Time | México 0-0 Netherlands
Two very evenly matched teams during the first half. We go to the break with a draw on the scoreboard.
Two minutes of added time.
Mexico has been able to reduce the Dutch pressure with long possessions.
Taabouni lays the ball off for Braaf inside the box, but his finish is bad.
Interesting cross from Martínez looking for Muñóz, but it's just a bit too long.
Low-cross looking for Braaf. He attemps the heel kick to finish it, but fails to connect.
Braaf shoots and García stops but doesn't hold onto the ball. On the rebound, García tries to recapture the ball as Unuvar heads it in. The ref signals a foul and the goal won't count.
Gómez takes the free-kick over the bar.
Luna was through on goal, but is stopped by a foul. We'll have free-kick for México just outside the box.
Shot by Luna contained by Raatsie.
Good cross from González. Before Muñoz gets there, Raatsie rushes to the ball and blocks it.
17' | Mexico Substitution
An injured Ruíz leaves his place for Lara.
Graaf heads to the near post and García dives to save it.
The orange team begins to play in Mexico's half and attempting to generate footbal through the middle.
Another cross from the left is cleared by the Dutch defense before the Mexican attackers could get to it.
El-Mesmari attempts a cross from the left, but Raatsie catches it with ease.
Free-kick taken by Mexico. Pizzuto attempts a header, but the ball is wide.
First few minutes of the match with both teams struggling for possession.
0' | Kick-Off
This semifinal match between Mexico and the Netherlands is underway!
All set for the start!
The national anthems of both nations play in the pre-match ceremony and we're ready for kick-off!
Dutch player Kenneth Taylor appears to be out of the match due to illness.
A look at this U17 World Cup bracket

Warm-Up Time
Both teams are now doing their pre-match workout on Estadio Bezerrão's pitch.

We're thirty minutes away from kick-off!

Netherlands: Starting XI
Raatsie; Salah-Eddine, Rensch, Bogarde,  Van Der Sloot; Maatsen, Hansen, Regeer; Unuvar, Braaf, Taabouni.

Mexico: Starting XI
García; Martínez, Gómez, Guzmán, Ruíz; Martínez, Pizzuto, Luna, González, El-Mesmari, Muñoz.

Most recent match Mexico vs Netherlands
Less than two months ago, Mexico and Netherlands faced each other in dutch territory.

The Mexicans came out on top with a 2-1 scoreline.

Previous matches
This will be the third time México and the Netherlands will face each other in the U17 World Cup.

In both ocassions, "El Tri" came out on top and then went on to become world champions.

Mexico vs Netherlands LIVE Blog Coverage Begins!
We're ready to bring you all the details prior to this match between Mexico and the Netherlands for a spot in the final of the 2019 FIFA U17 World Cup!
Guillermo Guerrero from Ecuador will be today's referee.He will be assisted by Juan Carlos Macías and Ricardon Barren on the sidelines.
Guillermo Guerrero from Ecuador will be today's referee.

He will be assisted by Juan Carlos Macías and Ricardon Barren on the sidelines.

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Mexico vs Netherlands live match.
How to watch Mexico vs Netherlands Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are Telemundo and Fox Sports 2.

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Netherland's last lineup
Raatsie, Hoever, Rensch, Salah Eddine, Taylor, Hansen, Maatsen, Unuvar,  Regeer,  Braaf, Allouch.
Mexico's last lineup
García; Guzmán, Gómez, Martínez, Pizzuto, Martínez, Muñoz, González, Ruíz, Álvarez, El-Mesmari.
Netherland's One-To-Watch: Sontje Hansen
He's none other than the competition's top-scorer at the moment.

The young international is a product of Ajax's youth academy and a very promising propect. He's won an important amount of minutes in domestic championships as well as in the UEFA Youth League.

Can he score yet another goal to increase his tally and send his team to the final?

Mexico's One-To-Watch: Efrain Álvarez
The Mexican-American jewel is one Mexico's most important men in offense.

At 17 years of age, Álvarez  already has top-flight football minutes under his belt, being LA Galaxy's youngest first team players and a promising prospect for the future.

A player with good technique and a fast decision-maker, he'll be crucial if Mexico hopes to reach the final.

Netherland's 2019 U17 World Cup campaign
The orange side also struggled quite a bit during their opening matches in this tournament. Japan put on quite an exhibition to defeat them by 3-0 and Senegal was also able to go over them by a 3-1 margin.

After that, it's being an impressive three match run with convicing wins over the USA, Nigeria and Paraguay.

Mexico's 2019 U17 World Cup campaign
Mexico did not have a strong start to this World Cup with a draw against Paraguay and losing to Italy in the group stage.

In the Round of 16, they defeated Japan in very convincing fashion, while their quarter final match Korea was well solved.

Netherlands looking for their first U17 champinship game
The Dutch team has not had an important presence in this type of tournament.

This is only their fourth appeareance in a U17 World Cup, with their best result coming in 2005 when they reached the third place.

Overcoming Mexico in this tie would give them their most important historic position.

Mexico looking for their 4th U17 World Cup Final
The Mexicans have proved during the last 15 years that their U17 squad is one to be reckoned with at the category's World Cup.

Since 2005, "El Tri" has been involved in three finals out of the 7 played in said period. A win over the Netherlands today would mean Mexico's presence in 50% of finals since the tournament was held in Peru.

Kick-off time
The Mexico vs Netherlands match will be played at the Estadio Bezerrão, in Gama, Brazil. The kick-off is scheduled at 2:30pm ET.
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